Freedom 251
We all know about freedom 251 which announced Android-based smartphone for 251 INR/4$. But they kind of disappeared and could not deliver to their announcement. So the question comes can someone really deliver phone for around 251 INR?

Well, the simple answer is yes, let me explain how exactly.  I will be defining various ways on how smartphones cost can be reduced to so much. Currently, you can get the cheapest Android phone for around 45$ on Aliexpress. So to sell the phone for 4$ we need to make 41$ of profit from somewhere else. So here are a few different ways to do it.

Way 1 – Sim lock the phone to a specific carrier and have a tie-up that will give you around 4$ a month as commission and the user have to compulsory use the phone for 1 year contract period. This way 48$ can be recovered in a year.

Way 2 – Install partner apps and lock them such that they can’t be uninstalled. If you can get around 20 apps for 2.5$ each per user you can easily recover 40$+.

Way 3 – Have Ads on the smartphone everywhere like the recent MI UI. And block 3rd party launchers. This way on an average 2$ per month per user can be made in a month.

So this where some ways to make money out of Android phone and sell it for 4$ / 251 INR like Freedom 251 planned.

Do you think there are some other ways to do so? Share them in comments.

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