Their Wedding Day Was A Fairytale But The Surprise He Gave Her At The End Will Leave You In Tears

As we all know, weddings can be some of the most stressful events in our lives, as they usually come with some unpleasant surprises and unforeseen costs. However, those who do good onto others can always count on others to help them out when they expect it the least. And no one knows it better than a young South African couple who got their dream wedding and the biggest surprise of their lives.

Born in a family of teachers and researchers, Rob Brit had always dreamed of landing a job in education and leading a simple, content life. During his internship, he met Hannah, a bright and cheerful young lady who just recently got a job at the same school. A dedicated teacher with a passion for her profession, she was adored by her students and co-workers.

The two of them bonded immediately, and their friendship eventually developed into a romantic relationship. They started thinking about their future plans and family.

Eventually, Rob decided to take things to the next level. He proposed Hannah and she gladly accepted. Together, they started making plans for their wedding. Coming from a life of modesty and hardships, Hannah was cautious and worried about their financial future. But she and Robe made a promise to each other to give their best and stick together no matter what happens.

Just a day before their wedding, Rob received an e-mail from one of his cousins, carrying grave news. His grandmother, with whom he had spent most of his childhood, had passed away. Rob burst into tears, as he couldn’t help control his emotions. He went on to read the rest, and then stumbled on an attachment which caught him completely by surprise.

A document, signed and verified by his grandmother’s lawyer, stated that Rob had become entitled to her former landholdings worth a whole lot of money, which were now passed onto him. He consulted with his cousin, and the two of them came up with some investment plans.

But after some consideration, Rob decided to use the money to give himself and his future Misses, a dream wedding. He hastily called for some more decorations and servings, in order to make the wedding even more grandeur. He also recalled how Hannah spoke with him of her dreams to travel around the world and their fantasies of spending their Honeymoon in a tropical paradise.

He immediately made a few calls and booked a pair of tickets to Belize. But not before making his cousin promise not to tell anyone.

When the wedding day had finally come, Rob and Hannah took the vows and opened a new chapter in their lives. Overjoyed and touched by heartwarming wishes and gifts from their friends and families, they enjoyed the ceremony and the company of their guests.

When everyone gathered for a speech, Rob decided to go all out and give Hannah the biggest surprise of the day – in front of everyone, he presented her with a pair of tickets, the keys to their new car and a deed to his grandmother’s house. Hannah was in shock, and for a few seconds which probably seemed like hours, she stood there in front of everyone in silence, which was eventually broken by her cheerful shriek, as she started to cry and jumped into Rob’s arms.

The wedding went perfectly and Hannah was touched by Rob’s last-minute additions and devotion to make it the most beautiful event of her life. The next day, the two of them started preparing for their upcoming Honeymoon.

And while they can’t wait to soak their feet in the Caribbean sea, they still cherish the memories of their beloved families, and Rob’s grandmother. In fact, they made a promise to make a toast to Rob’s grandmother in each restaurant around the world they visit, as a tribute to the one special person who changed their lives for the better and gave them a new opportunity.