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Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Enzo Palumbo figures out pre-gaming alliance



Enzo Palumbo Plays BB22 POV
Enzo Palumbo may have figured out huge Big Brother All-Stars secret. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 spoilers from the live feeds reveal that Enzo Palumbo may have figured out a huge secret.

The secret is that pre-gaming alliances were made before some of the All-Stars cast even set foot in the front door this summer.

It’s something that fans watching on the live feeds figured out a while ago and something that led to Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick Donato calling Daniele Donato a cheater for taking part in.

A wall-yeller also tried to warn people about it earlier this summer, letting the cast know that Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore are working together. Later, Evel Dick took credit for a message that one wall-yeller would use.

An alliance called The Committee has been running things and it includes Nicole, Cody, Dani, Tyler Crispen, Christmas Abbott, and Memphis Garrett. It could be hard to stop them because outside of Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha, nobody has been willing to really stand up to them. Well, until Da’Vonne Rogers made that Power of Veto play.

Did Enzo figure out The Committee?

While talking with Kevin Campbell, Enzo started to come to a realization while subscribers were able to watch on the CBS live feeds. He postulated that Cody, Dani, and Nicole have been working together all along.

Enzo was 100 percent correct in his assessment, but he will need to find a way to get back in power if he is going to do anything with that information. That is, unless he can figure out a way to leverage it and get Tyler evicted from the game this week.

Below is the video where Enzo and Kevin discuss what might be going on. Kevin calls it “cheating,” while Enzo starts to put together an equation that has been staring them in the face all summer.

Will Enzo ever make a bold move in the game?

When Enzo won the Head of Household Competition several weeks ago, he said that he was going to make moves that would leave him covered in blood. That’s not at all what happened, though, as he went for the obvious target and worked to get Kaysar Ridha out of the game.

Enzo may have made a vital mistake by targeting Kaysar, though, as it just removes another outsider that The Committee needed help taking down. If Enzo got the power again, would he even be willing to make a big move? Or, if he won HOH this week, would he just put people like Da’Vonne Rogers and David Alexander on the block?

These Big Brother 2020 spoilers definitely show that Enzo Palumbo has the information he needs to make a big move in the game. Now, he just needs to get the power back or feed that information to someone in power who is outside of The Committee.

It’s a tough road ahead for anyone not in that alliance, though, as they have been so successful at eliminating roadblocks that there aren’t many people left playing the game.

And, at the same time, did Enzo possibly pre-game to form a final two with someone? Maybe Cody? So he might be really upset when he finds out how many deals Cody has with other BB22 houseguests.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies; Supreme Court Justice Was 87




Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a veteran of the Supreme Court and an icon to many in the Democratic party, died on Thursday night due to complications from pancreatic cancer.

She was 87 years old.

The court, in a statement, said Ginsburg passed away at her home in Washington, surrounded by family members and loved ones.

“Our nation has lost a justice of historic stature,” Chief Justice John Roberts said.

“We at the Supreme Court have lost a cherished colleague.

“Today we mourn but with confidence that future generations will remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg as we knew her, a tired and resolute champion of justice.”


Ginsburg was the second woman ever elected to the highest court in the land and she served 27 years as one of nine justices.

Her health, however, has been a constant source of concern and speculation for awhile now, however.

She was treated with chemotherapy in 2020 for a recurrence of pancreatic cancer — first treated in 2009 — that spread to her liver, and had four prior cancer diagnoses.

In 1999, she had surgery for colorectal cancer.


Aware that she didn’t have very long, and also aware of the intense political battle ahead to possibly fill her vacant with fewer than two months until Presidential Election Day, Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera:

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Most political observers, however, expect Senator Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump to move quickly in order fill this vacant seat with a Conservative.

Democrats, citing the proximity of Election Day, will do everything they can to prevent this from happening.

rbg statement

Former President George W. Bush, meanwhile, has released the following statement:

“Laura and I join our fellow Americans in mourning the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“She dedicated many of her 87 remarkable years to the pursuit of justice and equality, and she inspired more than one generation of women and girls.”

rbg pic

A prominent legal crusader, Ginsberg led the fight in the courts for gender equality and social justice.

Diminutive in stature, but outspoken, brave and brilliant, Ginsgerg turned into something of a rock star later in life.

She was the subject of a popular documentary, a biopic, an operetta, merchandise galore featuring her “Notorious RBG” moniker, a Time magazine cover, and regular Saturday Night Live sketches.

“I am 84 years old and everyone wants to take a picture with me,” she said in the aformentioned 2018 documentary.

ginsberg pic

That same year, Hollywood made a film of her life story, On the Basis Of Sex, starring Felicity Jones as Ginsburg and Armie Hammer as her husband, Martin Ginsburg.

During a 2018 talk at Columbia University’s Law School, Ginsburg spoke of what she loved most in life.

“The tremendous luck I have had, I am a very lucky woman, starting with my dear spouse and my family, two children of whom I am very proud,” she said.

“I love beautiful music, I love the work I do. I think I have the best job in the world for a lawyer.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg image

Ginsburg is survived by her daughter, Jane, and her son, James.

Her husband of 56 years, Martin, died in 2010.

May Ruth Bader Ginsburg rest in peace.

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Stream Armani Caesar’s Hard-As-Hell Griselda Debut The Liz




The Buffalo rap label and crew Griselda Records has been on an absolute tear lately, carving out a mainstream-adjacent space for raw and guttural ’90s-style neck-jerk music. Griselda has also gone into overdrive on releasing new music. Last month, new Griselda recruit Boldy James released The Versace Tape, his first effort for the label. Last month, Griselda staple Conway The Machine dropped his album From King To A GOD. Today, the Buffalo rapper Armani Caesar, another new Griselda recruit, has come out with her own debut for the label.

On her album The Liz, Caesar immediately establishes herself as someone who belongs on Griselda. She raps in a tough, vaguely disgusted screwface snarl, and she cuts right through the elbows-out boom-bap production. The Liz sounds very much like a Griselda album — verses from Westside Gunn and Conway and Benny The Butcher, samples from old wrestling promos and crime movies, guttural street-life raps over classicist production, a half-hour runtime. But it also works as a real star showcase for Caesar, whose personality absolutely shines.

Caesar was planning on releasing The Liz last month, but she delayed it after the death of her longtime collaborator DJ Shay. The album is now dedicated to Shay, and it promises great things for the future. Below, stream The Liz and watch Caesar’s video for the DJ Premier-produced Benny The Butcher collab “Simply Done.”

The Liz is out now on Griselda Records.

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Darcey And Stacey’s Father Convinces Them To Cancel LA Trip Amid Start Of COVID-19 Outbreak




“Something came up,” Mike says to Darcey and Stacey. “Right now, the coronavirus is affecting the U.S. LA is done, it’s finished. This virus is, it’s dangerous. So I think you should cancel the trip.”

Mike then explained how certain areas could turn into COVID-19 hotspots such as their state and California.

“You’ve got the situation in California, like Connecticut, like New York, going into a hot zone. I’m not sure that’s the right thing to do for the company or more importantly for you personally. And in your case, your daughters.”

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