Amazon now announced the launching of a new assortment of its cashier-less Go store that is considerably more compact than a normal one. The business is talking about it as a small-format Amazon Go store, and it is a freestanding structure with its own enclosed ceiling, and this is where it puts the vast majority of the sensors and cameras used to monitor shoppers and determine once an object was taken off the shelf.

Amazon claims this variant, situated on the sixth floor of the Macy’s building at 300 Pine Street in downtown Seattle, steps about 450 square feet and functions mostly tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, in addition to snacks and beverages.

A normal Go store is a lot bigger, generally serving a broader assortment of pre-made meals, in addition to household equipment, supermarkets, and sometimes, alcohol. It is clear this small-format variant is Amazon’s method of getting Go stores into more constrained spaces, such as malls and possibly even airports.

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Amazon is also in talks with the Los Angeles International Airport and the San Jose International Airport on the summer to deliver stores to terminals. This creates a great deal of sense, given the way the Go store does not have any lines or checkout procedure, which makes it an ideal match for active travelers who desire a fast bite.


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