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Bofuri Season 2 CONFIRMED with Kaede Honjō as Maple, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline and more.



Bofuri is an anime web television series. Obviously, Japan is the country of origin. Shin Ōnuma and Mirai Minato are the directors of this series. Taro Masuda is the music director. Fumihiko Shimon is the scriptwriter. Silver Link is the production studio. Funimation gave the license for this anime. In addition to this, the series has a list of 12 episodes so far. TVA, BS11, Tokyo MX, ABC, and AT-X are the original networks. The series was first aired on January 8 in the year 2020 and lasted till March 25, 2020.

Release Date of “Bofuri” Season 2

Fans are showing great eagerness for the second season of Bofuri. The team announced that the upcoming season might hit the screens by the end of this year. The production team started the filming and post-production works sometime back. Conversely, the outbreak of a global pandemic is prevailing all over the planet. So, there might be some delay in the release of the following season. Fans need to wait patiently until the next announcement from the crew. The team of Bofuri will reveal the release date on twitter.

The Cast of “Bofuri” Season 2

The characters of Bofuri include Kaede Honjō also known as Maple, who is playing the leading role in the series. Kaeda Honda is giving a voice-over for this role. Maple has different forms. Saori Hayami is giving a voice-over to the character Kasumi. Satomi Arai and Britteny Karbowski are giving a voice-over for Kanade in English as well as in Japanese languages. Noriaki Sugiyama and Anthony Bowling give voice-over to the role Kuromu, Ruriko Noguchi gives voice-over to Sally, Satomi Sato is giving voice-over to Iz. Ai Kakuma and Sara Ragsdale for character May. Kristen for Yui and Kensho Ono for the role Payne.

The Plot of “Bofuri” Season 2

The second season of Bofuri is going to deal with the adventures of Maple. Moreover, she has turned into a new shield member in the online game. The next part revolves around the improvement of Maple’s capacity and proficiency in the game. The previous season ended with certain twists and cliffhangers. So, we can see the explorations and Journeys.

The Storyline of “Bofuri” Season 1

The storyline of this anime is about gaming. Kaede Honjō started to play new levels of online tournaments. After playing the games several times, she started to gain more skills from it. Furthermore, she marked her name as Maple in the game. Later, she builds her own game strategy. She received a lot of points from the online game and used them wisely to create her own defence categories. Moreover, this transpired in lowering her foot levels in the game. Finally, she has become one of the extraordinary gamers in her field.

The Trailer of “Bofuri” Season 2

Moreover, the trailer for the upcoming season is out now. The production team of Bofuri released the trailer on Youtube. In addition to this, the trailer got a good response and positive comments. Explore the trailer of Bofuri season 2 by clicking Youtube

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Dogs That Hit The Snooze Button In The Most Uncomfortable Positions (21 Pics)



No matter whether dogs are asleep or awake, they will never fail to entertain us. That’s why we love them the most. Duh! Pet parents, are you feeling us? 

If you have a cute doggo, you would understand what we are trying to say here. But if you don’t have one, do not lose heart because we have found some hilarious pictures of dogs sleeping in awkward positions that will tickle your funny bone. 

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th August 2020 Written Episode Written Update



Prisha preparing Saransh for sleep. Rudra sees them asleep. He puts Saransh on the bed and makes him sleep. He sees Prisha and lifts her. Yeh hai chahatein…plays…. She talks in sleep. He smiles and says leave me now, please. He thinks don’t know what is it, that draws me to you, maybe your love for Saransh, I also feel that love for Saransh. Its morning, Prisha does Saransh’s aarti. Sharda gets the curd and sugar. Rudra jokes. Prisha says your exam will go well. Rudra asks him to have fun and write the exam. Prisha asks him to read questions carefully. Rudra says he is a tiger, he will pass the exam. Ahana explains the online exam paper model to Saransh. Saransh gets the paper and says what’s this, its really tough, will I pass or not. Ahana thinks I m not stupid to make you pass the exam, you won’t get admission in my school. Rudra asks Saransh to leave it. He asks Ahana why didn’t she see the paper. Ahana says its not in my hands, school authorities decide the exam paper. Rudra says leave it, I will get your admission done. Prisha says no, Saransh will give the exam to try and pass, I have taught him not to get afraid, win and show me. Ahana asks Prisha and Rudra to go out.

Saransh prays. Ahana thinks none can save you today. Prisha says make him capable to be on his own. Rudra says I m not kiddish. Prisha asks will you raise him like this, he will depend on you always. Rudra says he is a kid, its our duty to manage him. She says I taught him to fight, not lose, its good he got to know that nothing comes free in life, he will work hard. Rudra says you do what you want, I will do what I want. She says I won’t let you do anything wrong. Rudra says Prisha is strange, what’s the need to do this, I will help Saransh my way. He calls the principal and talks about Saransh’s exam. He asks for the question paper. She says I will send it. He gets the exam paper. He says now see Saransh, how you top.

Gopal says I have an imp work, I will just come. Vasu asks where are you going. He says I m fine, work is imp. She asks him what’s the work., he can’t go without telling anything. He says fine, I m going to Zaveri to get your jewellery. She asks him not to go, does he have 5 lakhs. He says we will break Saransh’s FD, we will make FD again, my pension is coming, you will get your fav necklace. Vasu thinks Mishka has my necklace, I will go along and find out. She says I will also come along, have coffee. Rudra looks for paper. He asks Prisha to get a paper fast else he will forget his song lines. She gives him papers. Rudra checks the papers and says who sets such a paper, I m finding answers online with difficulty. He makes chits so that Saransh passes. Saransh writes the exam.

Ahana goes and sits away. Rudra throws the chits. Ahana asks what happened, focus. Saransh hides the chits. Rudra asks him to copy the answers. Saransh gets shocked. Rudra says now none can stop you from becoming a top. He finishes the exam. Ahana says we will know the result today. She calls the principal and asks her to check Saransh’s answer sheet well. Principal says okay, I will tell you if he passes or fails. Ahana says you will fail him. Principal asks what. Ahana says I don’t care if he passes, I took the exam just for Rudra’s sake, you will make sure that he fails. Principal agrees. Saransh comes to Prisha and says exam was tough, but I gave all the answers. Ahana comes and says I have submitted the answers, we will know if he passes or fails. She asks Rudra how can he do this, how can he ask principal for question paper link. She says you did this to make Saransh pass by cheating. She says I know you well, I told the principal to send you wrong question paper link, your hardwork got waste.

Ahana says Saransh’s admission can’t happen in our school, if kid’s parents aren’t educated, then he can’t get admission. Prisha says I m a doctor. Ahana says Rudra isn’t educated. She gets angry and says Prisha can’t change Rudra’s past.

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Here’s how Sadak 2 actor Sanjay Dutt was diagnosed with lung cancer — read details



Sanjay Dutt was diagnosed with lung cancer recently. However, in order to not create a panic, the actor had said that he would be taking a break from films on medical grounds. He had not revealed the medical emergency and had requested fans not to speculate. He asked them to keep supporting and praying for him. However, it soon was revealed that the Sadak actor has been detected with lung cancer. Fans started pouring in wishes and messages for him and social media was in mayhem. Here’s how the actor and his family learned about his cancer. Also Read – Fashion designer Simar Dugal passes away due to cancer, Malaika Arora, Lara Dutta express condolences

On August 8, Sanjay Dutt was rushed to the hospital after he complained of breathlessness. He thought he had symptoms of COVID and hence took the test. However, the results were negative. He was advised to take a CT scan and a PET scan as well. It was then revealed that the Prassthanam actor had developed lung cancer. The whole ordeal was revealed to Spotboye by a source. “Upon reaching the hospital, it was detected that air entry was not happening from his right lung. A CT scan further revealed that there was fluid accumulation in his right lung (pleural effusion) accompanied by two lesions, one on each lung. Sanjay was told that it could be a bacterial infection, tuberculosis, an adverse effect of strenuous exercise wherein he might have hurt himself, or cancer. The fluid was removed, the volume was as high as 1.5 litres. A 2-day hospitalisation followed. Sanju kept asking a lot of questions especially when he was told that the extracted fluid was about to be sent for detailed diagnosis,” the source said. Also Read – Sadak 2 song Ishq Kamaal copied from Shezan Saleem’s 2011 Pakistani track?

The histopathology department of the hospital found out that the fluid had cancer cells. Further, Dutt was advised to take a CT scan and a PET scan. The results of both tests confirmed his cancer. He had a counseling session wherein the actor was asked about his illness. He consulted an oncologist who advised him of the possible treatments. At 61, the only available option for his treatment. Also Read – Reports confirm Sanjay Dutt suffering from stage 4 lung cancer, reveal hospital sources

We hope baba recovers soon and is back in action again.

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