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15 Breeds Of Small Dogs That Make Perfect Buddies For The Whole Family



Sarah Bregel is an editor at covering entertainment, trending stories, adorable stuff, parenting, and more. She is also a freelance writer, mom of two, dog mom, feminist, and deep-breather.

My two kids have been pushing me to get a puppy for years. Instead, we have one very old, very lazy dog.

That’s because when it comes to having a family, a puppy is a lot of work and it’s a lot of work that I’m not sure I’m ready to do. But there’s a perfect solution when it comes to getting a dog that is small, adorable, and not necessarily a baby! There are tons of breeds of small dogs that your family will love to have around for years that will look just like a puppy long after the puppy stage!

Small dogs are great for so many reasons. You don’t need to have a big yard or a huge house for them to run around in.

Plus, they’re extremely portable. Now, a lot of people love big dogs and I totally get that as the owner of a big dog myself. But the more I think about adding a new addition to our family, the better and better a small dog starts to look.

Here are 15 of the best breeds of small dogs that make great companions.

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Netflix Original Films Exec Says Pandemic Is Not Stopping Content: “We’re Still in Pretty Good Shape”



Tendo Nagenda also opens up about his dream projects, whether moviegoers will return to theaters post-COVID, the next stage of the streamer’s evolution, and why diversity in Hollywood needs to begin “in the rooms where the decisions are made.”

Netflix finds itself in an unprecedented position in an unprecedented time. The streaming giant added 10.09 million subscribers during its second quarter, raising its global base to nearly 193 million. And as the studios push back movie release dates because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the streamer finds itself virtually the only game in town when it comes to delivering movies to a (literally) captive audience on lockdown.

Helping lead that charge is Tendo Nagenda, vp original films, who took the position in August 2018 after nearly nine years at Disney. It was this spring that the earliest seeds of his labor bore fruit: Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, the first project given the green light under his reign, generated all-important social media buzz and already is in the awards-season conversation. More high-profile features followed, including the Mark Wahlberg starrer Spenser Confidential (“action-comedy is an area that audiences have been starved of and respond to,” he says) and the very recent Charlize Theron action vehicle The Old Guard, which drew rave reviews and has audiences clamoring for a sequel (“It’s a high possibility,” is all he’s willing to say).

During the pandemic, Nagenda, 45, is working from the home he shares with his partner, Chelina Odbert, the co-founder and executive director of nonprofit design firm Kounkuey Design Initiative. While on lockdown, Nagenda says he tries to draw a hard line separating work and home life, setting aside time to cook and learn guitar, even as the days are filled with the noise of the renovation crew working on their home, nestled in the hills between Beachwood Canyon and Los Feliz.

As workers drilled and hammered, Nagenda spoke to THR — from a distance — about the streamer’s willingness to take risks, his dream directors and why big-budget, family-oriented fare is “the next frontier.”

When things go back to “normal,” can theaters make a full recovery after audiences have been streaming so much content?

There are still going to be plenty of movies that people will want to see in the theater. I just think that there is also going to be an awareness that there is a super-high-quality film available that might or might not be in theaters. The choice is not going to be, “Do I go to the theater or do I watch something in the comfort of my own home?” It’s going to be, “What do I want to watch and where can I find it?” If that answer is on Netflix, and not in a theater, then people will be a lot more used to, and happy about, watching it at home.

How much runway does Netflix have contentwise in the film division?

We have a lot of runway, definitely through 2020 and part of 2021.

We want to get to work and back into production just like everybody else, and we want to get through this year. We’re still in pretty good shape.

We’re at a stage where studios can’t make anything that isn’t a big brand or a remake or a sequel. Netflix doesn’t have that kind of IP, but it doesn’t seem to be held back by that. Why do you think that is?

People want to be entertained, and they don’t necessarily need a preexisting brand or a sequel of something they’ve already seen for that to be the case. They are showing that they are hungry for new stories and new IP. Netflix is a good place to find those things and discover. The idea of discovery is a lot more baked into Netflix than, “What am I going to go see in a theater that is on opening weekend?” [It’s] a big risk to make something two years in advance, predicting there will be a big audience. We know there will be a big audience on Netflix all the time, and so our willingness to make new things and build IP is very strong in that regard.

With so much conversation now about how to make Hollywood more inclusive, what is something that you would like to see done that can move the needle?

The facts and the data will tell you that representation behind the camera leads to an inclusion and representation in front of the camera. And that’s in the executive suites and in the directing, producing, writing and filmmaking and the below-the-line elements. What I’d like to see is representation increase in the rooms where the decisions are being made.

People talk about the hits, but you never hear about Netflix bombs. What is considered a bomb by Netflix standards?

We don’t really think in those terms, which I think is refreshing. There are a lot of metrics that go into determining what is successful for us. Not just viewing but quality, awards, representation. Did it service a particular audience that we value at Netflix, in a particular region, or demographic, or viewing habit? Any movie that we make, regardless of how it does in the first month on Netflix, will be on Netflix forever. So it’s possible that something gets more attention and viewing two years after it’s released. You don’t have to think in terms of hits and bombs.

You guys chase a lot of big packages. At what point does a budget become unreasonable?

We don’t have a set number. There are a lot of inputs and factors that go into it. How big do we think the audience is based on films that have performed on Netflix, or other places successfully? How much library value, how much of a pioneering piece of content it is from a filmmaker or talent or storytelling standpoint?

So on something like The Gray Man, with the Russo brothers, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, which was over $200 million, it checks those boxes?

Well you look at that as a potential investment in a franchise if successful. You also are doing so with the most successful franchise producers of all time in terms of theatrical box office, and there you’re pioneering talent on Netflix since it will be our first film with Ryan Gosling as well as other people we will hopefully put in the movie. So we look at it as an investment in the long-term and not just a per picture amount.

Who is your dream filmmaker with whom you’d love to work?

I’ve love to get Jordan Peele to make a Netflix film. We love Chris Nolan, we love Quentin Tarantino. We have to concentrate our efforts on finding people of that talent level that we can work with as early as possible and then get them to make movies only for Netflix.

What’s on your list of dream projects?

We’re looking at big, broad-audience, PG-level adventure films as something that we want to get into. Something along the lines of the first Star Wars, or Harry Potter 1 and 2. A lot of family live action, fantasy, spectacle movies that we think are big and can play great. A Jumanji-type of story. That is the next frontier.

That’ll put you even more in competition with studios.

Well, we look at it as what aren’t the studios focused on. New ideas. We want to encourage great talent to think that way. George Lucas created Star Wars — it wasn’t based on a book. If you have that kind of imagination — like the Wachowskis with The Matrix — we feel like we’re the place to take the chance on those types of innovative ideas and filmmakers. 

Interview edited for length and clarity.

A version of this story first appeared in the July 31 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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Jenelle Evans: The Coronavirus Is a Hoax Orchestrated By Tom Hanks and Oprah!



If you follow her on social media, you known that Jenelle Evans has been having more meltdowns than usual in recent weeks.

And that’s really saying something, because she was already flipping out about two to three times a day, on average.

Last week found Jenelle going full Karen by refusing to wear a mask while shopping at Wal-Mart.

A few days later she broke down again, this time over claims that her daughter Ensley doesn’t know how to talk.

(That observation was primarily based on the fact hat no one has seen Ensley talk. Jenelle could have squashed the rumor by posting video of Ensley talking … but she didn’t.)

Jenelle With Ensley on Instagram

After such an exhausting week of tantrums, we figured Evans would step away from social media and take it easy for a couple days over the weekend.

Instead, she did the exact opposite.

Jenelle either took too much or not enough Adderall on Saturday, because the mother of three spent the bulk of the day posting about truly insane conspiracy theories on Twitter.

Jenelle Evans Eats

Evans kicked things off with a fairly normal level of batsh-t insanity, encouraging her followers to watch a YouTube documentary that argues that Hollywood is run by Satanists, many of whom have ties to the so-called “Pizzagate” sex trafficking ring.

Pizzagate was debunked years ago, and it’s already prompted one nutjob to go on a shooting spree, so it’s pretty obnoxious/dangerous for Jenelle to be posting about it in 2020, but we digress …

Anyway, from there Evans really goes off the rails with theories that even her fellow unemployed heavy substance abusers would probably find a little implausible.

Jenelle Lauren Evans

Remember when Tom Hanks was diagnosed with the coronavirus back in March?

Well, Jenelle thinks he made it all up because the coronavirus is actually a hoax orchestrated by Hanks, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen DeGeneres in order to protect their global child sex-trafficking cabal.

We wish we were joking … that’s really what she believes.

Jenelle v Hanks 2

Jenelle has had the good sense to delete many of the absolutely bonkers posts she shared during her Saturday afternoon breakdown, but some of them are still live.

As you can see, she’s a firm believer that President Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to all of his fellow sex traffickers.

She also believes that Hanks and Rita Wilson constructed their house with a network of secret tunnels for the purposes of — you guessed it — sex trafficking!

Jenelle v Hanks

Still not crazy enough for you?

Well then check out this other nonsense that Jenelle retweeted:

“Anthony Bourdain, Avicii, Chester Bennington, and Chris Cornell ALL committed suicide while working in a documentary called The Silent Children, about pedophilia and trafficking. It was cancelled after Cornell’s death.”

PB and Jenelle-y

If Jenelle were a person of any consequence or renown, that horsesh-t would be enough to earn her an 8-figure lawsuit.

Fortunately for her, no one who’s actually famous cares what she had to say.

It went on and on like that for most of the afternoon, with Jenelle using hashtags like #pedowood and arguing that the coronavirus is a hoax orchestrated by Hollywood, and somehow, it’s all tied to child sex trafficking.

Jenelle Evans: All Smiles??

And of course, when she got the slightest pushback — which tends to happen when you spend an entire day spewing dangerous nonsense online — she threw herself an epic pity party:

“I wish [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey] would see how bad the hate against me on [Twitter] and how horrible it’s getting. I want this to be a fun & safe place to talk but I’m not comfortable talking on this app,” Evans tweeted.

Now, this is hilarious for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Jenelle devotes a good chunk of her waking hours to bullying and harassing people on social media.

Jenelle Evans: Her Selfie

But it’s also hysterical because just minutes later she was laughing at other people for taking Twitter too seriously.

“Lmfao if you take Twitter that seriously you should leave I’ve been here longer than you sweetheart,” Evans wrote, in what might be the dumbest tweet of the year so far.

After watching her spend an entire Saturday spreading baseless conspiracy theories about imagined child trafficking circles, several of Jenelle’s followers urged her to devote more time and attention to her own children. 

Jenelle with David and Ensley

In response, Evans once again entered tattle-tale mode, urging Dorsey to ban the accounts she doesn’t like for the crime of being mean to her.

“See @jack this is where you and your @twitter team should be banning these accounts that continues to spread false information and lies about me,” she wrote.

We actually agree that Dorsey and his team should be more active in banning people who gleefully spread dangerous misinformation.

So if you’re reading this and you’re on Twitter, we encourage you to go ahead and report Jenelle’s account.

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‘Save Stereogum’ Covers Album Announces 10 More Artists



Save Stereogum, the crowdfunding campaign to help our newly independent business stay afloat In These Uncertain Times, ends later this month. It’s going really well! But we did promise additional contributions to our massive ‘00s covers compilation and today we’re ready to reveal them. If you’ve been on the fence about buying an album to save this blog, maybe the participation of these fine artists will convince you…

  • Gordi
  • Greg Dulli (from the Afghan Whigs)
  • Lucy Dacus
  • Mary Lattimore
  • Moses Sumney
  • Samantha Urbani
  • The Natvral (Kip from the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)
  • Titus Andronicus
  • Tomberlin
  • Twin Peaks & OHMME

Those are the final additions, giving us a total of 54 tracks! We are not revealing in advance which songs everyone covered, but we promise they’re not all Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day.”

Save Stereogum: An ‘00s Covers Comp is only available 1) via download 2) from our Indiegogo page during this limited-time offer. We will never stream it or rerelease it.

Thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered the comp and our new t-shirts and hoodies. The recordings are being mastered this month and campaign supporters will receive their .zip and merch in September. If you haven’t claimed your album or swag yet, the link is

We are also busy booking performances for the VIP-tier-exclusive virtual album release event/Zoom Party/Stereogum Festival… Any requests?

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