If you are any sort of a cannabis user, then a fantastic weed grinder is essential on your weed paraphernalia however you want to eat your cannabis. Not just do grinders create your life simpler, but in addition, it provides you more bang to your marijuana. The very best grinder should supply you with a sleek grind that means it cuts your bud into small, uniform pieces all of the time. If you’d like your bud to have an additional kick, you then would like to have the ability to amass some kief — that will be the fairy dust which includes a higher concentration of THC — along with your own grinder.

Thus, will any grinder do to you personally? Certainly not. The same as every product on earth, not all of the marijuana grinders are created an equivalent. Many are duds, failing in the 1 thing that they will need to perform — cut your own weed. As you’re all about convenience, we chose to provide you a bit of aid by listing all of the best weed grinders in the marketplace nowadays.

5 Best Weed Grinders for 2019

1. Golden Gate Grinders 4-piece Anodized Aluminum Grinder

The cream of the crop — that is exactly what this grinder is. It’s a strong performance and a durable structure, making it around the cover of the competition. It is theĀ best weed grinder available in the market.

This grinder is constructed from maximum-strength aircraft-grade aluminum, which will be lightweight and hard. Additionally, it includes a black anodized finish, which can be scratch-resistant.

Meanwhile, in regards to its grinding functionality, it’s super-sharp blades in tactical places to maximize the fineness of their weed. The teeth are made from sharp diamond which enables it to deliver rotational which are tough to match.

Another outstanding feature is that the neodymium magnets. The latter ensures that a tight seal to keep freshness and control odor.

Last, if you would like peace of mind, it’s also great to be aware that the manufacturer offers lifetime warranty and 100% refund if you’re not pleased with the usage of the Golden Gate Grinders 4-piece Pot Grinder.

2. Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

The Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder using Pollen Catcher is a cool-looking apparatus that’s created from heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum using sharp diamond cutting teeth along with a stainless steel mesh screen. The lid includes neodymium magnets so that your herb stays safe and fresh from becoming spilled. Additionally, it offers a slender Poly-O ring for grinding. The apparatus has a scratch resistant black anodized finish which will not corrode, flake, or peel. And you get a platinum warranty and a 100% no hassle money-back guarantee.

We love how this device has a great deal of sharp teeth (49!) So grinding is quite efficient. The textured grooves on the top and bottom of this grinder provide you with a fantastic grip; no have to be concerned about the grinder slipping through your fingers as you twist it about. The filter is excellent for collecting kief. And the size is just perfect. The herb is earth consistently and you are able to grind a lot at one time.

On the other hand, the catcher might be bigger considering the amount you’re ready to grind at the upper compartment. Additionally, the slight squeaking sound it makes when you grind could be annoying after awhile. Additionally, the mill, though constant, is somewhat too rough for vaping. But it is possible to flip it upside down to get a finer grind.

3. Kozo Grinders Herb Grinder

When compared with the preceding variant of the grinder, it’s a new and improved layout. Among the noteworthy upgrades is that the removable mesh display, which became heavier. With the latter, it is going to have the ability to maintain more.

The powerful magnetic lid is just another reason why this can be an impressive option. You can be certain your marijuana won’t wind up spilling. Even in the event that you shake the grinder and turn it about, the lid will remain shut.

Additionally, it includes a exceptional design on the top and the base. This permits you to grip it readily. This type of design makes it simple to start the lid.

This 2.5-inch grinder is constructed from superior materials. The human body is aluminum metal, which can be durable. The teeth, on the other hand, are created in this manner that the sharpness stays. It’s also simple to wash.

4. Zip Grinders – Large Herb Grinder

The Zip Grinder is among the biggest grinders we have ever had the joy to use. The unit is made from aerospace grade aluminum and includes 49 diamond shaped teeth, a 100-micron mesh screen, a transparent side and top, and a pollen scraper tool.

We adore the window, letting you observe just how much herb you have ground without needing to start the chambers. Besides, you really can grind a good deal of her in this item so that you seldom need to use it more often than once a week till you are a fairly freezer. The kief grabbing capabilities of the grinder are really great also. You might discover you’ll find a fairly consistent grind out of this gadget. Additionally, if you would like your bud to-go, you are able to take out the center room and match the whole grinder on your pocket.

But, it is rather simple to cross-thread this in the event that you’re racing. Additionally, the magnet is somewhat weak.

5. Cali Crusher 4-piece Herb Grinder

Quick and constant — these are a couple reason why this can be just another top-rated option you shouldn’t miss. It breaks down marijuana fast and without needing an excessive amount of effort on your end.

This version includes four chambers, all which are created from aircraft-grade billet aluminum, offering you a guarantee of its long-lasting performance. The display, on the other hand, is made from stainless steel. Meanwhile, for its best grinding functionality, it’s razor-sharp teeth.

The width of this grinder is just two inches, making it pretty much mobile and easy to bring with you where you would like to use it.


Using your palms to procedure weed is currently an obsolete procedure. If you’d like the best results, particularly concerning consistency, the ideal weed grinder is something you will need. With the choices which were mentioned previously, we expect it is now easier for you to choose which one gets the ideal option.

We hope that you like our list of 5 Awesome Weed Grinders for 2019. Last, do not forget to share it with your own friends and followers.

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