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Cardi B’s Quotes & Lyrics About Breakups Are Heartbreaking



When it comes to honesty, few celebrities have Cardi B beat. The rapper is an open book about her relationship’s highs and lows, as she believes there’s no point in pretending a partnership is perfect. Of course, the fact that she reportedly filed for divorce from Offset, her husband of three years, on Sept. 15 makes Cardi B’s quotes and lyrics about breakups all the more devastating. (Elite Daily previously reached out to reps for both Cardi and Offset about the reported divorce filing but did not hear back.)

Over the course of their three-year marriage, Cardi’s relationship was consistently plagued by infidelity accusations made against Offset, some of which the “WAP” rapper confirmed herself. The two even briefly split in December 2018 due to Offset’s cheating, but the couple reconciled not long after. Because of this, Cardi has often felt compelled to defend her decision to stay with Offset, though she isn’t shy about expressing the heartbreak that is also involved.

From dealing with cheating rumors to ending things with Offset to attempting to work things out, Cardi has always been candid about her relationship struggles, but these quotes about heartache definitely hit harder following her reported divorce filing.

When She Expressed Fears About Being Cheated On… Again

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When She Didn’t Let Offset’s Infidelity Hurt Her Self-Esteem

Following those sex tape rumors, Cardi felt pressure from fans to end the relationship, even though she didn’t want to. “It’s like everybody is coming down my neck like, ‘Why are you not leaving him? You have low self-esteem’,” she told Cosmopolitan during a February 2018 interview. “I don’t have low self-esteem … I know I look good. I know I’m rich, I know I’m talented. I know I could get any man I want — any basketball player, football player. But I want to work out my sh*t with my man, and I don’t got to explain why.”

When She Claimed She Had A Hard Time Trusting Offset

Even before marrying Offset, Cardi struggled to trust her partner. As she told GQ in April 2018, “People used to put things in my head: ‘He gonna leave you. He be f*cking with mad b*tches.’ People used to put things in his head: ‘Cardi, she’s a dog. Don’t trust her.’ We never really trusted each other because I always feel like he could get any girl he wants — what makes me think he’s gonna want me?”

When She Spoke About Unrequited Feelings

In “Ring” from Invasion of Privacy, Cardi shows uncharacteristic vulnerability when she sings, “You know it don’t go to my head, I’m only arrogant in bed / I just love to know you wanna spend time with me instead / Now you all caught up, yeah / You all caught up and you done left me alone, yeah / You was all fed up / Ready for the next step, wanna be on your own.”

When She Felt The Strain Of Cheating Rumors

Tim Mosenfelder/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Despite the cheating rumors, Cardi initially stood by Offset, though she admitted to feeling stressed by the accusations. “Every single day there’s rumors about me and my dude,” she told W in October 2018. “And it almost drives me crazy, because I start to believe them. I don’t have no proof. I don’t have receipts. But I just got to know my man.”

When She Admitted She “Grew Out Of Love” With Offset

In December 2018, Cardi and Offset broke up after TMZ leaked text messages reportedly exchanged between Offset and another women. “I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby’s father for a hot minute now,” Cardi told her followers in a video posted on Instagram. “…we’ve got a lot of love for each other but things just haven’t been working out between us for a long time. And it’s nobody’s fault. I guess we just grew out of love, but we’re not together anymore.”

When She Described The Devastation Of Catching A Partner Cheating

In her song “Thru Your Phone” from Invasion of Privacy, Cardi describes what it’s like to catch a partner in the act with the lyrics, “I went through your phone last night / Saw some things I didn’t like / I went through your phone last night / It’s killing me, killing me, killing me.”

When She Said She Needed “A Reset”

Following her December 2018 split with Offset, Cardi told Extra she was ready for a fresh start. “I’m very excited for 2019 — I just feel like it’s going to be a reset,” she said. “2018 was the good, bad and the ugly year. Like, a lot of good, but a lot of bad, a lot of ugly, all mixed together.”

When She Was Shamed For Staying With Her Husband

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

For Cardi, deciding whether or not to stay with Offset after he cheated felt like a lose-lose situation. As she explained to Vogue in December 2019, “When me and my husband got into our issues — you know, he cheated and everything — and I decided to stay with him and work together with him, a lot of people were so mad at me; a lot of women felt disappointed in me. But it’s real-life sh*t. If you love somebody and you stop being with them, and you’re depressed and social media is telling you not to talk to that person because he cheated, you’re not really happy on the inside until you have the conversation. Then, if you get back with them, it’s like, how could you? You let all of us down.”

When She Said “Monogamy Is The Only Way”

Cardi sees infidelity as betrayal, and she expressed as much during her December 2019 interview with Vogue. “He has my back for everything, I have his back for everything, so when you cheat, you’re betraying the person that has your back the most,” she said. “Why would you do that? We have come to a clear understanding. For me, monogamy is the only way.”

When She Asked Her Partner To “Be Careful” With Her

In her song “Be Careful” from her Invasion of Privacy Album, Cardi appeared to send a message to Offset when she sang, “Be careful with me / Do you know what you doin’?/ Whose feelings that you hurtin’ and bruisin’?/ You gon’ gain the whole world/ But is it worth the girl that you’re losin’?”

When She Felt As Though People Wanted To See Her Hurt

Amid the persistent cheating rumors about Offset, Cardi couldn’t help but feel as though fans almost wanted to see her relationship end. “I don’t really like talking about love much, but I feel like I have to do it, just because I want people to know a little bit,” she explained to Elle in September 2020. “There’s always rumors about me and my husband, and I feel like people would rather start rumors because they want me to be heartbroken. They want me to be hurt.”

Cardi has yet to confirm the divorce rumors herself, but if she does, I’m sure she’ll do so with her trademark candor. I’m rooting for you, Cardi!


Phoebe Cates’ Last Acting Credit Was a Voice in a 2015 Lego Video Game




The amazing pieces of entertainment that we binge-watched during our formative years created profound emotional connections, whether we realized it or not. A lot of times, we even develop strong feelings for the actors who play characters in such shows and movies. For youths growing up in the ’80s, Phoebe Cates was the “It” girl we all fell in love with, but where is she now?

Phoebe Cates is as retired from acting now as she ever was.

Her last on-camera role was in 2001’s The Anniversary Party, and many believe that the biggest reason she took that role after a seven-year-hiatus is because it was written and directed by her Fast Times co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh.

She did reprise her role as Kate Beringer from Gremlins 2 for the 2015 video game Lego Dimensions, but she hasn’t had much work since.

So why did Phoebe Cates ever retire? It’s a question that’s boggled the minds of fans of the actress and movie-goers everywhere as she had a top-notch career and was never wanting for any high-profile projects.

In fact, she was securing enviable lead roles. Think back to the early ’90s and think of some comedy films you remember from that time period.

Now I want you to think about the leads in those comedy films. How many of them are women?


Source: New Line Cinema

While “Fred” is the titular character in Drop Dead Fred, the movie is entirely centered around Phoebe Cates’ personal struggle in learning how to “let go” of her imaginary friend. She headlined the comedy and did a tremendous job playing a great foil to Rik Mayall’s psychotic, green outfit-wearing, lascivious, agent of chaos.

That was in 1991, but she started getting legit work as early as 1982 in Paradise.

Then, of course, she became a sex icon in Fast Times at Ridgemont High as Judge Reinhold’s character’s impossible crush. The film was a cultural phenomenon that featured a bevy of talent, Phoebe included. Her pool scene, which has most certainly not aged well as a prime example of male-gaze writers / directors getting to watch their horny high school boy fantasies come to life, clearly resonated with a lot of people.

Source: Universal Pictures

She went on to star in both Gremlins films and, I don’t know if you know who Steven Spielberg is, but Gremlins was basically at the height of the director’s powers. The man was churning out blockbuster hit after blockbuster hit and anyone and everyone wanted to work with the director. But it seems like Phoebe’s career just simply … vanished after her role in 1994’s Princess Caraboo, and no one knew why.

As it turns out, however, she was more concerned with just being a mother to her and fellow actor Kevin Kline’s kids. The couple recently celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. They originally met when Phoebe was auditioning for The Big Chill with Kevin. Although she didn’t get the role, she really hit it off with the actor and the two have been together ever since.

Source: New Line Cinema

They were purportedly going to take turns securing acting gigs to devote equal time to being with their children, but Phoebe ultimately decided that being a full-time mom was more her speed. 

Even though she hasn’t appeared on camera in a major film project for some 19 years, she could still probably make a few calls and get back to acting quite easily if she wanted to.

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2020 Emmy broadcast review: A steady Jimmy Kimmel and a ‘Schitt’ storm anchor a near-perfect ceremony




“Why are we having an awards show in the middle of a pandemic?” asked host Jimmy Kimmel at the top of the broadcast of this year’s Emmy Awards. But the answer became abundantly clear throughout the evening as Kimmel presided over a near-perfect Emmy ceremony, one that met the challenge of the moment without sacrificing humor and entertainment.

It’s fair to ponder whether the success of the evening should be qualified in light of the current social and political climate. Would this ceremony have worked as well if we weren’t in a pandemic, or if it hadn’t been the first of its kind? It’s hard to say. But because the show was so unprecedented, there were any number of opportunities for it to go down in flames. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch.

Kimmel has proven himself a reliably strong host in previous ceremonies, but his ability to balance the seriousness of the moment with true comic highlights made him the ideal host for this particular event.

The opening was perfect both as a piece of comedy and a comment on the moment. Kimmel’s delightfully old-fashioned monologue would have probably been a hit in front of a live audience, but instead, there were cuts to audience reactions from previous ceremonies, including a crowd reaction from Kimmel himself, after which the lights went up on an empty arena filled with cardboard cutouts — and a non-cardboard Jason Bateman, who was apparently filling in for Matt Damon as Kimmel’s arch nemesis for the evening. Kimmel then revealed an array of screens reminiscent of a TV wall at Best Buy. So as the Emmys were handed out to some of the winners by interns in hazmat suits, the pandemic was front and center. 

However, it was not a depressing ceremony by any means. It seemed like the inability to attend the Emmys in-person created a strange sense of camaraderie among the nominees. Ironically, the losing contenders had more of a presence than usual as their webcams stayed on while they reacted to the winners’ speeches. For instance, even though she lost her category, previous winner Alex Borstein (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”) almost stole the Comedy Supporting Actress moment with her balcony-set boudoir pose.

Throughout, Kimmel kept the comedy front and center without minimizing the seriousness of the moment. An early bit with Jennifer Aniston and a stubborn trash can fire was hysterical. There were moments of solemnity as well. Kimmel’s simple yet powerful tribute to late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg led into a stunning In Memoriam segment featuring H.E.R. singing a powerful rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Meanwhile, Governors Award recipient Tyler Perry gave one of the most powerful speeches of the evening as he considered his career in the context of generations of Black struggle. There were also stirring political moments from Best Movie/Limited Actor winner Mark Ruffalo (“I Know This Much is True”) and a list of “un-thank yous” from Best Drama Series winner Jesse Armstrong (“Succession“) directed at the likes of US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A further testament to the success of the ceremony was that the absence of many true surprises did not detract from the show’s pace or the audience’s enjoyment. The early and historic domination of “Schitt’s Creek” in the comedy categories established one thing: Even Daniel Levy’s reactions are Emmy-worthy. The once-small Canadian comedy — whose title needed a chyron every time its name was said out loud so that ABC could show that it wasn’t really a curse word — owned the first hour of the evening. But it was Levy’s joyous reactions to wins by Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy and Annie Murphy that stole the show. 

No ceremony is perfect, though. Presenter Randall Park proved that alpacas, while adorable, are not optimal comedic partners. Bits featuring Anthony Anderson and Jason Sudeikis went on far too long. And did we really need house DJ D-Nice to have that much of a presence in the ceremony? 

But in one of the most beautiful decisions of the ceremony, real-life heroes were given the spotlight. Teachers, ranchers, truck drivers, first-responders and COVID survivors were given moments to shine and present awards. It was a shame that the producers didn’t carry that through the whole ceremony. If anything, the show might have had an even greater impact if everyday folks were the only ones giving out the awards. After all, aren’t they the ones that deserve it?

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Celebrity Style Statements For Racial Justice at the Emmys




On Sunday, Sept. 20, multiple celebrities showed their support for the racial-justice movement at the 72nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards, both in their acceptance speeches and in the outfits they chose to wore. Celebrities like Regina King and Uzo Aduba wore shirts honoring the memory of Breonna Taylor, and actors like Sterling K. Brown and Sandra Oh put their own empowering twists on their awards-night outfits. Watchmen writer Damon Lindelof also made a powerful statement with his “Remember Tulsa ’21” T-shirt, which referenced the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, a racist attack on Black residents of Tulsa, OK, by mobs of white residents.

During the show, celebrities also pointed out their disinclination to celebrate during a period of such great social and political unrest in the US and urged viewers to vote in the upcoming presidential election. See their outfits inspired by the fight for racial justice here, and find out what you can do to support the protest for racial equality at home.

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