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Elon Musk working on a rocket that will enable traveling to anywhere in the world in less than an hour

Elon Musk, the head and founder of SpaceX, announced he is currently working on a new rocketship. Code named “BFR”, it will be capable of traveling anywhere on Earth in under an hour. The bold announcement, which caught everyone by surprise, suggests that Musk’s Space Exploration could fundamentally revolutionize air travel by greatly shortening flight…

The average Briton spends ten months of their adult lifetime moaning about the weather, a survey suggests.

The national obsession with whether we need a brolly or a t-shirt means we spend an average of two hours a week – the equivalent of nearly five days a year – complaining about the climate. We check the forecast eight times a week, discussing the outcome with a partner and work colleagues at least…

INCREDIBLE Hubble images reveal the brightest galaxies in the universe

In what’s been hailed as the ‘jackpot of gravitational lenses,’ the Hubble Space Telescope has captured breathtaking images of some of the brightest infrared galaxies in the universe. The objects pictured are in the midst of rapid star birth, causing them to glow with the luminosity of up to 100 trillion suns, according to NASA….