Victorians are scared that modern technology would make everyone blind

From worries over blue light into digital stress and dryness, headlines now often worry the way smartphones and monitors may be impacting the health of our eyes. However, while the technology might be fresh, this issue certainly is not. Since Victorian times folks are worried about how new inventions might harm vision. From the 1800s, […]

LMU veterinary students improve their clinical skills using Alexa Technology

Veterinary students gathered round the test table with pills in hand, listening intently into a digital apparatus since the Alexa voice introduced as a puppy owner. Throughout their case study to get a 12-week-old pup, pupils could ask the false owner questions to ascertain exactly what it required for good health. “Is he becoming food […]

Mixcloud releases ‘fan-to-creator’ subscription audio service

Mixcloud, the sound streaming platform that’s popular for long-form articles, such as radio shows and DJ sets, has established a “fan-to-creator” subscription service in an attempt to discover new methods of archiving and ensuring the two artists and curators get compensated. Dubbed” Mixcloud Select,” the newest feature lets listeners register to a Select founder’s channel […]

The battle over driver experience is increasing and will be won in software

Sirius XM‘s current all-stock $3.5-billion buy of this music-streaming support Pandora increased a great deal of eyebrows. A major issue was why Sirius paid much. Is Pandora’s music library and client base actually worth that sum? The solution is that this is a tactical move by Sirius at a battle that’s much larger than radio. […]