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Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi: Living Together in the US?



Despite calling off the wedding countless times, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi were married in Nigeria.

That was many months ago. Has Angela been able to secure a visa and bring Michael to the US?

On Sunday, September 13, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers watched Angela Deem marry Michael Ilesanmi.

The two were actually married on January 27, 2020 — nearly eight months earlier.

After three years, the pair got married in Nigeria … for better or for worse.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi wedding in Nigeria

Angela and Michael quickly began addressing realities and logistics.

First of all, Angela would soon be going back home to Georgia — disappointing, since things were going so well with Michael.

But they also spoke about plans to make it so that Michael can follow her ot the US.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi kiss

Angela and Michael first met on social media, where despite their age gap and some other factors like Angela’s politics, they fell for each other.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days viewers watched their first meeting, as it was filmed.

This also meant that viewers could follow along as the couple faced heartbreak as their K-1 visa application was denied.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi cross arms and drink in crowns

We all watched Angela and Michael go to a local bar where, wearing crowns, they discussed what comes next.

“I’m ready to start the spousal visa right away, Michael,” Angela expressed, largely for the benefit of the camera.

“We wasted enough time with this K-1 and money,” she added. “It’s time for you to come home. I know this is your home, but our home.”

Michael Ilesanmi kisses Angela Deem through her veil

She is talking about the CR-1 visa, which allows the non-American spouse of a US citizen to legally enter the US.

The spousal visa confers permanent residency.

Generally, it is less likely to be rejected than the K-1 visa application … but it is by no means a sure thing.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi wedding poster

“Hopefully the Lord’s on our side,” Michael replied.

“You’ll get it within six to eight months is what I’m praying,” Angela stated.

“I pray too,” Michael added. “Let’s have faith and be positive and pray.”

Angela Deem smokes in her wedding dress

Unfortunately, it was not long before Angela received some truly heartbreaking news.

Her elderly mother, who had been in very poor health even before Angela headed to Nigeria, had been unresponsive at home.

Angela’s adult daughter called to inform her that her mom had been taken to the hospital and was now in the ICU.

Angela Deem mom - go get married or whatever

Just a little over a week after Angela’s wedding, her mother passed away.

It is unclear at this time if Angela had time to file for the CR-1 visa.

But as we all know, USCIS placed a hold on all visa applications and interviews when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US in March.

Angela Deem as the bride

On top of that, Angela’s beloved leader, Donald Trump, placed a ban on immigration from Nigeria.

This, part of his not-at-all-veiled efforts to appease his white supremacist base (and advisors) through what is effectively a Muslim ban, adds an additional hurdle to Angela and Michael’s hopes.

Perhaps this wait will give Angela time to seek therapy to address the toxic and verbally abusive way that she treats Michael. No one deserves to be spoken to or treated in such a manner.


UFO VPN v2.4.1 Mod APK : [Mod + Premium Unlocked + Unlimited] Download




One of the most beloved apps for having a secure public Wi-Fi hotspot, and speeding up websites so that the users can be anonymous is UFO VPN which stands for Unlimited Fast OMG! Which is created explicitly by Dream only by keeping their Android users on the mind to not only  make it user friendly but also it can effectively provide secure internet network for sure. Recommended by millions of trusted users, the app has never let down its users. It has always been providing efficient VPN services which are indeed extremely easy to set up and ready to use. Users can log in to 5 devices at the same instance in platforms like Mac, iOS, Android and windows and is renowned for providing friendly customer services for sure at a worldwide range.

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The UFO VPN v2.4.1 Premium Mod APK is famously used and known for the fast virtual private network which is provided by it. This feature will hide your internet protocol, also known as IP address so effectively that indeed your actions and behaviour will not be traceable at all. Now you can visit any website or any portal online and do not have to worry about getting your personal information or data tracked indeed. If you want to make more use of UFO VPN properly, then this version is the right choice to make.

Features of the UFO VPN v2.4.1 Premium Mod APK:

Serves available:

As mentioned before, just similar to a few other previous versions by using UFO VPN mod APK, you will get provided with a list of servers. This facility will give you a wide range of varieties to choose from the given list of servers from all over the world by the app by connecting to a secure Wi-Fi hotspot.

Private Web Browser:

The incognito mode will make sure that your browsing history does not get tracked or recorded, giving you an experience of using your private browser. Also, the built-in ad block will hide your browsing history and personal data from advertisers, and they will not be able to track your behaviour using our modded version of UFO VPN apk.

Watch Streaming Contents:

For a regular user to stream online will indeed need at least a network connection having a speed of 2.5 Megabits per seconds. Yet, we tend to face several issues like buffering and low-speed rate, including various network issues. Using the updated version streaming would surely be easy to go now.

Size and requirements:

The latest version of the app that is UFO VPN mod APK v31.4 has the size limit of 8.2Mb whereas can be supported in Android of version 5.0 and any other further launched versions.

VPN for gaming:

An issue of having higher ping time is horrible, which can now get handled very well using this amazing mod apk which will reduce your ping time effectively.

Steps to download the UFO VPN v2.4.1 Premium Mod APK:

  1. You need first to download the UFO VPN Mod APK from below Link
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Download UFO VPN Mod APK Latest Version

Download UFO VPN Mod APK from here


The latest updated version of UFO VPN Mod apk has finally developed one of the most secured versions that are version 2.4.1 which has been impressing users from all around the world at a wide range. Now the user will not have to be stayed worrying about getting their privacy to get leaked or have to face issues with advertisers as this moded apk handles every issue and problem for you with perfection. Along with providing security, this apk also offers high speed so that your gaming world will now never get disturbed because of low internet speed and server issues. Online streaming by having a private browser, this will make this app more perfect and undoubtedly convenient to use. You can easily download, install and use this fantastic app but downloading via the given link in this article below.

FAQ regarding the UFO VPN v2.4.1 Premium Mod APK

  1. Will there be ads shown while using this UFO VPN Mod app?

Answer: No, there would be absolutely no in-build apps displayed while the apk is in use.

  1. Does the version provide free VPN hotspot?

Answer: Yes, free VPN hotspot in one of the main feature of UFO VPN v2.4.1 Premium Mod APK

  1. How does the privacy of user will get secured?

Answer: No other user would be allowed to access your internet traffic as the apk file will encrypt your data from any misuse. Also, while browsing your IP address will be hidden along with your location to ensure and provide complete security to your personal information/ data.

  1. What is the current version?

Answer: The current version is 2.4.1, whereas this is the perfectly modded apk file.




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Leah Messer: I Lost My Virginity When I Was 13!




Earlier this year, Leah Messer published a memoir that contained numerous shocking revelations about her incredibly difficult life.

The book contained so many bombshell claims about her upbringing that it was difficult to keep them all straight, but on Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah reminded viewers of one of the most surprising developments of her youth.

Speaking with her friend Kylie about her concerns for the future, Leah pointed out that her twins are not all that much younger than she was when she became sexually active.

“I cannot believe my kids are 10. I was 13 the first time I had sex,” Messer said.

“The girls are 10. Granted, I did not get pregnant until later. I’m saying it’s confusing. I didn’t know anything! I didn’t know anything,” she added.

Leah With Ali

Leah went on to say that she doesn’t want her kids to be kept in the dark the way she was:

“I want them to know everything and know what happens,” she said.

“Not just, ‘I don’t want to be like you, ma.’ Okay, but why?”

Leah Messer With Her Daughters

Kylie pointed out that Leah’s daughters are being raised in a much more affluent and supportive environment than Leah was, which could make all the difference.

“But I think your atmosphere growing up was way different than their atmosphere,” Leah’s friend said.

“Yours was obviously not that great, so I don’t think that that’s something you have to worry about. But you’re right you have to let them know about things. Be honest with them.”

Leah Messer in 2019

“I’m so proud of the girls, even though they’re twins, they have their own identity,” Leah chimed in.

Speaking with her girls about this sensitive subject as the twins celebrated their birthday, Leah started off strong, but her message quickly became a bit muddled:

“You guys get to learn from my mistakes, right?” she asked.

Leah and Kids

“You’ve made some big bad mistakes,” Aliannah remarked.

It was at this point that Leah seemed to become mildly annoyed:

“What do you mean I’ve made some big bad mistakes? Getting pregnant at 17 wasn’t a mistake, it was a challenge,” she said.

Leah Messer Is Struggling

“I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but I made it work and look at us now,” Leah added.

Now, cautioning your kids about following your same path through life and then getting defensive when they point out that you made some mistakes is bound to create some confusion.

Still, Leah deserves credit for the attempt, and hopefully, she’ll continue to keep the lines of communication open as her girls get older snd face more difficult decisions.

Leah with Her Mom and Her Kids

Asked by her own mother if she’s proud of her girls, Leah replied without missing a beat:

“I am 100 percent proud that they’re my daughters. Happy birthday to both of you guys,” she said.

We’re sure Leah would be the first to admit that her parenting hasn’t always been perfect.

Leah Messer and Daughters on Halloween

Messer’s struggle with opioid addiction nearly plunged her kids into an environment as chaotic as the one she herself grew up in.

But when the time came to assess her situation and make difficult changes, that’s what Leah did.

And with any luck, she’ll be able to use her own painful childhood as a guide to what not to do.

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Watch Tame Impala Go Full Synthpop, Playing “Borderline” On Fallon




Tame Impala are not a rock band anymore. Kevin Parker’s long-running project might’ve started out making bleary-eyed psych-rock, but they haven’t really been a rock band in years. Over their last few albums, the band has embraced synthpop and disco and various other forms of non-guitar music. And last night, in their role as musical guests on The Tonight Show, Parker and his band practically made it official.

Last month, Parker played a Tame Impala Tiny Desk Concert. Along with longtime collaborators Jay Watson and Don Simper, Parker presented a version of the band that he called Tame Impala Soundsystem: Three dudes messing around with vast banks of synths and drum machines. That same version of Tame Impala were on The Tonight Show last night. Playing remotely from what was either a fancy rehearsal studio or an empty club, Parker sang “Borderline,” a song from the recent Tame Impala album The Slow Rush, while he, Watson, and Simper fiddled with all those electronics.

Tame Impala were never the most commanding or charismatic live act, but it’s still striking to see them in pure studio-gearhead mode. Whenever tours start happening again, if this is the version of Tame Impala that hits arenas across the planet, they are going to need to invest in one hell of a light show. Watch the performance below.

The Slow Rush is out now on Modular.

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