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Bepanah Pyaar: An unsurprisingly tale of love and longing (Chapter 3)



The episode start with

Raghbir stands at the Golgappe’s stall. Two more girls were also there to eat golgappe. The two girls then left, and two more girls came to the stall.

Raghbir (to vender, Malkhan): Give me some more sweet water.

Malkhan ignores him, but Raghbir asks for water again and again.



Malkhan (irritated): What happened now? For the last half an hour you have been asking for water, whereas you have eaten golgappas for only Rs. 10. You are only increasing my work. Don’t you see how busy I am? If you don’t have work, then you can help me by washing utensils. I promise, I will give you Rs. 450 per month.


Raghbir grabbed Malkhan by his collar.


Raghbir: Can you repeat now?


Malkhan: Ohh bhai, I am sorry. Why are you angry? If you want, I can give you Rs. 650 per month.


Raghbir: I will definitely impress a girl. And after that I will tell you whom you have screwed with.



Raghbir saw the girls talking to the boy with the bullet bike. Raghbir gets an idea.



Raghbir calls Harshit.


Raghbir: Papa….. bullet bike…..


Harshit is in the field with Devraj. Harshit repeated Raghbir’s words.. in front of Devraj.


Devraj (stares at Harshit): Slippers and slaps


Harshit (to Raghbir): Slippers and slaps.


Raghbir sadly disconnected the phone.


Scene 2,

Raghbir climbs the stairs. Before he entered his room, he noticed that the door to the opposite terrace opened. He stepped inside and got stunned. The entire terrace was beautiful decorated.



He saw Pragati sitting there and making flower pot.



Raghbir (smiling): Hello…


Pragati look at Raghbir.


Raghbir (smiling): Good work.


Pragati (in her mind): I knew, he would definitely come.


Raghbir: Keep the gate closed, otherwise someone can spoil your hardwork. And keep an eye on the children of society. Many of them want to be Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar, their ball can reach this terrace anytime.


Pragati: Nothing like this can happen.


Raghbir: Oh, I guess so. They are afraid of you.


Pragati: Not to me, but they are afraid of my mother.


Raghbir (in his mind, to Pragati): This is truth. You are not something to fear.


Pragati (in her mind, to Raghbir): I am understanding everything, that you are trying to talk with your eyes.


Raghbir (in his mind, to Pragati): I have only praised you. I didn’t abuse you.


Pragati (in her mind, to Raghbir): Nothing to worry about.


Raghbir: Can you make some paintings on my terrace too? You can make flower vines. Ford too, no, not Ford. Peacock, yes you can make green peacock for me.


Pragati ignores him. Raghbir understand that.



Raghbir: The work you have done in this terrace is nothing. If you had worked in the field, you would have gone out of your way. Then you realize how much strength is required to work in the field.


Raghbir leaves from there.


Scene 3,

Pragati entered in her house and saw Raghbir at the dining table with her mother. Her mother was peeling peas.


Kamla: Son, these boys play here intentionally. Can’t they play in the park.


Raghbir: Yes, aunty. I also saw some boys who roam here and there and ride on their bullet bikes. Today, my father called me and asked me to buy a bullet bike. But I refused, have I come here to study or riding the bullet bike? I always keep my books with me. I also like to study while having tea. Why to waste time?


Pragati sits on the couch in front of Raghbir.


Raghbir: Aunty, do you know how to use computer?


Pragati (in her mind, to Raghbir): Get out..



Raghbir (in his mind, to Pragati): Why?


Pragati (in her mind, to Raghbir): I am saying, that’s why.


Raghbir (in his mind, to Pragati): I don’t care about you. Aunty doesn’t want me to go.



Pragati (in her mind, to Raghbir): Oh.., now you will say that you will leave from here after having dinner.


Raghbir thinks for a while.


Raghbir: Aunty ji, please don’t mind but you swear on me. Please keep your door closed, while preparing food. Anyone can smell the aroma of food and tell how delicious you cook. Since day one, I haven’t eaten anything good. I don’t know, what does Bhabhi prepare in place of food?


Kamla: It is okay, beta. Today, you can eat here. Leave her.


Pragati was shocked to hear that. Raghbir smiles at Pragati.


Scene 4,

At night,

On terrace, Pragati is talking to Saahas on the phone.


Pragati: What are you doing?

Saahas: I am sleeping.

Pragati: With whom?

Saahas: Swear on you. I am all alone.



Pragati (angrily): Swear to your mother. After leaving me sleepless, you are sleeping peacefully.


Saahas: Pragati, please listen to me.


Pragati: You listen to me. You were the one, who had followed me for 3 years. Because of you, I fought with my family. What do you think of girls? I am telling you….


Saahas disconnected her phone.


Pragati: Hello.., hello… He hung up my phone? How dare he? Earlier he was the one who used to call me again and again and now he dared to disconnect my phone.


Pragati sits and puts her phone on the bench. Pragati heard Raghbir talking with someone and was surprised.


Raghbir: What would you say? Open your ears and listen to me. How dare you cut her phone? Earlier you used to call her and now you dare to cut the phone. Me? Her boyfriend. And remember, she has left you, not you. You consider yourself as Salman Khan? Get lost.


Pragati noticed that Raghbir is sitting near her and talking to Saahas on the phone. Raghbir disconnected the phone and saw Pragati staring at him in a state of surprise.


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