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A New Warcraft Movie Is Being Prepared



Legendary wants to give Warcraft a new chance, but it seems that it will not be a continuation of the film they released in 2016, which was so divisive.

The case of Warcraft is quite curious since it was a box office success all over the world except in the United States, which received a brutal attack by the press and fans and audience, who managed to prevent people from going en masse see it.

Generally, if we review the collections of high-budget films, we realize that of all the money they generate, half is in the United States, and the other half in the rest of the world. There are some exceptions where it is not so balanced, but it is almost always true. This means that if Warcraft made $ 391 million internationally, it should get something similar in the United States. However, it only made $47 million. Something still the movie studio or director Duncan Jones is not explained.

This is one of the big reasons why they haven’t made the sequel. But that does not mean they leave the property idle. Since we live in an age where all recognizable stories eventually reboot at some point. So reports point to Legendary wanting to make a new version of Warcraft.

They will restart the franchise

Based on our information, the movie will erase the slate and start from scratch again. Which is not good news for fans of Duncan Jones’ version of Warcraft, who wanted a second part. They also won’t use cast members who signed multiple contracts hoping that it becomes a franchise. Details on what exactly is planned for the project are still unclear, but given that the first film spent a decade trapped in development hell before finally filming, the studio will no doubt expect things to move much faster in the future—second try.

Being such extensive mythology, instead of a live-action movie, they should make an animated series with 3D characters, like the spectacular videos presented with each update of the World of Warcraft game.


Season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost renewed at Starz




Power Book II Ghost season 2: It is one of the most-watched web series in the history of Network. This is what Starz said. The first season of Power Book II: Ghost was released on 6 September and now it has earned itself a second season renewal. Power Book II: Ghost accounts to be the first spin-off in the Power Universe. Courtney A. Kemp and Curtis “50 cents” Jackson are the executive producers of the series. The first season of Power Book II: Ghost featured the characters from the original Power series. Other than an executive producer, Courtney A. Kemp is the creator as well as the showrunner.

Power Book II: Ghost is renewed for season 2:

Christina Davis is the president of programming at Starz.  Here is what Christina said about the team. She said that Courtney A. Kemp and Curtis have done for the Power universe is nothing less than extraordinary. Undoubtedly, Ghost was a success and it is a tribute to Courtney’s storytelling and loyalty of fans. It is a tribute to the strength of the Power franchise. Also, Kemp said that he is very grateful to the fans of Power.

Power Book II: Ghost

He further added that it’s like a dream come true to have the fans return for a new season and to bring new viewers for the spinoff. Talking about the second season, he said that the new season will be more intriguing with the complicated journey of Tariq with the Tejada family. Now he will understand himself in a much better way and this will make the journey more dangerous.

Curtis “50 cents” Jackson said that he knew the Power universe would have success at various levels and he is glad that fans also agree for the same. He added that he is looking forward to Raising Kanan and the Force.


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Crisps, chocolate and cheese are ‘worst offenders’ for recycling




The culprits… (Picture: Getty)

The big three ‘C’s of the snacking world may taste great but they’re having a terrible impact on the environment.

Crisps, chocolate and cheese are among the worst foods for recycling, according to a new investigation.

Research – carried out by Which? – analysed 89 of the UK’s best-selling branded groceries and found only a third (34%) had packaging that was fully recyclable in household collections. Some of the worst offenders included products like Pringles, KitKat and Babybel – and their companies (Kellogg’s, Nestle and Le Groupe Bel) are being called out for failing to do more to help the environment.

Which? looked at 10 different food categories including chocolate, fizzy drinks, crisps, yoghurts, drinks, cheese and bread. Experts broke down packaging, weighed each element and assessed how easily it could be recycled. The results found that recyclability varied immensely – with crisps being the worst with only 3% of packaging which could be recycled in households.

In terms of chocolate, almost a third was not recyclable, but Nestlé’s four-finger KitKats and Cadbury’s Bitsa Wispa were among some found not to be recyclable at all.

Various cheeses are also letting the side down on the environmental front, with products like Babybel proving hard to recycle.

Natalie Hitchins, head of home products and services at Which?, said: ‘Consumers are crying out for brands that take sustainability seriously and products that are easy to recycle, but for any real difference to be made to the environment, manufacturers need to maximise their use of recyclable and recycled materials and ensure products are correctly labelled.

‘To reduce the waste to landfill, the government must make labelling mandatory, simple and clear, enabling shoppers to know exactly how to dispose of the packaging on the products they consume.’

A Nestlé spokesperson told ‘We are committed to our 2025 ambition of making 100% of our packaging recyclable or re-usable. The vision is that none of our packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfill or as litter. We are making progress, in 2019, about 87% of Nestlé’s total packaging by weight and 66% of our total plastic packaging was already recyclable or reusable, but we recognise there is still a lot more to do. 

‘As we look towards 2025, we will continue to work with relevant authorities and infrastructure developments to ensure that our packaging can be recycled or re-used.’

While a spokesperson for Mondelez said: ‘Reducing the total environmental impact of our packaging and tackling the shared problem of plastic waste are urgent priorities for us. We want to contribute to a circular economy where packaging material is removed, reused or recycled, staying within the economy and out of the environment.’

Likewise, a Kellogg’s spokesperson wanted to stress: ‘Kellogg’s is committed to 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging by the end of 2025 and as part of this, we are currently trialling a new widely recyclable Pringles can. Made from recycled paper, the tube is being trialled with two different lids – one plastic and one paper but both can be popped into home recycling bins.’ has also reached out to Le Groupe Bel for a comment.

In slightly better news, new research has found that a third of UK households have gone greener since lockdown – with many making more environmentally-friendly changes.

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Vin Diesel Unleashes His Inner Pop Star With Release Of New Single ‘Feel Like I Do’




Vin Diesel may be between “Fast & Furious” movies for the time being, but don’t for a moment think that he’s sitting idly by burning time.

The 53-year-old actor proved that this week by showcasing a whole other side of himself that fans may not even have know had existed with the release of his new pop single, “Feel Like I Do”.

Diesel debuted his new track on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

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“Kelly, I am so honoured to be able to debut my new music on your show,” said Diesel in a video Clarkson introduced.

Honouring Clarkson for maintaining her “authenticity,” Diesel explained that under normal circumstances he’d be working on a movie right now, but “as you know, that’s not possible.”

Instead, he shared, “I have another creative outlet, another way to show you or share with you my heart.”

Diesel then proceeded to introduce Clarkson’s viewers to his new song, produced by Norwegian DJ Kygo.

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“For so long, I have been promising to release music… encouraged by you, to step out of my comfort zone,” he wrote on Instagram to announce the new song. “Thank you for believing in me. As always, I hope to make you proud.”

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