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AMC Orders ‘Mega City Smiths’ Stop-Motion Animated Comedy with Baby Dolls as Grown Up Detectives



This week, AMC announced an order for six 30-minute episodes of a new show called Mega City Smiths from Steve Conrad (writer of Wonder and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the animation studio behind Robot Chicken and Crossing Swords. The series will be a stop-motion animated project focusing on two detectives trying to solve a high profile missing persons case in the fictional city of Mega City. Oh, and all the characters will be baby dolls made to look like grown ups. What?!

A lot of network and cable channels are investing their time and money in new animated projects since they’re extremely easy to get off the ground in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. People can work from home without much hassle, and there’s little risk of spreading illness when production is spread out and doesn’t require congregation in the same area. The situation may also be resulting in some off-the-wall animated projects getting greenlit that otherwise might fall by the wayside. It seems like AMC just ordered one of those projects

The official press release for AMC’s order of Mega City Smiths says the story “hinges on an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of fictional metropolis Mega City’s most famous magnate.” Throughout the series, we’ll follow two detectives as they take the case and are forced to “fight against their city’s dangerous corruption, at a high cost to themselves and their families, all in pursuit of a gentler place to call home.” And again, we can’t stress this enough, they’re baby dolls made to look like adults.

This sounds like exactly the kind of weird animated project Stoopid Buddy Studios would produce, but it feels like a surprising direction for someone like Steve Conrad. On top of writing the aforementioned saccharine screenplays, he’s been working on shows like Patriot on Amazon and Perpetual Grace, LTD on Epix. Neither of those shows are anything like what this new project, but maybe that’s the appeal for him. In a statement, Conrad said:

Mega City Smiths is a series about our basic desire to be loved and cared for by our mothers, fathers, our few real friends and the setting we call home. We’re very pleased to have found partners at AMC whose ambition is the same as ours, which is to try and contribute to our era’s collection of remarkable TV.”

What is this show? Maybe it will have more in common with the kind of movies that Conrad has written than it seems at first glance. I just can’t get past the idea of baby dolls being used for the kind of show that Conrad seems to be describing. And the following statement from Dan McDermott, president of programming for AMC Networks’ Entertainment Group and AMC Studios, is only more perplexing. He said:

“Brilliant creator. Iconic characters. Human, dramatic, hilarious storytelling. Unique visuals unlike anything seen on television — these are the components of a great AMC series, and they are vitally present here in Steve’s dazzling work. Mega City Smiths will stand out in this crowded environment and engage viewers of all ages.”

A show that will engage viewers of all ages?! It’s a stop-motion animated series with baby dolls as adult detectives. What’s going on here? Is there something I’m missing? Maybe we just need to wait for a glimpse of the series to get a full grasp on what this project will be, because I just can’t wrap my head around it.

In addition to creating the show, Conrad will serve as showrunner. Meanwhile, Seth Green, John Harvatine IV, Matthew Senreich, Eric Towner and Chris Waters will executive produce for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and Jennifer Scher, Jeff Dieter and Tom Glynn will produce. The series, which, once again, uses baby dolls as grown adult characters, is expected to debut on AMC sometime in 2021.

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The Bachelor Season 25: Filming is Underway!




The journey has begun for Matt James.

Or, to be more specific, the historic journey has begun for Matt James.

On Thursday, the first-ever The Bachelor lead announced via Twitter that followers won’t be hearing from him again for about 60 days. 

How come?

Because he’s off to film Season 25!

“See y’all in 2 months,” the 27-year-old wrote very simply on social media.

Matt James and Tyler

Prior to his departure, James gave a shoutout on his Instagram Story to his very close friend and roommate Tyler Cameron, who was also the runner-up of season 15 of The Bachelorette last year and who then dated star Hannah Brown for a bit.

“What a crazy 6 months, I love you brother, wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you an your mama… (Oh & I’ll be back, with a plus one),” he wrote alongside a picture of the pals.

In June, James was announced as The Bachelor, making him franchise’s first Black male lead.

He was originally cast to compete for Clare Crawley’s heart on her season of The Bachelorette.

Matt James and Tyler Cameron on Instagram

He also rose to a level of viral fame this spring when he quarantined for a few weeks with Cameron, Brown and others in Florida.

Photos of this group dancing, partying and just hanging out often went online in the early days of COVID-19 in America.

Ahead of Hannah’s 26th birthday this week, James closed out his Bachelor-related farewell with the following image and message:

“Last but CERTAINLY not least…happy (early) Birthday Breezy @hannahbrown.”

Matt James, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron in Florida

Appearing opposite Chris Harrison in July on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons—Ever!, James said of his selection by ABC:

“I’ve heard from a lot of my Black friends that aren’t Bachelor Nation faithful that are excited about me and honored by the position I’m in.

That same month, James opened up about being the first Black star and how he responded to the news.

“My first reaction was, does this mean I don’t get to meet Clare? Because I was looking forward to meeting her,” he explained on Good Morning America.

“I had set aside all this time, we had gone out to California and then called back with quarantine. So, I’m super excited for her and her season, but I’m looking forward to meeting her eventually.”

Matt James on Zoom

Crawley, of course, debuts as The Bachelorette on October 13.

No premiere date has yet been set for The Bachelor Season 25, although it usually premieres in January and it appears here as if the network is planning to kick off James’ run some time in early 2021.

We’ve been scouring the Internet for The Bachelor spoilers in the wake of this pandemic, trying to learn how shooting will differ compared to past seasons due to the coronavirus.

But there isn’t a ton of information out there yet.

Matt James as The Bachelor

Upon confirming James as The Bachelor this summer, Karey Burke, president of ABC Entertainment, said the following:

“Matt has been on our radar since February, when producers first approached him to join Bachelor Nation, as part of Clare’s season.

“When filming couldn’t move forward as planned, we were given the benefit of time to get to know Matt and all agreed he would make a perfect Bachelor.”

Matt James, Tyler Cameron Shirtless

She concluded at the time:

We know we have a responsibility to make sure the love stories we’re seeing onscreen are representative of the world we live in, and we are proudly in service to our audience.

This is just the beginning, and we will continue to take action with regard to diversity issues on this franchise.

We feel so privileged to have Matt as our first Black Bachelor and we cannot wait to embark on this journey with him.

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Lana Del Rey & Matt Maeson – “Hallucinogenics”




In the theoretical near-future, Lana Del Rey is releasing a new album called Chemtrails Over The Country Club, as has been promised now for almost a year. But before that happens she has lent her voice to a new version of “Hallucinogenics,” a song by the Virginia-bred musician Matt Maeson, who released his debut album Bank On The Funeral last year.

Maeson notched two #1 singles over on the Billboard Alternative chart, one of them being “Hallucinogenics,” and Lana Del Rey’s involvement, presumably, is a bid to get that track charting in more Top 40-friendly circles. Last year, the two of them performed the track live together at a show in Oklahoma City.

Hear it below.

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‘Brahms: The Boy 2’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the sequel to the 2016 horror




If you’re a fan of the 2016 unnerving horror movie ‘The Boy’, then the time is ripe to prepare yourself for a fresh dose of the heebie-jeebies. The film about a life-sized eerie doll is soon to have a sequel titled ‘Brahms: The Boy 2’ and it looks every bit as uncomfortable as the first part.

Release date:

The film will open in theaters across the U.S. on February 21, 2020.


In ‘The Boy’, an American nanny named Greta is hired by an eccentric rich family called the Heelshires to care for a porcelain doll named Brahms. They provide Greta with a very specific set of rules by which to care for the doll.

If things weren’t already creepy, it gets darker when one realizes that the real Brahms, the son of the Heelshires, was killed in a house fire 20 years ago on his eighth birthday.

Of course, true to any horror trope, Greta ignores the rules at first. But she starts to take them seriously when the doll begins to come alive. At the end of the film, Greta discovers that the real Brahms was, in fact, alive and was living in the walls of the house.

In a tussle between Greta and the grown Brahms, the former stabs him with a screwdriver and flees. But there is a twist. We see that Brahms has survived, and was last seen repairing his shattered doll. This is where the second film takes its cue

As per IMDb, the sequel revolves around a new family that moves into the Heelshire Mansion. Soon, however, their young son makes friends with the life-like doll Brahms. And that is where things start getting creepy. 


Katie Holmes as Liza

Katie Holmes. (Getty Images)

The 41-year-old American actress, producer, and director is perhaps best known for her role in the iconic television series, ‘Dawson’s Creek’. The former wife of Tom Crise has received much praise for her roles in films like ‘Phone Booth’, ‘The Singing Detective’, ‘Pieces of April’, ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Thank You for Smoking’, ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’, and ‘Logan Lucky’. 

Owain Yeoman as Sean

Owain Yeoman. (Getty Images)

The Welsh television actor has done a variety of both film and TV roles in the last decade and a half. From films like ‘Troy’ and ‘American Sniper’ to TV shows like ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Turn: Washington Spies’, and ‘Emergence’, Yeoman’s performances have received much praise.


The trailer for ‘Brahms: The Boy 2’ dropped on Wednesday and it is a very uncomfortable watch. Jude is a disturbed child who likes scares and exhibits violent tendencies. On the advice of Jude’s therapist, the family moves into their new home, far from the city.


There Jude discovers the life-like doll buried in the yard. As Jude gets closer to the doll, his mother Liza begins to express concern. Her initial skepticism on her son having conversations with Brahms soon turns into fear.

Try as she might, however, she can’t seem to separate them. All throughout, she is creeped out by the doll. The trailer ends with Liza examining Brahms in the dead of the night.

She switches on a flashlight on its face and sees the doll’s eyes roll to the back of its head. And without any warning, black insects fly out of its mouth in the wake of a guttural scream.

If you like ‘Brahms: The Boy 2’, you will also like

‘Annabelle’, ‘Child’s Play’, ‘The Conjuring’, ‘The Boy’, and ‘Poltergeist’.

If you have an entertainment scoop or a story for us, please reach out to us on (323) 421-7515

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