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Camila Mendes’ Quotes About Dating, Relationships, & Sex Are So Honest



Just like her on-screen character Veronica Lodge in Riverdale, Camila Mendes doesn’t hold anything back. The actor is refreshingly candid about several aspects about her personal life, and Camila Mendes’ quotes about dating, relationships, and sex prove it. Even though she tries to keep details about her romances from the press and from her fans, she knows speculation is inevitable, which is why she’s often willing to open up.

Most recently, Mendes confirmed her new romance with photographer Grayson Vaughan in a September 2020 IG post, and even though she’s revealed few other details about their relationship, fans are already shipping it. As Mendes explained to Busy Phillips during a November 2018 appearance on Busy Tonight, she’s often torn between sharing her life with fans and protecting her privacy. “I want to be pretty normal and conversational, and I like to talk to people, so my instinct is always just to talk about it, but then the famous side of me is like, don’t do that,” she explained.

She may have learned to play coy with her own relationships, but Mendes is never afraid to talk about love and dating in general, and these quotes from the Riverdale actor are so full of wisdom.

When She Described The Struggles Of Modern Dating

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When asked by Refinery29 in November 2018 what she finds difficult about meeting people in the age of social media and dating apps, Mendes said, “I think everyone today is grappling with this new kind of dating. It’s not like we can take advice from our parents. There’s this whole new method of communication. Even though millennials are so used to this form of communication, there is a surprising difficulty in dating someone you meet through an app. It’s more complicated than it’s ever been, especially when you can see all of your options on your phone, and swipe through. That’s what romance has come down to.”

When She Revealed Why She Doesn’t Like Dating Actors

Mendes previously dated her Riverdale co-star Charles Melton for at least a year, but typically, Mendes avoids relationships with other actors. As she told NYLON in July 2018, “It’s just dating people in the industry is tough. I did for a little bit. I’ve just dated actors. It’s hard when that’s your world. You only meet people through work and that can be really tough, because you’re not necessarily meeting people that you’re similar to. It’s just people that you’re with because you’re working on the same project. I’ve learned to not do that. Thank god nothing bad has ever happened from those experiences.”

Later, she added, “I realize that I don’t think I like actors. Actors are really emotionally complicated. You would think they would be more in tune with their emotions, but sometimes they’re just not. I just really need to get out of this industry with someone who is in a stable environment.”

When She Explained Why She Keeps Her Love Life Private

During a March 2019 interview with L.A. Confidential, Mendes revealed why she’s reluctant to discuss her relationships in interviews. “In my day-to-day life, I am an open book,” she said. “But I’ve also developed this sixth sense. I understand how my spoken words can translate into written words and how things can appear out of context. It’s like, yeah, even though I feel comfortable talking about some things, do I really want to see it written over and over again? Sometimes, it’s not really worth it.”

When She Said She Wouldn’t Try To Hide A Breakup From Fans

Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Mendes may like to keep her dating life on the down-low, but she understands why fans are so curious about it. “I’m not a private person,” she told Teen Vogue during a May 2019 interview. “I don’t like hiding. But the more I get used to this lifestyle the more I reevaluate what I want to share and what I don’t.”

Later on in the interview, she said she wouldn’t try to hide a breakup with her then-boyfriend Melton, if they were to split. “That’s a part of life,” she said of breakups. “I wouldn’t be embarrassed about it. It happens. I know I’m happy, and I know where I am in my life, so I’m going to let [people on Twitter] say whatever they want. Why should I care?”

When She Gave Her Thoughts On Sex & Intimacy

During a candid January 2018 interview with Cosmopolitan, Mendes explained why she sees a difference between having sex and becoming intimate with someone. “I’ve never liked this idea of ‘don’t give him everything.’ Like you’ve given someone all of yourself by having sex with them,” Mendes said. “What’s valuable to me is giving you my love and my intimacy.” Later, she added, “I want to tell [guys], ‘Don’t have sex at me — have sex with me. I want them to understand that it’s so much better when we’re connected.”

When She Said “There Shouldn’t Be Any Shame” In How You Find Love

Whether you meet someone through an IRL meet-cute or through a dating app, Mendes thinks it shouldn’t matter. “Everyone has their own way of meeting people and finding love, and there shouldn’t be any shame associated with how you meet people or how you fall in love — or if you decide you want to be a sugar baby,” she told Refinery29 in November 2018, alluding to her forthcoming movie, The New Romantic. “There shouldn’t be any shame in that. How we choose to live our lives is totally up to us, especially with something as subjective and personal as romance. What gives someone the right to judge how someone else wants to approach their own dating life?”

When She Revealed Why She Went Public With Her Romance

Rich Fury/FilmMagic/Getty Images

After finally going public with her then-BF Melton, Mendes explained the reason for her decision to Fox News during a December 2018 interview. “I did it because people were speculating,” she said. “I want to be able to live a normal life. Like, ‘Yeah, I’m dating this person — so what?’ But I am the kind of person who’ll keep talking and then all of a sudden, I’ve said too much. Still, I want to be able to kiss him and not think about it.”

When She Laughed Off Veronica & Archie Shippers

Though she did end up dating one of her Riverdale co-stars, Mendes finds Riverdale shippers pretty amusing. “I think it’s funny that these people, who don’t know me, [care about my love life.] [Sometimes] the people who ship Veronica and Archie ship me and K.J., too,” she explained to Refinery29 during her November 2018 interview. “It’s funny the amount of people who got upset when it was announced that I wasn’t dating K.J. You don’t know K.J. personally! If we were supposed to, we would be in love right now. If we were supposed to date, we would be dating. But we’re not, for a reason. We’re actors, on a show. Yeah, we have chemistry — we’re friends, we get along! — but that doesn’t mean we should date.”

When She Wasn’t Afraid To Defend Her Relationship

When a fan took to Twitter to claim Mendes looked happier with her ex, Victor Houston, than with Melton, and Mendes clapped back. “I feel silly responding to this but I also feel the impulse to tell you that you’re wrong,” she tweeted. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. It’s absurd to me that you call yourself a fan yet, your entire page is dedicated to disrespecting my relationship and my boyfriend, both of which you clearly know nothing about.”

Thank you for always keeping it real, Camila.


Netflix Deaf U: New Documentary Series Coming Soon For The Fans




We know that The streaming program Netflix has been adding amazing documentary series and movies on its foundation for the fans. There’s many amazing documentaries you can watch on the streaming program Netflix. Deaf U, the documentary drama, will make its arrive for the fans on Netflix soon. Major details you should know about it.

Deaf U: Know When Will It Going To Release?

The new documentary series, Deaf U, will show up on the streaming program in October this year. The subscribers of the streaming program Netflix dont need to wait for a long to watch the documentary. It is set to release for the fans on October 9.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

What’s The Story Details

The documentary drama series will take the watchers to Gallaudet University. Gallaudet University is a private school where the students who are deaf go to classes. Nyle DiMarco is the maker of the series. Through Deaf U, Nyle DiMarco needs the world to consider to be individuals as people. Nyle DiMarco is Deaf himself, and he has gone to Gallaudet University.

Through Deaf U, the world will able to see the lives of the students at Gallaudet University. The private school is in Washington, DC.

Nyle DiMarco, as of late, talked about the documentary. He said that there is no correct method of being Deaf. After going to classes at Gallaudet University, DiMarco needed to outline the decent variety and stories of Deaf society to the individuals. He needs the world to see that individuals with hearing inabilities have a similar capability as any other person.

What’s The Cast Details

The documentary series on Netflix will have a couple of students of Gallaudet University in it. Daequan Taylor, Cheyanna Clearbrook, Renate Rose, and Rodney Buford will appear in the upcoming series.

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at the age of 87, according to NPR.

The cause of death was complications from cancer; Ginsburg had battled pancreatic cancer for years, undergoing several surgeries that required her to step aside from the court. Days before her death, Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” (The 2020 presidential election is slated for Tuesday, Nov. 3.)

Ginsburg was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1993 by then-President Bill Clinton, serving 27 years as a justice on America’s highest judicial body. She was the second woman to ever serve on the Supreme Court, following Sandra Day O’Connor. Her earlier years as a lawyer fighting for women’s rights were dramatized in the 2018 film On the Basis of Sex, starring Felicity Jones as Ginsburg.

Over the years, Ginsburg became a celebrity and feminist hero, appearing on talk shows like CBS’ The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where she shared her workout routine with Colbert in this 2018 appearance:

Ginsburg was also the subject of the 2018 documentary RBG, which was produced by CNN Films and earned Oscar nominations for Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song.

SNL‘s Kate McKinnon played Ginsburg in a series of sketches and “Weekend Update” appearances on the NBC sketch show; here’s a compilation of McKinnon’s work as Ginsburg:

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