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An Inspiring Story of Suumit Shah, an Indian Tech Entrepreneur




An Inspiring Story of Suumit Shah, an Indian Tech Entrepreneur

Dreaming is a part of our lives. All of our dreams throughout our lives and we think that it will turn into a path which fulfills us. We think about the future where our dreams will turn out to be true. Dreaming and creating a path to accomplish that dream is a force that binds all human beings.

Just like that Suumit dreamed of making a difference.

Recently, we got close to Suumit Shah in an interview. He talked with us about his dreams and the path took to fulfill them. He told us that he already was working in the tech field along with companies such as and He detected that a problem that websites often has is their traffic which can get stagnant. While he was trying to find a solution he came about something known as SEO services. It intrigued his mind and he did extensive research on it. This gave birth to his new dream of helping out websites to have their desired traffic with the help of SEO. He wanted to provide the right optimization to the companies to fetch them long-term organic traffic on their websites and to improve their Pay per Click services. His dream started out with Risemetric, a new Indian website which launched in November 2014.

While talking to him we got to know that Suumit was quite hardworking. He had put a lot of work through days and nights while he was setting up his business. He was not just fulfilling his dreams but also he was helping other companies to accomplish their goals. His motto of success was to pass each and every hurdle that came in front of him during his journey with his dream. Suumit soon got his success when major companies like Sony and McDonald’s approached for his help. At minimal investment, the company saw huge growth in success.

Suumit said, “Well, a dreaming eye never stops and never does the mind of a person having the same. They plan and plan. Just as the same started in my head after seeing Microsoft offering a complete suite consisting word, excel, etc. I planned to make one such suite and name the same as Rankz. The work started as the thought arise and rankz made a launch soon. The website started providing service at $19.99 which was not much to ask for growing businesses. Not only this, our aim this time was to cross the national boundary and create our niche in USA and Spain with a small start of earning 1000 USD per month. We wanted to create an impact out there too.”

Rankz may have started out by thinking about 1000 USD a month, but today it earns about 34000 USD per month. The company had a huge growth in a short period of time. The services of the business are in huge demand and they are getting recognition from all around the world. All of this is possible because two great minds, Suumit, and Mr. Subhash Choudhary got together to create Rankz. Their current achievements include 270000 tracked words, 600+ press releases and 250 companies who swear by their services.

Suumit is an example of setting up a successful Tech business in India, which will surely inspire others to follow their dreams.
He said goodbye to us with this message to the dreamers, “Guys dream and dream, work and make a start and you will be there where you dreamed yourself to be.”

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