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Prince’s ‘Sign o’ the Times’ reissued with 63 previously unreleased tracks




“Purple Rain” will always be seen as the crown jewel in Prince’s catalog — and really, who could argue with that?

But for a work that truly showed the breadth and brilliance of his artistry, his 1987 double album “Sign o’ the Times” is a certified classic in its own right.

(Indeed, both “Sign” and “Purple Rain” ranked in the top 50 of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list released by Rolling Stone this week.)

The LP that gave us such hits as “U Got the Look,” “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” and, of course, the title track, is getting a lot of love with Friday’s reissue blowout. The Super Deluxe Edition includes a whopping 63 previously unreleased tracks from the Purple One’s vaunted vaults.

Here are some of the tracks that’ll have you partying like it’s 1987 all over again.

“Witness 4 the Prosecution (Version 1)”

Prince sounds as if he’s testifying for his very life — or for a lady love — on this righteous gospel-funk jam recorded in 1988. Featuring members of his classic band the Revolution, it feels more like “Churchquake” instead of “Housequake.”

“I Need a Man”

No, this wasn’t Prince’s secret coming-out song. Instead, this sexy strutter — horned-up in every way — was a tune he intended for Bonnie Raitt. Bopping around the bluesy track, Prince recorded a reference vocal for the “Something to Talk About” singer in 1987. Although Raitt never ended up recording the song herself, Prince owns it. It hardly matters that he’s lusting for a dude.

“Can I Play with U?”

This one is a highlight simply because it pairs Prince up with another late legend — Miles Davis — on trumpet. A blast of a horn workout, also featuring Prince saxophone sideman Eric Leeds, this nearly seven-minute jam was originally intended for Davis’ 1986 “Tutu” album, but never made the cut.

“There’s Something I Like About Being Your Fool”

Prince never did much reggae, so it’s refreshing to hear him ride a breezy island riddim with a relaxed vocal style that makes him sound like he’s chilling on the beach with a frozen daiquiri. Bonus points for the song title, which hints at his underappreciated sense of humor.

“Love and Sex”

Recorded in 1986, this orgasmic bedroom ballad shares its title with another track Prince had previously released in 1984, but this is a completely different song. It’s the kind of “Do Me, Baby”-style sexercise — complete with blazing guitars and Prince’s passionate, falsetto-fueled vocals — that proves, yet again, that nothing compares to him.

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Find These Easy Halloween Costumes for Blondes Already In Your Closet




Whether you rock a naturally blonde hue, are a devoted bottle-blonde, or just really want to wear a blonde wig this Halloween, I’ve got the last-minute costume for you. These easy Halloween costumes for blondes are as dynamic as they are dynamite, and certainly won’t disappoint on the best night of the year. What are the ideal kind of Halloween costumes, you ask? They’re the ones you don’t have to spend a dime on, of course.

Between paying for surge-priced Ubers on Halloween night, splurging on overpriced cocktails, and or just kicking it on your couch with a scary movie, no one wants to fork over even more money for an expensive costume you’ll only wear one night of the year. And even if you did buy a new costume at Party City, you’ll probably feel guilty about paying so much, and you’ll end up wearing it again the next year.

Since you probably don’t want to be an outfit repeater this year (unless you’re going as Lizzie McGuire), I’ve rounded up 13 looks that only require blonde hair and a bunch of attitude. I can bet you have at least one of these looks sitting in your closet right now, waiting to come to life.

Marilyn Monroe

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Forget that stupid “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule — it’s time to dig out your white Marilyn Monroe dress from the bottom of your “summer clothes” box. Curl your blonde hair super tight, all in one direction, and gently brush out the curls once they’ve cooled for a very convincing Monroe look-alike.

Sandy from Grease

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All you need are black jeans, a black crop top, a 1-inch curling iron, red heels and a leather jacket for an electrifying Sandy look. P.S., you don’t need a man to satisfy this sexy Halloween look. (But if you wanna bring your Danny along, more power to you.)

Margot Tenenbaum From The Royal Tenenbaums

Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

An absolute legend, Margot Tenenbaum only requires a jacket with some fur on it, a red hair clip, a striped dress, and a cigarette. Bonus points if you straighten your hair and add a ring of black liner around your eyes.

Betty From Riverdale

Camila Mendes On Instagram

For one of Betty’s cheerleading practice outfits, you’ll need a yellow and white baseball shirt, navy shorts, white and yellow knee-high socks, and some white shoes. Don’t forget to put your hair in a ponytail (i.e. Betty’s signature look)!

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

A national treasure, Elle Woods is the smartest blonde there ever was! To pull off a convincing Elle, just wear anything and everything pink, maybe with some pearls and definitely with some cute heels. Got a Chihuahua? Or a stuffed animal Chihuahua? Bring either along for an A+ outfit.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Courtesy of Paramount

Being Buffy requires red leather pants, a black crop top, a wooden stake, and some serious attitude. Check, check, check, check.

Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby

Halsey On Instagram

Just add lots of pearls and a sequin headband to any ’20s-inspired dress or top you own. Add a long cigarette holder for extra effect.

Regina George from Mean Girls

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Wanna know what power is? It’s Regina George setting a ridiculous school-wide trend after she was pranked. She might be mean, but she’s a hero in my eyes. Cut holes out in your least-favorite white tank, choose any colorful bra, rock a short skirt, and call it a night.

Cher from Clueless

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Considering the movie’s 25th anniversary recently passed, Clueless is having another moment in the spotlight. This costume might be a bit more difficult to pull off, since not everyone owns a plaid skirt. For those who do, just add knee-high white socks, a white top, a thick headband and whatever shoes you have on hand.

Daenerys Targaryen


Queen of the dragons is always a good costume choice. You may want to enlist the help of a friend to pull off Khaleesi’s iconic braided hairstyles. Make sure you pair that icy blonde hair with a flowing dress, a cape, and a dragon.



My friends with shorter hair, this one’s for you. Literally wear anything you want (maybe something ’60s-inspired if you’re trying go all out) and then draw eyelashes onto your bottom lashes. Voila!

Liberty Belle from Glow

Courtesy of Netflix

Channeling Liberty Belle is pretty easy if you have a colorful, shiny one-piece or bodysuit. Just make sure you create big, curly hair and wear some sort of tights. And please skip the Halloween-night fight this year!

Hannah Montana


With Disney channel original shows making a bit of a comeback with the inception of Disney+, you can get the best of both worlds with a costume that’s as easy as it is perfectly nostalgic: Hannah Montana. Either straighten your long blonde hair or throw on a long blonde wig, pull out your most pop star-esque outfit, grab a fake mic, and say “sweet niblets” all night long. If your Miley impression isn’t perfect, don’t sweat it; nobody’s perfect.

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Travis Scott And Young Thug Rekindle Their Chemistry On ‘Franchise’ With MIA




Without dropping an album — well, not yet at least — in 2020, Travis Scott has put up a strong year so far. Some of it is in thanks to tracks with the likes of Future (“Solitaires“), Nav (“Turks“), Kanye West (“Wash Us In The Blood“), and more. However, his best moments have come outside of the traditional music world with his Forntite and McDonald’s collabs serving as his highlights of the year. Returning with more music for loyal fans, the Houston rapper calls on Young Thug and MIA for his new single, “Franchise.”

For fans who are in the loop on all things Travis, they song may recognize it as “White Tee,” a track Travis and Chase B premiered on a recent episode of .Wav Radio. Supplied with a music video, the visual begins with some recognizable scenes from Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance documentary before shifting its focus to Travis who is found doing some pushups, playing golf, and showing off some Cacti products. Next, Young Thug joins the Houston rapper for a game of poker and a bunch of other wacky things including residing on the top of floating car before MIA appears in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a herd of sheep to complete her verse.

The song has been teased alongside a short film of the same title, which Travis Scott revealed will released together with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet film on September 25. The short film will serve as a music video of sorts for Travis’ new song which finds him and Young Thug reconnecting once again. In addition to collaborations like “Pick Up The Phone,” “Maria, I’m Drunk,” and “The London,” Travis’ and Thug’s new song arrives after the two connected at the top of the year to through a wild party — pre-quarantine of course — in their “Out West” video from Cactus Jack’s Jackboys compilation project.

In other news, Travis recently dropped the third release of merchandise as a part of his collab with McDonald’s. The release included cups, rugs, and tote bags. It was released after the popularity of the Travis Scott Meal forced the fast-food chain to make the meal available exclusively through the the McDonald’s app.

Hit play on “Franchise” in the video above.

Some artists covered here are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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