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Change Your House For Good Health



Relocation can be the first step towards a healthy life. Many people in America are affected by a range of diseases. While many of them are tamable, a few others need medical supervision and change of location for a range of needs. When you are advised to move on medical grounds, there is a lot that goes into consideration, before the medical practitioner suggests you to move. The data records of the leading truck rental companies state that the number of people moving because of medical reasons has increased significantly in recent times. Several researches have concluded that relocation is very helpful in health problems like mental disorders, psychologicalproblems, and more.

So, what happens when you move to a new place? In this post, we have addressed the various aspects of the house move that affects your health aspects positively.

You breathe in a new environment:

You will be amazed to know how a change in climate can affect your health. We get accustomed to breathing in the same air. Our body, when we live in an environment for too long gets acquainted with the contaminants in the air and it works against the immune system. In ancient times, people used to travel to distant places for long durations as it allows their bodies to breathe fresh. Moving to a place where the climate is different than your existing place of residence is one way you can detox your body. If the conditions allow, you must move to new places as much as you can.

Beach air is especially good:

If you get a chance to move to a location close to the beach, then do not miss the opportunity. Beach air, specifically, is great for health. The air you breathe in at your beach house brings a lot of minerals to your body. These minerals are absorbed through the breath and as you live more in such a climatic condition, you develop to a great human being.

Leading to the mountains will help:

Did you drop your idea to move to a place in the countryside or a place nestled amid the mountains? Well, you might have committed a mistake on health aspects. The air in the mountains is fresher than the city. The lack of pollution in the air makes your body ill in multiple aspects. The mountain air is rich in oxygen and has less contamination. Moreover, the produce in mountain areas is fresh and brings a lot of goodness to your health.

It is great to move for psychological health:

Experts suggest that relocating is a great boost for psychological health. People tend to become accustomed to their routine which contributes towards stress. If you live in a climate and setting for too long, the day to day life becomes monotonous. Breaking this monotony is important for the mental aspect of your life. The stress that grows by several folds over time can take a toll on your cognitive and psychological health. This means that you can become prey to a lot of mental problems including depression, anxiety, excessive sadness, and more.

A change of location exposes you to new settings and positive challenges that you overcome by harnessing your stress. Besides, the excitement associated with a change of location can act as a fresh change in life which you willingly admire and work towards making it a success.

It brings satisfaction:

If you are moving due to job reasons, you get a chance to live your dream career. Similarly, if you are moving close to your family or friends, again it contributes towards making your mental health better as you get a support system of your own. Living amid conditions that are favorable for you is a way to make your body and mind healthy. You enjoy the new setting which releases a range of happy hormones in your body, including cortisol.

Moving to health-assisted facilities:

There are a few times when you have to move to a health-assisted facility. This is common when you are old age or dealing with health conditions that require specialized care. The health-assisted facilities have all sorts of arrangements to help you recover and feel better. It is medically advised for patients dealing with anxiety, depression, paralysis, asthma, and tuberculosis to move to places that provide some sort of medical care to the patients. Moreover, if you are dealing with substance abuse or addiction, moving to a rehabilitation center is a great help.

Relocation has been an inevitable part of human life. If you are stuck in an environment that no longer supports your health and growth, it is always better to seek change. You can buy a new house in a new city or search for medical care centers for temporary relocation to have a fresh and healthy start in life.

Health and Wellness

Health Benefits of SUP yoga




Have you been wondering what the best sport is to improve both your physical and mental health? While there are many options, SUP yoga is one of the best. It really is as simple as it sounds – a cross between the ever more popular stand up paddle boarding and the ancient exercise ritual of yoga. While this water sport can seem intimidating at first, with regular practice and commitment, you’ll start to notice the benefits of this tranquil workout.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most important health benefits of SUP yoga. If you weren’t already convinced this is the right sport for you, you will be after reading this list! 

SUP yoga improves balance, flexibility, and strength

The first health benefit of SUP yoga you will notice in both of these sports on their own. First of all – stand up paddle boarding. This requires a great deal of balance to remain upright on your board for long periods of time. In a typical SUP session, your everything from your toes to your shoulders will be engaged. The back muscles supporting the spine and core are especially active, improving your balance and posture. 

Then, we have yoga. While yoga also works on your balance, another key benefit is flexibility. You’ll be engaging muscles that have long lain dormant, many of which are necessary for mastering a range of yoga poses (some of which are different from land yoga). Regular practice of the combination of these two workouts will quickly see an improvement in your balance, flexibility and overall strength.

You may even start to develop abs of steel!

SUP yoga can help you to lose weight

When choosing a new workout, it’s not always about finding something that will enhance muscle tone and improve balance and flexibility. Sometimes it can be as simple as finding a way to lose a little bit of weight. Thankfully, SUP yoga can help with that too.

In a regular paddle boarding session, you’ll burn somewhere between 300 – 450 calories per hour. This is about double what you would when walking at an average speed. SUP yoga can burn more calories than both of those – coming in at around 500 per session. 

While it may not be as strenuous as surf SUP or SUP touring, there are few gentler ways to burn such a large amount of calories. 

Increases circulation and promotes good heart health

Muscles and weight loss are huge benefits of SUP yoga, but we haven’t quite finished with the physical benefits you get just yet. While yogic breathing is most often linked with reducing stress, it also increases blood flow through your body. 

An increase in blood circulation is a boost for your cardiovascular system, and regular practice has huge long term benefits too. You’ll be fighting back the risk of high blood pressure, strokes, heart disease, and other organ damage later in life. 

SUP yoga reduces stress

One of the biggest reasons to try either SUP or yoga is to reduce stress. Regarding yoga, only paying attention to your breath and body movements leaves you completely in the present moment, meaning that there’s no room in your head to worry about the stresses of your day to day life. 

With both of these sports being gentle workouts, the therapeutic effect of floating on water can also have a calming sensation on you, promoting mindfulness and slowing down just enough to enjoy the exercise. In summer, SUP yoga is also a much better alternative to a sticky and sweaty yoga studio.

Another way that SUP yoga engages the brain is by being a physical and mental challenge. While you may think that switching off is key to relaxation, that’s not always the case. SUP yoga requires concentration to maintain your balance while performing yoga poses on a floating board. This, in turn, releases endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin which will leave you feeling great afterwards! 

Being outdoors is good for you

Again, a point that ties into what has come before. Being in the great outdoors has been proven by several different research papers to be good for your health. The calming effects of nature can take you to a different world from work deadlines or any family problems that you may have. 

It’s said that the calming effect of water can be felt even by looking at an ocean view, so just imagine how much being on the water itself will do to boost your mental health. 

While yoga indoors is undoubtedly better than no yoga at all, no studio can compare to the backdrop of mountains, forests, or the ocean. 

Take some time to yourself to enjoy a workout in nature – your body and mind will thank you for it, both in the short and long term.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Basics

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Health and Wellness

Celebrity Fitness Insights – The Craziest Weight Loss Transformations




Sometimes, people’s before and after fitness transformations might surprise you. Since celebrities get followed by their fans and sometimes trolled by their critics every day, they have to remain in good shape and fitness status. This can take a toll on their esteem, which forces them to work out hard, choose their diet well, and even use supplements to keep their bodies in check.

Many people end up with incredible weight loss transformations as the payoff. If you follow celebrities for motivation in anything, you need to look at these craziest weight loss transformations by popular celebrities.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica, a musician, is a story of a mommy makeover. After ushering in their third child, she started to engage in serious workouts as guided by her personal trainer. Six months down the line, she has managed to lose about 100 pounds. This becomes one of the biggest fitness transformations in the celebrity arena.


Adele is a British musician who is a bit conserved about sharing her private life. But as a public figure and celebrity, people will always notice any physical change on her body when she attends functions or performs. In recent years, she has hired a personal trainer and the US weekly magazine has confirmed that she lost a whole 6 kilograms in one summer. Her workout routine primarily involves cardio and body workouts.

Ricky Gervais

Back in 2011, Ricky, a comedian, embarked on a fitness program and managed to lose over 20 pounds within a very short time. From the look of the things, he has managed to stay fit now. Although he is not on any diet, the comedian is serious about his exercise schedule. He trains like serious athletes who use fitness enhancement gear that you get when you go here.

Drew Carey

There is always some sacrifice needed for plans to pay off. For Drew, slowing down on carbs and alcohol was the major sacrifice. When combined with training routines, this paid off very well. Cumulatively, he has lost over 100 pounds and is determined to stay fit henceforth. He intends to manage his diabetes and stay healthy.

Al Roker

This TV show host decided to take weight loss surgery to shed off some of the 340 pounds in his body. After this, he embarked on a special diet containing high protein, low carbs, fruits, vegetables, and water. Today, the Today Show host has lost over 150 pounds. He has confirmed that he is not going back to being overweight again.

Mama June

She is a lady that many people will forever talk about when discussing celebrity fitness transformations. Many people could not recognize her after losing so many pounds. She later went through a surgery to correct sagging skin under her arms and other parts of the body.

Final Word

There are many other celebrities who have had incredible fitness transformations and you can check them out on TV shows, social media profiles, and media streaming channels. Their journeys will definitely motivate you.

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Health and Wellness

How to Grow a Fitness YouTube Channel




YouTube Fitness channel requires a lot more than recording yourself working out. As a fitness YouTuber, it is a mix of proper light setting, choice of angle for recording, background, and editing that matters. A well-planned workout regime, effective for the mass, along with the recording and editing is equally important. 

Honestly, it is not how expensive the gears are but how well executed the whole fitness program or video is. A successful fitness YouTubers make money through videos mostly through sponsored content. As a YouTuber, the narration and ability to walk through the whole process of workout is important to engage the audience and want them to work out.

Do you plan to start a Fitness Channel on YouTube? Here are some great strategies to use to grow the channel. 

Fat to Fit Transformation Journey 

The transformation journey of how you have changed over time by being consistent with workout and diet is motivating. The use of two pictures adjacent to each other showing before and after shows the transformation. Such videos tend to grab a lot of attention because people do want to know how they can embark on such a journey. 

Maybe you can document your journey over a couple of months or pull out something from the vault to incorporate in the video. Upload the video with a before and after picture thumbnail and a catchy title like – “How I Transformed from Fat to Fit” or “My 3 months of Transformation with Dedicated Exercise and Diet”.

A mix of Workout and Diet Videos

Fitness and transformation are not only about workout and exercise but even a wholesome diet. Create a mix of videos including workout, diet tips, and meal plans. Workout and diet is a part of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Make sure to give tips for weight loss, build strength, and improve metabolism. 

Upload a workout video on a particular day of the week and be consistent with that. Record meal prep or food video on some other day of the week. For example, if you upload a workout video on Tuesday, continue that consistency to upload a new video every Tuesday. You can upload a diet or food video on Saturday, for example, and repeat for consecutive weeks. 

Understanding the Technicality 

A lot of effort goes into creating fitness videos, and having a good understanding of the technical aspect is important. When you are starting, there is a possibility that you might have to do everything on your own. There are certain things to take care of and emphasise.

  • You do not need an expensive studio for recording. Find a corner with natural light, deck up the background with a minimal aesthetic, and check for the angle before recording. 
  • Editing is the key to a perfect Fitness YouTube video. Use a good and reliable YouTube video editor to edit the videos and stitch together so that it looks continuous. 
  • Use a microphone to make sure the narration or voice is audible. Alternatively, you can record later and merge it with the video. 

Never Underestimate the Thumbnail

The thumbnail matters a lot, and it represents what the audience can expect. The use of the right thumbnail gives a visualisation of the content type. Never freeze-frame and use that as a thumbnail because it does not give a good impression. Hence, it is important to optimise the thumbnail so that it helps in grabbing maximum attention. 

Customise the thumbnail using free thumbnail creators. Incorporate a relevant picture performing a pose relevant to the video title and add text to make it more engaging. The thumbnails are important visual aids with a combination of colour blocks, text, and images. This tends to attract more viewers. 

Create a Series of Workout 

This is one of the best ways to increase engagement and grow the YouTube Fitness channel. This means creating a workout plan for a week or month. A very famous and successful example is the “2-week shred program” by Chloe Ting. This is a free workout plan for the audience to follow to lose and tone up in 2 weeks. Another successful example is “30 Days of Yoga for Weight Loss” by Psychetruth Fitness YouTube Channel.

These workout series are great because they help the audience with a guided and proper workout plan for every day. These are preferred by many people who want to dedicatedly engage in a workout to lose weight and tone up. Likewise, “One-week Meal Prep for Weight Loss” or “10 Easy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss” for example even helps in growing the YouTube Channel.

Be Presentable and Confident 

YouTube Fitness channel is not only about creating workouts and healthy food videos. It is important to be presentable on the YouTube Channel. Make sure you wear the right clothing for a workout, use mats when required, and good shoes. The audience looks up to you for their transformation and fitness journey, and you need to be confident enough to motivate them. 

Make sure you prepare for the video and workout beforehand before starting the recording. Choose the clothing carefully; it must be apt for the training session. For example, if your fitness channel is majorly about Yoga, wear proper Yoga attire and use a mat to perform Yoga. The way you present yourself on the channel represents the content. 

Be Consistent and Keep it Raw at Times

Consistency is the key to success. The growth of the YouTube channel depends on building a community and motivating people to work out and follow a healthy lifestyle. No one will take you seriously if you do not follow a schedule to upload the video. Make sure to upload a new video at least once a week but do not compromise on the quality. Once in a while, record a raw full-length video of workout to give an idea of a workout the audience can follow. When you have a fitness channel on YouTube, use an outro maker to add an outro at the end for adding call-to-action. In the end, make sure to ask your audience to like, share, and subscribe to the channel.

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