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Bella Hadid Trolled Fans About Having a “Bun in the Oven” Like Gigi Hadid



  • Bella Hadid posted a photo of a pregnant Gigi Hadid and joked about having a “bun in the oven” too.
  • Fans are convinced this is Bella’s way of announcing that Gigi welcomed her and Zayn Malik’s baby already.
  • Gigi’s due date is sometime this month.

    Gigi Hadid’s due date is legit this month, and her little sis Bella Hadid is getting so excited about welcoming her niece to the family.

    Following Gigi’s maternity photoshoot, Bella posted a throwback of the expectant mother from June. In the pic, Bella and Gigi are both holding their stomachs, and Bella joked that she also had a “bun in the oven.” Only, Bella’s bun was from a burger.

    After trolling her followers a little bit, Bella also added a baby emoji and a note for Gigi and Zayn Malik. She wrote, ” i love you both so freaking much -can’tstopcrying,” which is so cute.

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    Though Bella’s caption could just be her celebrating the new addition to the family, some fans took this as an announcement that Gigi and Zayn had already welcomed their daughter.

    One fan wrote, “There is no way someone puts a date, a (i cant stop crying), a baby emoji and a i love you both(gigi and baby). It is here.” But Bella adding that date doesn’t actually mean it’s the baby’s birthday. When Gigi posted her maternity shoot, she said she took the pictures when she was still pregnant in July, so that theory just doesn’t add up.

    Other fans wrote, “Wait Does this mean that Gigi gave birth to the baby?” and “Omg what if gigi’s had the baby….. like we’ve been saying that she’s due this week and its been quiet.”

    Honestly, who knows!? But if Gigi did already give birth, hopefully she and the baby are healthy and resting up.

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Downton Abbey: The British Epic Drama Rumours About Season 7 That Are Still To Be Confirmed




Downton Abbey is a historical drama. Two years back, Carnival Films and ITV Studios announced that season 6 is the ultimate finale for the historical period drama series.

Despite that, the audience still has expectations that the series and their favorite characters will return.

That could be either a spin-off series or a film adaptation.

 Julian Fellowes created the series and Carnival Films and Masterpiece co-produced it. Since season 6 finale, we haven’t heard any updates for the new season. 

Downton Abbey is going be returning this year with the show’s first big-screen outing. But will Downton Abbey make a comeback to television screens and will there be another film?

What makes the show so popular?

Well, Downton Abbey, even today, is one of the most searched series on Google. 

The series advanced itself to the big screen with the Downton Abbey film that released last year.

The Abbey film was a global hit. It did exceedingly well, triggering the fans’ expectation for a Season 7 even more.

Downton Abbey: About the show

Downton Abbey takes place in the early 20th century and is set in the fictional Yorkshire country estate of Downton Abbey.

The timeline is roughly between 1912 and 1926. The show details the aristocratic lives of the Crawley family, and their domestic helps in the post-Edwardian era.

Significant events in History have a direct effect on their lives and the British social hierarchy.

Events illustrated throughout the show’s run include the drowning of the Titanic, the onset of World War I and the outbreak of the Spanish influenza epidemic in Season 1.

Season 2 draws lights on the infamous Marconi scandal, the glorious Irish War of Independence culminating in the creation of the Irish Free State in Season 3.

The Teapot Dome Scandal in Season 4; and the General Elections of Britain in 1923, and the failed coup by the Nazi Party of the Beer Hall Putsch in Season 5.

Season 6 constitutes of the rise of the proletariat class during the Between the Wars period (end of WWI in 1918 and the advent of WWII in 1939) particularly hinting at the gradual decline of the British nobility.

Downton Abbey Season 7 Premise

The last episode of the previous season was aired on December 25, 2015. It is too soon to speculate which part of the History the makers will illustrate next in Downton Abbey Season 7.

But the maker of the show Julian Felloewes in a cryptic interview has hinted that there might be a Season 7 of the series.

However, according to a report online, one of the cast members candidly revealed to one of the reporters that Season 7 would comprise of events in the post World War II era to modern times.

Downton Abbey

Critics and fans have praised Downton Abbey for showing the events of the past and placing the facts in an unbiased and accurate manner.

They will enjoy the most important events that make History in an entertaining way.

The Release Date? 

The makers have not announced the official dates yet. But the odds are that we might see the season 7. 

And there are chances for a spin-off or maybe a full-pledged season if we are lucky enough!

From a story perspective, this would be way more satisfying than another film, but the latest news has them making a film, not a series as I just mentioned above.

That does make me jump in joy, nonetheless. Does it do the same to you?

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5 Best Downton Abbey Moments

Although, Downton Abbey has countless awesome moments. So, to make it short for you, I’m listing 5 of my all-time favorite Downton Abbey moments. 

1) Day at the Beach

Throughout the 6 seasons, Downton Abbey has portrayed love in numerous shades. From the wholesome devotion between Mrs. Hudges to Mr. Carson to a passionate love relationship with the young Crawleys. You see aspect of love in their journey.

In episode 8 of season 4, Mrs. Hudges & Mr. Carson paddles together into the ocean. Further, when Mrs. Hughes offered her hand to Mrs. Crason, the pleasant smile on both of their face woon my heart. It was too much statisfying for my eyes. 

2) Mr. Pamuk’s Follies

In the 3rd episode of the series when Mr. Pamuk arrived at Crawleys, he suffered from a heart attack. At the time, It was strange to see him lying on Mary’s bed.

Even though it wasn’t a funny scene but the way Anna, Cora, & Marry were carrying the dead Pamuk, made me burst into laughter. What do you think? Did you find it funny? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section given a the end of this post.

3) Mr. Bates Home Coming 

If you’ve watched the Downton Abbey tv series all the way to season 6, you might be aware of the struggles of Mr. & Mrs. Bates. They suffered severe trauma. They were wrongfully accused of the crimes they never committed. It’s a never-ending list. It goes on and on.

In episode 7 of season 3 when Mr. Bates was released from wrongful imprisonment, the happy hug between Anna & him was one of the memorable moments for me.

Final Words

I don’t know whether there will be any Downton Abbey season 7 or not. Even if the series ends at season 6, I’ll be at peace as I at least got to know of this amazing story. What do you think? do you want to see the season 7 of Downton Abbey tv series? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section given at end.

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Cardi B not allowing divorce to dampen birthday plans




Cardi B isn’t allowing her divorce to put a damper on her birthday plans.

The “WAP” rapper turns 28 next month and is in party-planning mode. She posted on social media that she’s concerned venues will be closed, but may “chill” in Miami or the Dominican Republic.

She filed for divorce from fellow rapper Offset this week after three years of marriage.

But on Friday, Cardi was back at work, promoting a new music video for “Me Gusta,” a bilingual track she features on.

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‘Flip or Flop’ Star Christina Anstead and Husband Ant Split 2 Years After Marriage




It’s over. Flip or Flop star Christina Anstead (née El Moussa) and husband Ant Anstead split less than two years after getting married. She announced the “difficult decision to separate” via Instagram on Friday, September 18.

“We are grateful for each other and as always, our children will remain our priority,” the HGTV star, 37, captioned a photo of the pair walking on the beach. “We appreciate your support and ask for privacy for us and our family as we navigate the future.”


Fans are devastated to hear the couple is calling it quits after they tied the knot back in December 2018 at the home they share in Orange County, California. The following year, Christina and Ant, 41, welcomed their first child together.

“Ant and I are so excited to welcome Hudson London Anstead into the world,” she announced at the time. “Our hearts are SO full of love and joy! Our healthy baby boy was born this morning — 9/6/19 — 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 19.5 inches long.”

Christina is also the proud parent to two kids with ex Tarek El Moussa, Taylor and Brayden, while Ant has two kids of his own from a past relationship. Earlier this year, the couple appeared to be going strong with a loved-up selfie.

Christina and Ant Anstead

“We were supposed to be in the desert with my parents and all five kids, but those plans are canceled … roll with the punches,” the blonde beauty captioned their PDA snap in April. “Cheers to a healthy Easter at home,” she added amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Hope everyone has a nice Easter. We are definitely going to miss church and a big family egg hunt. We are both missing our families and friends a lot.”

Prior to that, the TV personality dished about how they kept the spark alive in their relationship. “We try to go on a date night once a week or every other week,” Christina told Life & Style in March, revealing they were having to opt for a “home” dates because of the lockdown. “We love a nice, long dinner where we can just enjoy some alone time and catch up,” the Christina on the Coast star shared. “We also love to go for bike rides by the beach and enjoy a cocktail watching the sunset.”

It appears the exes are still on good terms, which is giving some fans solace.

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