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‘Airplane Mode’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about this Brazilian comedy



Netflix has in the last couple of years, diversified into a lot of international content, providing audiences with a variety of foreign films and shows. The product of this variety has seen a boom in films and shows from regions that are usually very cut-off from American audiences. One such example is the upcoming Brazilian comedy ‘Airplane Mode’.

Based on a Mexican script by Alberto Bremer, the Brazilian adaptation of ‘Airplane Mode’ or ‘Modo Aviao’ is written by Renato Fagundes and Alice Name-Bomtempo. The film is directed by César Rodrigues and produced by Luiz Noronha, Cecilia Grosso, and Samanta Moraes, from the production company A Fábrica.

Release Date

‘Airplane Mode’ premieres on January 23, 2020, only on Netflix.


As per the official Netflix synopsis of the film, “When Ana, a young social media influencer, crashes her car because of her addiction to her cellphone, she is grounded and shipped to her grandfather’s farm with one catch: she’s not allowed to use her phone.”

Young Ana, who studied fashion design, dreamt of becoming a great stylist one day. Life, however, comes in the way. All of a sudden, she dropped everything to become a digital influencer for a famous brand called “True Fashion”. This new Ana now spent a sizable chunk of her day posting pictures and videos to promote the brand. In fact, she got addicted to her phone and her growing status as an influencer to such a degree, it started affecting her life in a serious way. One day, while using her phone as she drives, she had a car accident.

That is where her parents decided to intervene. From that moment on, Ana is forced to get away from social media. They send her to a farm owned by her grandfather Germano in the countryside, where she has to go through a digital detox. 

At first, she felt annoyed. A city kid, she was not only unaccustomed to life in the countryside but she also dearly missed her social media and phone. But things soon change.
From helping her grandpa to fix his old Mustang with João and his mother Antônia, who own a mechanical workshop in the region, to finding out stories about her family, Ana goes through a journey of self-knowledge. And she also finds love.


Larissa Manoela as Ana

Larissa Manoela. (Getty Images)


The 19-year-old actress, singer, model, voice actor, writer, and digital influencer, began her career at the young age of four. She is most famous for playing the character Maria Joaquina in the Brazilian soap opera ‘Carrossel’.

Erasmo Carlos as Germano, her grandfather

Erasmo Carlos. (Getty Images)

The 78-year-old Brazilian singer and songwriter is an iconic musician in the country. Carlos was an important face in the 1960s Brazilian pop-rock scene. His most popular songs include ‘Sentado A Beira Do Caminho’, ‘Mesmo que seja eu’, and ‘Festa de arromba’.


The film’s trailer that dropped on January 12, begins with Ana waking up and logging into her social media to wish her followers a good morning. Her parents are visibly annoyed with her addiction to the phone, after all, she crashed her car eight times in one month, too busy on her phone. But they can do little about it.

Ana is always live-streaming her life on her phone, recording every aspect of her manicured existence — to the extent that her boyfriend even breaks up with her while she is live on a social feed. 


Soon, however, Ana meets with a big accident, not the usual fender-benders she is used to and she ends up in the hospital. She wakes up craving for her phone, but her parents put their foot down. She is soon shipped off to the countryside to live on a farm with her grandpa. And her grandpa is one tough cookie.

We soon see scenes of her trying to adjust with farm life, almost reminiscent of the 2007 American dramedy ‘The Ultimate Gift’. But this is the beginning of a journey of self-discovery where she realizes her online followers only know her online self, not the real her. 

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Tamron Hall DESTROYS Claim She ‘Ambushed’ Stassi Schroeder In ‘Awkward’ Interview




If there’s one thing becoming clear through the Vanderpump Rules drama, it’s that Stassi Schroeder can’t help but dig her heels in.

The former reality star sat down for an interview with Tamron Hall last week — her first since being fired from the show — and while she admitted to being a “Karen,” she basically didn’t really technically apologize for anything. Often she seemed more like she still was trying to defend her actions, including calling the police on a Black co-worker.

This was unsurprisingly NOT a good look for Stassi, and word from her camp was that she felt “unprepared” for the “awkward” interview. The Us Weekly source even went so far as to blame Hall, saying she “went rogue” with her questions.

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On Tuesday’s episode of The Tamron Hall Show, the host hit back at these accusations right there on the air. She told her audience:

“The other day I was told that there was a report that Stassi felt ‘unprepared’ and that it was ‘awkward.’ Even that I had gone rogue — whatever that means. Let me just be open because I’m expecting everybody who’s participating in this show today, I want them to be open, so I have to do the same. It’s why I wanted this show to be honest with you.”

Hall continued:

“So I’m going to take you behind the scenes of TV. Now, I don’t tell people the specific questions I’m going to ask them. How they answer, that’s up to them. But the topic and everything that we discussed, Stassi knew. She knew the subject matter. She knew what I was going to ask her. Not the questions.”

This is pretty standard for most television interviews, but it’s especially true for Stassi. After all, why else would she even be doing an interview if not to talk about her firing and the circumstances around it? She had months to prepare for how she would address the issue and answer for her problematic behavior. If she can’t handle that — especially with the help of a crisis management team coaching her through it! — it’s on her, not Tamron.

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(And do we even need to point out how messed up it is to accuse a Black female journalist of making a privileged white reality star look bad on the topic of race with an “ambush”?)

The former Today show co-anchor even agreed to keep Stassi’s past controversial #MeToo comments off the table at the request of the 32-year-old’s team, making things even easier for her. Hall explained:

“It hit me to my gut that I didn’t ask her. But again, I want to be honest with you. Given that she was five months pregnant, the issue of race was hard enough for her and for me and it was a lot to unpack, including that Nazi comment, so I said we were not going to go down that road but we would have this difficult conversation that we all should have to provide a better platform for our children.”

Well said!

We don’t totally lack empathy for Stassi. Her world’s been turned upside down, but it was due to her own actions, and she needs to take responsibility for that. If she was really working at becoming the “best version of herself,” she could just take the L of a bad interview and try to do better next time. Instead, it really seems like she hasn’t learned anything at all.

[Image via Tamron Hall/YouTube]

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