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3 things to watch this weekend: The Simpsons return to their original glory



Pack away the work gear and forget about the week that was. It’s the weekend! Hello sleep-ins, junk food and freedom. To help you craft the perfect weekend, we’ve selected the best shows that are dropping on streaming services in the next few days.

The Simpsons

What: When Disney+ launched in 2019, it was met with a huge applause from fans of The Simpsons. Finally, every episode of their favourite animated comedy was available to watch in one place. The buzz quick subsided when fans discovered that the first 19 seasons of their beloved show (containing arguably some of the show’s greatest episodes) had been cropped to fit modern-day 16:9 TVs. This crop hid key details from older episodes, literally destroying some of the show’s best gags. After a community backlash, Disney has finally restored the show to its original 4:3 aspect ratio.

This weekend, step away from writing lines on a chalkboard, playing the saxophone or grocery shopping, and watch all 30 seasons of The Simpsons. If the idea of watching 662+ episodes is a little too much, our picks are Marge vs The Monorail(Season 4, Episode 12), Summer of 4 ft. 2 (Season 6, Episode 25) and Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4, Episode 17).

When: All episodes drop tonight (Friday).

Where: Disney+.


What: Ramy is one of those special shows you may not have heard of. It’s a dramedy show with plenty of heart that deals with family, faith and identity. The show follows Ramy Hassan (played by Ramy Youssef), a Muslim American torn between his faith and what society expects him to be. There really isn’t another show quite like this. The second season is just as brilliant as the first, with the added bonus of expanding out to other members of the Hassan family. Ramy’s mother, father and sister each get their own episodes. Beautifully relevant and laugh-out-loud funny, Ramy is definitely a show worth checking out.

When: Season 1 is available to stream now. The entirety of Season 2 drops Friday 7.00pm.

Where: Check it out on Stan.

Buried in the Backyard

What: Full disclosure: we trialled this show by name alone and it’s become an instant favourite. Buried in the Backyard, features true-crime stories where the victim was found buried in the most unsuspecting (or should that be suspecting?) of places: the backyard. However, finding the remains is only the beginning, and police try to uncover who committed the murder. You would think the most obvious suspect is the owner of the backyard the body was found in, but all of these cases aren’t that simple.

The first episode features the gruesome discovery of a decomposed and dismembered corpse buried in the backyard of a US home. The investigation unravels a 30-year-old murder plot hatched by a scheming, vindictive family. It’s compelling viewing and an easy watch this weekend.

When: Stream all 10 episodes now for free.

Where: 9Now.

Nine Entertainment Co (the publisher of this website) owns and operates the streaming service Stan.

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Caitlyn Jenner has come forward to support Kanye West in her own way! Check it out.



The unscripted television star showed up on Good Morning Britain on Monday where she was inquired as to whether the rapper was getting ‘support’, following a stressing appearance at an ongoing convention just as a progression of whimsical tweets.

It followed Caitlyn’s past remark about needing to put herself forward as Kanye’s VP as he makes his offer for the White House.

She told has Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway: ‘Since the entirety of this has descended, I have quite recently sort of watched it simply like every other person, so I haven’t generally gotten an opportunity. He’s living up in Wyoming, more often than not, thus I simply wish him the best.’

‘You realize I made that as a joke at that point, about being his VP when he reported that. However, you know, I trust in the best for him.

‘He’s a great person. The main thing I truly can discuss is actually how he has treated me through everything. Also, he has been the most kind, adoring person.’

Caitlyn Jenner with Kanye West and Kardashians

Caitlyn said Kanye has consistently been ‘strong’ of her all through her progress.

Caitlyn proceeded: ‘Thus great to me consistently, and particularly experiencing all that I’ve experienced over the most recent five years.

‘He’s been such an old buddy, and that to me is by a wide margin the most significant thing. To the extent support.’

Kanye’s appearance at his assembly in South Carolina a month ago observed him separate in tears as he asserted to the group that he and spouse Kim Kardashian had intended to prematurely end their seven-year-old little girl North.

The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion – Arrivals

Kanye made stunning cases about his family

He likewise guaranteed on Twitter that he needed to separate Kim, who he imparts four kids to, over a supposed gathering she had with rapper Meek Mill at the Waldorf Hotel.

The Golddigger rapper as of late consoled fans he is ‘very okay’.

He tweeted: ‘There is a strategy of 4 D’s… Distract Discredit Dismiss To Destroy… I am very okay… Take a second and consider what is being anticipated here.’

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Letterkenny season 9; introduction; interesting facts; cast and characters; release date;



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Letterkenny season 9; introduction

The series letterkenny is one of the Canadian series and was created by jared keeso. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch this series and there were so many executive producers for this series namely mark montefiore, Patrick o’ Sullivan, jarad keeso, Jacob Tierney. The first season was released in the year of 2015. “Who needs a girl like you” is the opening theme of the series and it was really pleasant to hear. There was already eight seasons in this series and it consist of approximately 54 episodes. each episode run at a time about 19 to 30 minutes. I am sure the next season will hit on netlfix.

Letterkenny season 9; Release date;

The season 9 was already set in to release in the month of july. But due to the lockdown the release date was delayed and I am sure the date will be announced soon as possible in future days.

Letterkenny season 9; interesting facts;

There was so many episodes which is really fantastic to watch the entire series. some of the episodes namely , “ain’t no reason to get excited”, “super soft birthday”, “fartbook”, “wingman wayne”, “rave”, “a fuss in the back bush”, “the election”, relationships”, “uncle eddie’s trust”, “finding stormy a stud”, “puck bunny”, “miss fire”, “the rippers”, “holy sheet”, “day beers bay”, national senior hockey championship”, etc..

The above episodes are in the previous season. yet, we have to wait for some other new episodes for this series.

Letterkenny season 9; starring cast and characters;

There were so many starring characters in this series namely jared keeso as wayne, Nathan dales as daryl, michelle mylett as katy, Dylan playfairas reily, Andrew herr as jonesy, Jacob trierney as geln, mark forward as coach, kamilla kowal as bonnie McMurray, etc..

The above characters will be back in the season 9. There may be some side characters in this series. stay calm, wait for new characters for this series. I hope the above information will satisfy the fan clubs. stay tuned to discover more future updates.


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Hocus Pocus 2: Sequel Plans! Release Date, Cast, Plot, Updates, And Everything For You!!!



Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica, and Kathy Najimy starer, American comedy film, Hocus Pocus, is directed by Kenny Ortega and inscribed by Neil Cuthbert.

The film offers with the comedian activities of three felon witches, who by chance get resuscitate by a younger boy in Salem, Massachusetts, on Halloween party.

Nicely, with a profitable enterprise of this film, as soon as once more, Hocus Pocus director, is again with the choice of constructing the sequel of film Hocus Pocus, i.e to released the 2nd a part of Hocus Pocus.

Hocus Pocus 2: Cast Updates

Hocus Pocus director, Kenny Ortega wouldn’t be obtainable for the film’s sequel manufacturing this time, the explanations might be figured later, however for whereas, the film’s fan can get blissful as all of the three principal lead characters of the film have efficiently nodded for his or her return for the 2nd a part of Hocus Pocus.

Throughout an interview, Sarah stated that ” Bette, Kathy, and I really feel so relieved for the brand new comeback. I’d acknowledge the true happiness of working along with Bette and Kathy.” There might be different characters like, Thora Birch, Omri Katz, and Vinessa Shaw, who can even grow to be a part of the film.

Release Date Of Hocus Pocus 2

The Hocus Pocus 2, Sequel will get release on Disney+. Nonetheless, because of the pandemic COVID 19, we can’t count on the release date of the film in 2020, however its manufacturing might be anticipated to get release on the end of 2020.

Thus, we will count on the Hocus Pocus 2 Sequel release in early 2021. For extra updates, keep your eyes perplexed to us!

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