Can anyone sell Android based smartphone for 4$ like Freedom 251 announced?

Freedom 251
We all know about freedom 251 which announced Android-based smartphone for 251 INR/4$. But they kind of disappeared and could not deliver to their announcement. So the question comes can someone really deliver phone for around 251 INR?

Well, the simple answer is yes, let me explain how exactly.  I will be defining various ways on how smartphones cost can be reduced to so much. Currently, you can get the cheapest Android phone for around 45$ on Aliexpress. So to sell the phone for 4$ we need to make 41$ of profit from somewhere else. So here are a few different ways to do it.

Way 1 – Sim lock the phone to a specific carrier and have a tie-up that will give you around 4$ a month as commission and the user have to compulsory use the phone for 1 year contract period. This way 48$ can be recovered in a year.

Way 2 – Install partner apps and lock them such that they can’t be uninstalled. If you can get around 20 apps for 2.5$ each per user you can easily recover 40$+.

Way 3 – Have Ads on the smartphone everywhere like the recent MI UI. And block 3rd party launchers. This way on an average 2$ per month per user can be made in a month.

So this where some ways to make money out of Android phone and sell it for 4$ / 251 INR like Freedom 251 planned.

Do you think there are some other ways to do so? Share them in comments.

5 Best Wireless Pet Fences of 2019

The pet lover in you’d understand how dogs like to chase and run. If you don’t set them within enclosed fencing, they have a tendency to run about without worrying about effects, which makes you anxious about their security. This is particularly true when your house is on a busy street or is too big for you to keep tabs on him. Because of this, picking the best invisible dog fence is of crucial significance.

We are here in order to supply you with the info that you need so as to produce an educated decision of which product is ideal for your requirements and clear any confusion you might have. You are able to get the one that you need by assessing our wireless pet fence testimonials.

You might face difficulty in selecting the best wireless pet fence out of various fences available in the market. To resolve your issue, here we have listed the best wireless pet fences of 2019.

5 Best Wireless Pet Fences of 2019

1. PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence

The PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence is a radial fencing program that has a maximum coverage area of 0.8 acres. It’s a dial on the transmitter which lets you adjust the diameter of the border circle involving 40 feet and 210 feet. This is an update to the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300.

It’s a lightweight (3 oz with the ring ) and watertight collar that fits most dogs with neck size from 6 to 23 inches. It’s acceptable for any dog which is older than 6 weeks and weighs greater than 5 lbs that means it’s suitable even for smaller dogs.

Among its greatest features is that its scope is extendable by simply adding extra transmitters and may be used to get an infinite number of puppies. It’s 5 static correction degrees in addition to a tone just level for when your pet is trained.

2. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300 is a tried and tested system that has existed for at least a decade. It’s a maximum coverage area of 0.5 acres a flexible diameter that changes from 40 feet to 180 ft.

This system is suggested for dogs older than 6 weeks and weighing more than 8 lbs. It’s a collar size of 6 to 23 inches. You could even correct the prongs for puppies with longer or shorter hair. The collar is lightweight (weighs approximately 3 oz ) and watertight.

The collar utilizes RFA-67 batteries that generally lasts 2-3 weeks and may be changed easily. It’s a 5-degree static correction plus a tone-only degree.

This system could be extended with extra transmitters and is usable for an infinite number of puppies. The single problem with it is that it has a massive border twist of 4.8 ft.

3. PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence for Cats and Dogs

The PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fence assists keep your dog/cat secure in the lawn and supply them with the freedom to play outdoors. It’s maximum protection of 25 acres and is suggested for dogs and cats over 5 pounds, and over 6 weeks. The collar is waterproof and utilizes a Lithium-ion battery which often lasts 3-5 years based on the client’s care and upkeep.

One other wonderful thing is that the machine may be used to get an infinite number of pets using additional collars that are compatible. Whether you would like to block your dogs/cats from escaping, or you merely wish to train them this PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence will both. There is also a chance to select between a static and tone correction style. The system operates by providing a warning beep noise or very low shock each time that your pet approaches the advantage. You can make confident your pet will come to be correctly Yard-trained in just two weeks.

Among the things which will surely convince you to purchase the PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence is the fact that it is completely imperceptible and safe to be used. Your furry friend may also swim with the collar without affecting its performance. Total, this wired rechargeable watertight containment system is Simple to Use, and it is a Fantastic value for money

4. PetControl HQ Combo Electric Fence system

The Combo Electric Dog Fence System using Remote Dog Training Collar by PetControl HQ is a carefully constructed merchandise for educating your dogs what secure playing bounds are. It is effective at covering 492 feet and may be used for up to 3 dogs in precisely the exact same moment. You may just have to obtain an adjustable dog collar.

By purchasing this item, you can make certain this is an entirely secure and individual means to field a pet. It does not hurt a pet and keeps it away from dangerous places like traffic, and off-limit zones such as a neighbor’s lawn or backyard. It includes cushioned and waterproof collar also there is a very low chance of chewing a cord because it’s heavy and strong (it is not like other noticed wired dog fences). The machine contains 3 automatic static correction degrees and 10 degrees of correction and vibration. One other fantastic thing is you may change to the tone-only mode when you desire, whereas the anti-bark system is controlled just by you.

The Combo Electric pet Fence System includes a 12-month Warranty and there is also a chance to choose a 3 or 4-year security program. By employing this simple-to-command wired dog fence, you will have the ability to devote your spare time playing with your pet instead of disciplining it. Considering that the collar is rechargeable, you can overlook purchasing batteries. It fits most size dog necks (8-27 in) and is definitely worth the cost.

5. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence without Wire

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence without Wire is created with your pet in your mind but will do the job for nearly any. There aren’t many things more frustrating than attempting to train a strong-willed pet however, this no-wire fencing system could definitely make the job simpler. The flexible collar is especially intended for hard-to-train dogs, including vibration and tone warnings to help in use and training. The flexible, waterproof collar fits pets with neck sizes 6-28 inches, also provides 5 correction degrees.

This specific version is a system which needs wire but doesn’t include it. Therefore, if you are moving into a location that currently has the cable installed, you wish to improve your foundation system or you only wish to save a couple of bucks by buying a shorter (or standard ) cable, then this is a superb selection for you.

At just $170 for your machine, you are going to get plenty for your money. You are going to find the foundation transmitter, a watertight and flexible collar, 50 training flags, coaching and functioning manual, 9-volt battery, and evaluation light instrument, watertight splice capsules and cable nuts in addition to the interchangeable contact points. Should you want a whole lot on the cable, take a look at the Extreme Dog Fence High-Performance Boundary Wire, that works with all brands and all versions of pet containment.

Here, we complete our list of 5 Best Wireless Fences of 2019. Lastly, don’t forget to share this with your friends and followers.

WhatsApp releases group calls, but they are limited to four people

WhatsApp is creating group calls simpler with a switch to how its cellular app functions. Before, users would need to begin a 1:1 video phone, then put in participants — there was not a choice to commence a group call simultaneously, the organization says. Now, the layout was upgraded so that you may begin set calls with only a few taps.

In the new layout, you can visit the band whose members you would like to phone, then tap the telephone icon in the top-right corner of this display to begin. In the following screen, you will tap on the contacts inside the category that you need to phone, then tap on the video or voice — depending on which sort of phone you need to create.

The business added a new approach to generate group calls in the Calls tab, too.

With the upgrade, you are able to tap the newest Call icon onto the top-right corner of this screen, decide on the contacts that you would like to phone and pick either the video or voice icon.WhatsApp now supports calling around four individuals at the same time.

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That is fewer than is encouraged on additional leading mobile messaging solutions — such as Apple’s FaceTime, that was upgraded in October to encourage 32 individuals (up from just two individuals earlier ); or Messenger, that can support up to 50 individuals in a telephone, for instance. But, WhatsApp’s band call attribute itself remains quite new — it had been formally rolled out in the end of July this past year.

For a smaller group, it is nevertheless a helpful method to get in touch with family and friends without needing to tap into your mobile apps voice minutes. Calls will also be end-to-end encrypted, making it a fantastic alternative for solitude seekers — which is, if you think that any app possessed by Facebook can match this description.

WhatsApp warns that all members need to have a fantastic online connection before utilizing the group calling attribute since the caliber of the phone will rely on the contact with the weakest link.

The upgrade is available today to iPhone users also can be rolling out”shortly” on Android.


Logitech releases Capture to simplify video content creation

Logitech has announced the launching of a new application to simplify video content production.

The recently launched Logitech Capture software functions with the favorite C920, C922 and BRIO 4K Pro webcams. Catch aims to assist founders to engage with their communities in new and deeper ways.

Ashok Jangra, Cluster Category Head, India and Southwest Asia, Logitech, stated, “In Logitech, we’ve been discovering the updating popularity of movie content online. The last output signal we get to watch video platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram seems unprecedented nevertheless the production of these content is often hard and complex. Logitech Capture simplifies the complications in those platforms”

“Combined with our webcams, Logitech Capture intends to simplify video recording, which makes it easy to produce video content that delivers the sensation of expert videography,” he added.

Coupled with our webcams, Logitech Capture intends to simplify video recording so anybody can quickly create videos which seem like they had been made by means of a pro. Creators are able to benefit from transitions, filters, along with other results and share their movies to the most common social websites like YouTube Facebook, Instagram and much more.

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” Additionally, with Logitech Capture, users can capture from several sources, which means that you can record from two webcams simultaneously or join display recording with your webcam feed.

Along with that users may also produce a vertical movie. Logitech Capture enables you to record 9:16 format to get a portrait viewing experience optimized for cellular phones and social networking articles. You can also stream straight from the webcam into YouTube without needing to utilize an intricate encoder. Additionally, Logitech Capture provides studio design controller. It is possible to empower ChromaKey recording, employ transition effects when shifting sources, and modify the size and color of boundaries. You might even take still pictures and correct mic input without leaving the app.

Last, Logitech Capture allows camera personalization, so that you may choose the field of view, aspect ratio, and documenting resolution. Advanced users may also correct white balance, auto-focus, and frame-per-second settings. Logitech Capture saves all of your settings on your profile.

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LibreRouter project targets to make mesh networks simple and affordable

From town, we are always saturated with all the radio waves out of 10 or even 20 distinct routers, mobile towers and other wireless infrastructure. However, in rural communities there could just be one net connection for a complete village. LibreRouter is a hardware and software project that appears to allow those communities construct their own contemporary, powerful mesh networks to create the most of their connectivity.

The planned use instance is in circumstances in which, say, a wired or satellite connection terminates at a stage, the middle of a place, but the men and women who have to use it reside nearby — but nicely beyond the hundred feet or so that you may anticipate a Wi-Fi sign to travel. Frequently in this circumstance it is also prohibitively costly to conduct more wires or set up mobile infrastructure.

So rather than having folks come to the sign, you bring the sign to them using a net network: a group of interconnected wireless routers that pass signals to and from anybody who will reach among these.

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This strategy has its own issues: routers could be costly and hard to keep or fix, and the system itself is not trivial to establish and purge. Off-the-shelf routers and applications are not the best choices — thus a group of worried hackers have assembled their own: LibreRouter, and LibreMesh, the applications which runs on it.

It is not some revolutionary device or elaborate applications — only purpose-built to be used by communities such as those they have analyzed within rural Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Canada.

The purpose, as LibreRouter’s Nicolás Pace clarified to APNIC, would be to make mesh networks cheap, powerful, scalable and easy to operate; they are not all the way there, however they do possess a functioning prototype and complete software stack based on OpenWRT, a well known and reliable wireless utility.

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They have designed the router to be contemporary and strong, but easy to fix ordinary tools and off-the-shelf components; the program will not rather be neater simple, but it must automate several of the tougher parts of configuring a net. The range on these is in the km instead of meters, therefore these can connect quite a sizable place.

It is all open source, clearly, and the staff is always searching for contributors. There is enough attention, Pace stated, that they may send as many as 2,500 of their apparatus during the next few years after the plan is finalized.


Accenture awarded US patent for quantum computing technology

Accenture was granted a US patent for an option that ignites quantum computing technologies to optimize company decision making, producing unprecedented efficiency and efficacy.

In a statement published this week, the leading international professional electronic and technology firm, announced it has been awarded a US patent for a”multi-state quantum marketing engine”.

The patent reveals Accenture’s belief that companies could benefit from the very best aspects of the quantum and classical computing practices to allow breakthrough solutions to issues that could not be solved previously. By means of this new motor, Accenture can conduct multiple simultaneous simulations so as to set up and determine the ‘best’ outcome.

1 crucial example, as emphasized by Accenture in the patent, is in big scale distribution chain distributors.

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The challenge of determining which trucks should head to that supply facilities to pick up exactly what freight to deliver to that shops may be addressed for two or one carefully specified — and frequently simplified — situations utilizing present solutions, states that the Accenture patent.

“Using the alternative described in the patent, a provider could research more situations, answering and asking new and different sorts of questions to understand the consequences of adjusting the amount of trucks or frequency of deliveries thus that an optimal choice could be created.”

“We understand the substantial possibility that quantum computing must essentially disrupt how organizations across businesses function, and we are dedicated to actively helping to shape the future for the way it is employed to produce business value,” explained Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s chief technology & innovation officer. “Our quantum computing optimization patent is the most recent example of how we are strategically investing in and exploiting this technology to produce real outcomes.”

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“In fast shifting markets, businesses will need to have the ability to forecast their next greatest action both fast and just,” said Narendra Mulani, chief analytics officer, Accenture Applied Intelligence. “Integrating both quantum and classical computing devices can allow organizations to conduct simulations in a huge scale to ascertain best possible results. It is a really visionary notion — customers can use it to solving optimization jobs from a vast assortment of programs, including machine learning, data security, pattern recognition, image analysis, and bioinformatics.”

Uber gets approval to resume autonomous vehicle testing months after fatal accident

Uber was granted consent from the state of Pennsylvania to reinstate evaluations of its autonomous vehicles, as initially reported by Reuters.

A spokesperson for Uber affirmed to TechCrunch the ride-hailing giant obtained a letter of consent from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and explained that the firm hasn’t yet resumed self-driving surgeries.

Uber stopped the testing of its self-driving automobiles after a fatal mishap at Tempe, Arizona that March that left a pedestrian dead. An autonomous Uber SUV accompanied by a security driver was driving northbound as it struck a girl, who had been carried to the hospital where she later died because of her injuries.

Investigators later decided the motorist, Rafaela Vasquez, had appeared in a telephone 204 times throughout a 43-minute test drive, as shown by a 318-page police record published by the Tempe Police Department.

In the aftermath of this Crash, Uber stopped All its own AV testing operations in Pittsburgh, Toronto, San Francisco, and Phoenix.

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Moving ahead, Uber will examine its self-driving automobiles more carefully, per a newly published Uber security report. The corporation will need that two workers are at the front seat of its automobiles constantly, an automatic braking system is permitted and its security employees are more rigorously monitored.

Uber, which began developing its autonomous car fleet in 2015 and initiated evaluations the subsequent year, confidentially registered to an initial public that two weeks ago. The organization, currently valued at $72 billion, is expected to launch at a rate as large as $120 billion early next year.


Former Edge Developer says Google Tricks Led Microsoft to Choose Chromium

Microsoft earlier this month released that it’s parting methods using its EdgeHTML manufacturing engine to favor Chromium. Whereas the move was at one end initially believed as one other measure by the Redmond large to please the open supply group, it was on another end thought-about as a transfer largely influenced by comprehension of the browser because of its existence in Google’s Chrome. A former Microsoft Edge developer has claimed that the highly effective choice was taken seemingly on account of anti-competitive clinics by the Google group.

“[O]ne of those explanations we decided to finish EdgeHTML was as a consequence of Google stored making modifications to its sites that broke distinct browsers, and we couldn’t sustain,” the alleged former Edge programmer with username JoshuaJB composed at a put up on Hacker Information.

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“Previous to that, our pretty state-of-the-art video acceleration set us effectively ahead of Chrome on video playback time on battery, however virtually the moment they broke issues on YouTubethey started promoting Chrome’s dominance over Edge onto video-watching battery lifetime. What makes it so unhappy, is that their claimed dominance wasn’t due to innovative optimization function by Chrome, but due to a failure of YouTube. On the whole, they solely made the Internet slower,” the developer, mentioned for a former Microsoft intern, supplies.

Alongside placing the blame on the Google group for pushing the group to change to Chromium, the preceding Edge developer alleged that the hunt large introduced points to YouTube to make it intentionally gradual on Edge browser. He also divulged the Edge engineers had requested the YouTube group to fix the YouTube expertise on browsers besides Chrome, however, he spoke about the team turned down the request without elaborating any details.

Joe Belfiore, Microsoft Company Vice President for Home dividers, whereas stating the Chromium adoption earlier this month didn’t point out any little across the conflicts with Google. He had as a substitute said the aim was to make the”Internet expertise higher for a lot of completely different audiences.”

Microsoft thinks that the change from EdgeHTML to Chromium will occur”increasingly over the years”. Nonetheless, the corporate is already set to start contributing to the Chromium group. It is generally suggesting lovers be part of their Microsoft Edge Insider set to obtain new preview builds to ultimately set the stage to the refreshed Edge expertise that will not be restricted to Home windows 10 but along with Home windows 7 and House windows 8 machines. There are additional plans to take the Edge browser to Apple’s macOS.

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We’ve achieved to Microsoft to understand the continuing improvement and can replace this region accordingly.

Microsoft might not define the precise reason for switching to Chromium. Nonetheless, it will certainly bring the open supply engine a standard habitual for builders building new Internet choices. The transfer from the Home windows maker can be set to carry three main Internet motors out there, especially WebKit that is powering Apple’s Safari, Gecko that’s behind Mozilla’s Firefox, also Chromium that powers not only Chrome however Opera, Vivaldi, and really quickly Edge.


Google launches Sleeker Street View Trekker backpack for capturing 3D Images

Years past, Google’s Street View app expanded from roads to nearly everywhere, as a result of Google’s Trekker app that places 360-degree Street View cameras into one backpack. Now, Google declared its updated Trekker backpack, which can be significantly lighter and smaller than previously. The older you weighed in at roughly 44 lbs.

It isn’t only a new layout, however — Google additionally notes the newest Trekker features enhanced hardware which will enable it to capture the better and sharper vision, as a result of higher-resolution detectors and also an increased aperture.

“Like preceding Trekker generations, the newest version could be placed on automobiles, boats as well as zip lines,” the company explains. “This assists when shooting hard-to-access areas, or when constructing maps for developing cities and countries with complicated structures.”

As you probably can not simply receive a Trekker to map out of your backyard, Google notes that it has been conduct its own Trekker loan app. This app is available to associations such as tourism boards, nonprofits, government agencies, universities and study teams.

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Odds are, you are going to see some enhanced Street View vision from difficult to reach areas on Google Maps soon. Until then you can go right ahead and take a virtual walk through Petra or round the shores of Christmas Island.

Twitter shares drop 7% on issues about hacking activity

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) stocks fell nearly 7 percent after the firm said it was exploring unusual traffic which may be from state-sponsored hackers as well as in what seemed to be an unrelated problem, a security company said hackers used the system to attempt and steal consumer information.

Twitter stated in a website it found suspicious visitors to some customer-support forum whilst exploring a security bug that subjected information, such as users’ phone state codes and information on secured accounts. It stated the bug was repaired Nov. 16.

Twitter observed plenty of visitors to the customer care website coming from individual net IP addresses in China and Saudi Arabia.

“While we can’t confirm purpose or attribution for sure, it’s likely that a few of those IP addresses might have ties to state-sponsored celebrities,” the site said.

“We continue to err on the side of complete transparency in this region and have upgraded law enforcement on our findings,” it stated.

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A company spokesman declined to elaborate since Twitter stocks posted their biggest fall in two or more months.

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter blamed the decline on issues that information of a breach might damage growth and consumer involvement.

“Certainly, a breach such as this impairs user confidence in the system,” he explained.

Separately, security software maker Trend Micro Inc said in a site before on Monday that attackers shipped out two tweets in October in an effort to steal information from previously infected servers.

The hackers concealed directions in tweeted memes that covertly ordered infected apparatus to deliver information, such as user names, display images, and other articles, Trend Micro said.

The Twitter spokesman declined to comment about the Trend Micro report.