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Briana DeJesus Gets Rejected By OnlyFans, Roasted With Cruel STD Jokes



Launching a subscription-based OnlyFans page has become the latest celebrity social media trend.

Until recently, the site primarily catered to producers of “adult” content seeking to sell their wares directly to fans.

But some mainstream stars have been using the site as a sort of premium Instagram service — and the results have been wildly lucrative.

When actress Bella Thorne joined the site last month, she reportedly earned more than $1 million in her first week.

Thorne’s OnlyFans quickly became a source of controversy, as she was accused of taking money away from the adult content producers who rely on the site as their primary source of income.

Bella Thorne Announces OnlyFans Page

But with results like Bella’s, it was only a matter of time before more non-p0rn celebs got in on the OnlyFans side-hustle … or at least attempted to.

The latest mainstream celeb to sign up for OnlyFans is Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus.

Unfortunately, it seems Bri’s bid for an account was rejected, which is apparently a thing that can happen. Who knew?!

Briana DeJesus in 2020

Bri shared the disappointing news with her Twitter followers earlier this week.

“My only fans got rejected…wonder why lmao [cry-face emoji] Maybe it was god telling me not to do it,” DeJesus tweeted.

Bri didn’t offer any specifics regarding why her account was rejected, but fans had some theories:

Briana DeJesus as a Teen Mom (2)

“Maybe it’s for the best,” one fan wrote.

“The only reason she would get rejected is if her license didn’t match her selfie pic you have to send,” another suggested.

“Maybe she used too many filters or they couldn’t verify her.”

Bri De

And of course, some folks had to seize the opportunity to tee off on DeJesus with cruel jokes about her current situation:

“They were worried about the spread of viruses,” one person tweeted.

Now, it’s possible that the comment was made in good fun, but that one probably hit a little too close to home for Briana,

Bri D

As she reveals on the current season of Teen Mom 2, DeJesus contracted an STD during a recent one-night stand with her ex-boyfriend Luis Hernandez.

The most recent episode featured Briana nervously visiting Planned Parenthood and preparing for the worst.

Fans have applauded her for going public with her struggles and encouraging young people to practice safe sex and get tested frequently.

“I thought maybe letting MTV film this personal experience would be a learning experience for others, to teach others that it’s okay to get tested and it’s okay to talk about it,” Bri told People magazine about the experience.

“And that kind of bit me in the ass because something came up positive in my test results and they definitely filmed it all,” she added.

“I hate that I have to relive it over again because I’m finally over it, but hopefully it’s more of a learning experience for everybody else,” DeJesus continued.

“I hope people can learn from my mistakes because I’ve made tons of mistakes.”

So Bri’s heart was in the right place, but this is 2020, a time when everyone gets brutally roasted for every mistake, so it stands to reason that her followers are talking trash.

As for the OnlyFans issue, it sounds like Briana could probably get that sorted out if she so desired — but it also sounds like she’s planning to hold off for the time being.


Stream It Or Skip It: ‘A Love Song for Latasha’ on Netflix, a Heartbreaking Short Documentary About a Girl’s Life Cut Tragically Short




Netflix’s A Love Song for Latasha is a short film about a tragically short life. Sophia Nahli Allison directed this lightly experimental remembrance of Latasha Harlins, the 15-year-old Black girl who was murdered in 1991 by a convenience store owner who accused her of stealing a bottle of orange juice. The subsequent trial ran parallel with the Rodney King incident — and both would be catalysts for the 1992 Los Angeles riots. But this film isn’t interested in Latasha’s role in history. It wants us to know she was a sweet, loving and selfless girl who wanted to make the world a better place.

The Gist: South Central Los Angeles, the late 1980s, the summer of Ty’s sixth-grade year. She tells a story: She was in trouble, her head held underwater by bullies at the pool. Latasha Harlins chased them off, maybe bloodying one the boys a bit. She jumped in, fully clothed, and pulled Ty to the surface. Latasha comforted Ty, gave her a towel. They were fast friends, best friends.

In 1985, Latasha’s mother was shot and killed in a club, narrates Latasha’s cousin Shinese. Latasha and Shinese and Shinese’s brother lived with their grandmother. Ty and Shinese characterize Latasha as a smart, ambitious girl who loved basketball, got all As in school, wanted to be a lawyer and business owner, and spoke of her mother frequently. She dreamed of starting programs for kids in her neighborhood, to keep them out of trouble.

March 16, 1991. Latasha’s grandmother was out of orange juice. Shinese didn’t want to go. Her brother didn’t want to go. So Grandma put two dollars in Latasha’s hand and sent her to the corner store. The shop owner accused her of stealing a $1.79 bottle of OJ and killed her with a gunshot to the back of the head. Ty came home and saw the security footage on TV. And saw it again. And saw it again. She remembers having the same shop owner point the same gun at her once.

Latasha Harlins
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

What Movies Will It Remind You Of?: A Love Song for Latasha is an artful side trip to big-picture historical doc LA 92. Both are essential.

Performance Worth Watching: Ty’s remembrance is heartbreaking, loving and poetic.

Memorable Dialogue: “I never knew what terror was until I saw it. And they kept playing that video over and over.” — Ty

Sex and Skin: None.

Our Take: Allison isn’t content to assemble a simple, talking-heads memorial. She tells Latasha’s story with unconventional visuals and warm, heartfelt, emotionally raw voiceovers, using abstract animation and impressionistic re-enactments to emphasize feelings over facts — facts we already know. What we may not know is what kind of person Latasha was, beyond the headlines, beyond the upsetting security footage, beyond the violent fallout.

An ice cream truck rolling backwards, fuzzy effects simulating an old videocassette, a scribble of a spinning and spilling bottle of orange juice — all create the sense of setting and tone, of a life frozen in time, robbed of a future, a heartbroken yearning to go back and do things differently. Generally speaking, short films are more open to unusual narratives like this, and Allison makes the most of the medium, using art to do proper, dignified justice to a person of character and quality. There’s no understating the tragedy of Latasha’s death.

Our Call: STREAM IT. Crucially, A Love Song for Latasha is a poignant tragedy not about how Latasha Harlins died, but who she could have been.

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read more of his work at or follow him on Twitter: @johnserba.

Stream A Love Song for Latasha on Netflix

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This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for! The entire Justice League Dark team storms the Other Place, with a little help from their friend/enemy John Constantine. And at what price his aid? With the Upside-Down Man in their sights, the team witnesses the true manifestation of his power, and the agonizing cost of his anger.


(W) James TynionIV, Ram V. (A) Kyle Hotz (CA) Yanick Paquette

In Shops: Sep 23, 2020

SRP: $3.99


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