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Entertainment4 mins ago

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan’s Body Language Proves They’re “Each Other’s Rock”

Months after some fans claimed Kelley Flanagan didn’t even like Peter Weber, the two Bachelor alums are fully dating and...

Entertainment5 mins ago

Christopher Meloni on returning to the ‘Law & Order’ universe

Chris Meloni says his return to the “Law & Order” roster as Elliot Stabler — in the fall spinoff series...

Entertainment6 mins ago

The Conundrum of a New Perry Mason

For much of its debut eight episodes, Perry Mason feels of a piece with other efforts to “update” classic characters...

Entertainment10 mins ago

Mark Cuevas’ Has A New Girlfriend & The Timing Is Fishy

It looks like one Love Is Blind star unfortunately didn’t get the whole “timing is everything” memo. Mark Cuevas announced...

Entertainment11 mins ago

This 103-Year-Old Woman Is The Last Filipino To Preserve Ancient Tattoo Tradition

This 103-year-old woman named Whang Od Oggay is the oldest traditional tattoo artist in the Philippines. Whang Od lives in...

Entertainment12 mins ago

Everything You Need to Make Beautiful Pottery in 2020

When I want to create something, I always go back to my favorite hobby: pottery. Pottery is an ancient art...

Entertainment13 mins ago

Mike Cernovich suggests Atlanta mayor’s coronavirus diagnosis is a conspiracy

Far-right figure Mike Cernovich alluded on Monday that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ coronavirus diagnosis could be a conspiracy. Bottoms...

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