Can anyone sell Android based smartphone for 4$ like Freedom 251 announced?

We all know about freedom 251¬†which announced Android-based smartphone for 251 INR/4$. But they kind of disappeared and could not deliver to their announcement. So the question comes can someone really deliver phone for around 251 INR? Well, the simple answer is yes, let me explain how exactly.¬† I will be defining various ways on […]

Accenture awarded US patent for quantum computing technology

Accenture was granted a US patent for an option that ignites quantum computing technologies to optimize company decision making, producing unprecedented efficiency and efficacy. In a statement published this week, the leading international professional electronic and technology firm, announced it has been awarded a US patent for a”multi-state quantum marketing engine”. The patent reveals Accenture’s […]

Twitter shares drop 7% on issues about hacking activity

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) stocks fell nearly 7 percent after the firm said it was exploring unusual traffic which may be from state-sponsored hackers as well as in what seemed to be an unrelated problem, a security company said hackers used the system to attempt and steal consumer information. Twitter stated in a website it found […]

Japanese electronics firms look to re-engineer their design mojo

Akihiro Adachi, a 31-year-old audiovisual gear designer in Panasonic Corp, trying to find a private space throughout his protracted train rides from Osaka to Tokyo. When his firm set out to promote invention, he combined with a few coworkers and came up with”Wear Space,” a headset which restricts sound and peripheral vision. Many at Panasonic […]

Facebook leak exposed private photos of 6.8 million users

To mention that Facebook has had a tough few decades could be a stunning understatement. The business has come under fire for its role in assisting disperse fake news throughout the 2016 presidential elections, allowing unwitting users’ information to be chosen by third parties for political purposes, also safety breaches it has been made to […]

Amazon opens a mini-version of its cashier-less Go store in Seattle

Amazon now announced the launching of a new assortment of its cashier-less Go store that is considerably more compact than a normal one. The business is talking about it as a small-format Amazon Go store, and it is a freestanding structure with its own enclosed ceiling, and this is where it puts the vast majority […]

Taylor Swift used facial recognition tech to track stalkers at her concert

Taylor Swift held a concert in California’s Rose Bowl last year May that has been tracked by means of a facial recognition system. The system’s goal? Countless Swift’s stalkers. Swift’s facial recognition system was constructed to a kiosk that exhibited highlights of her rehearsals, which could covertly record onlookers’ faces. As per the Rolling Stone, […]

European development bank partners with Zensar for tech transformation

Zensar stated it was chosen by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) as their partner for tech infrastructure modernization and community providers. EBRD, the UK-headquartered development lender, and Zensar have signed a deal for 3 years with a choice to extend the connection. Zensar stated in a media release that”future of work and the […]

China develops online games review panel raises approval resumption hopes

Chinese authorities have put up an internet video games ethics committee which has reviewed 20 names, state media said, raising hopes that the government was preparing to restart an approval process that’s been suspended for the majority of this past year. China, the world’s largest gambling market, ceased approving new names from March amid a […]

Alexa is executing self-learning techniques to better understand users

In a developer blog post published now, Alexa AI manager of engineering Ruhi Sarikaya comprehensive the improvements in machine learning technology which have enabled Alexa to better understand consumers via contextual clues. In accordance with Sarikaya, those improvements have played a vital part in reducing user friction and creating Alexa much more conversational. Because this […]