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Chelsea Houska: In Talks For Her Own Teen Mom 2 Spin-Off?!



Perhaps no reality show on television has a more conflicted relationship with its viewers than Teen Mom 2.

Fans grew up with these cast members, and they’ve become invested in their personal struggles, no doubt.

At the same time, that personal investment doesn’t necessarily mean that they like the Moms in all cases.

You know what we’re talkin’ about.

Jenelle Can Count

When Jenelle Evans was fired, for example, the move was universally applauded by Teen Mom Nation.

Several other cast members, former cast members and adjacent dudes aren’t much more popular.

Real-life plot twists such as Leah Messer joining a friggen cult or Kailyn Lowry deciding to have kid after kid with a complete loser such as Chris Lopez have left fans at a loss.

Kail Cries

These days for viewers, it’s less like they’re rooting for relatable people with relatable problems and more like they’re eavesdropping on the lives of ultra-privileged budding Kardashians.

But one member of the cast has remained true to her humble roots, and a growing number of viewers say she’s the only thing that keeps them tuning in.

Chelsea Houska With Son and Daughter

We’re talking, of course, about Chelsea Houska.

To describe the pride of South Dakota and soon-to-be mother of four as a fan favorite would be a dramatic understatement.

Chelsea is the most popular Teen Mom on social media by a wide margin, and fans have been vocal in their desire to see her star in her own series.

Chelsea Pic

“I fast forward though Briana,” one person tweeted to Chelsea during this week’s episode.

“I wish a network would just give you your own show who agrees?!” another echoed.

“We need a Chelsea and Cole plus 4 reality show! Love them to bits!!’ a third chimed in.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as a Pair

Well, a title that references the Gosselins probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea, as that situation didn’t work out well for anyone involved … and is making disastrous headlines even now.

But the point is, Teen Mom 2 viewers seem to really, really, really want a Chelsea and Cole spinoff.

So will that ever actually happen?

Cole DeBoer. Chelsea Houska. Happiness.

Well, the answer is … maybe?

Chelsea is the only cast member whose star is on the rise, and that’s been the case for quite some time.

Pair that with the discouraging Teen Mom 2 ratings – which have been on the decline for years – and it’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which producers approach the DeBoers about starring in a show of their own.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska, Lookin' Good!

We recently learned that Chelsea is pregnant with her fourth child, and she and Cole recently constructed a massive farmhouse in her native South Dakota, so she could certainly use the money.

But they also value their privacy more than any other couple on the show.

Happy Houska

If Teen Mom 2 comes to an end, Chelsea would in many ways be the least impacted of all the franchise’s cast members.

As such, she may decide that it’s run its course and now is the time for her to just be a stay-at-home mom for a while.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska, One Year Anniversary!

And with her sponsored content and endorsement deals, she’s got several other revenue streams available to her.

As a bonus, her hunky hubs Cole DeBoer is one of very few Teen Mom dads with a real career outside of the show.

Imagine that!

Chelsea Houska holds a Son

David Eason still won’t find a real job, and that knuckle-dragger got fired from MTV over two years ago!

Meanwhile, Cole is earning six figures from the network and still heading off to do real work every day.

So it’s tough to say what Cole and Chelsea might have in mind for themselves come next year.

Chelsea DeBoer Celebrates

A spin-off that’s just about her might require more involvement from their kids, and the duo might not want that.

Again, the irony of the most popular Teen Mom star being the one least reliant on Teen Mom doesn’t escape us.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that Chelsea remains one of the most popular reality stars of the decade.

Chelsea Houska Gender Reveal

Which means she should have no trouble bringing in the bucks no matter what she decides to do.

What do you think? Down Home DeBoers on MTV?? Or let them be in SD?


TVLine Items: Zoey’s Adds Shadows Star, Pandora Promotion and More




Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist appears to have found Max’s workplace replacement: Harvey Guillén (What We Do in the Shadows) will recur during Season 2 of NBC’s musical dramedy as George, a new programmer at Sprq Point.

In the Season 1 finale, Max announced that he was moving on from Sprq Point to pursue other opportunities, so could George — who makes his debut in the Season 2 premiere, airing in 2021 — be filling Max’s spot on Zoey’s team? It sure would line up with the fact that George is “constantly hungering for Zoey’s (and his fellow coders’) approval,” per the official character description.

Guillén currently plays “familiar”/vampire slayer Guillermo on the FX comedy What We Do in the Shadows, which was renewed for a third season back in May. His other TV credits include The Magicians, Eye Candy and Huge.

Our sister site Variety first reported the news of Guillén’s casting.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* The CW’s sci-fi drama Pandora has promoted Tina Casciani, who plays the Hypatia Syndicate’s ruthless leader Tierney, to series regular for Season 2, our sister site Deadline reports.

* ABC News’ T.J. Holmes has been named a permanent co-anchor on GMA3: What You Need To Know, opposite Amy Robach, per Variety . His new duties begin Monday, Sept. 21.

* The CW is developing the romantic mystery comedy drama I’m In Love With The Dancer From My Bat Mitzvah, from executive producer Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and writer Ilana Wolpert, who was an assistant on Crazy Ex, Deadline reports.

Which of today’s TVLine Items pique your interest?

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This is why Number Five always wears a uniform in The Umbrella Academy




As it turns out, there’s a practical real-world reason to keep Five in the uniform, too. The creative team behind The Umbrella Academy has a unique challenge with the character, as he’s the only member of the Hargreeves family who isn’t aging. That means he should look virtually the same all the way through season two as he did during season one. As young ensembles like the cast of Stranger Things have shown, teenage actors have a tendency to age fast — they can look drastically different over the course of a year. The schoolboy uniform is a way to make Five look approximately the same age as Gallagher himself ages from year to year.

On top of the practical considerations both in-universe and out, there’s a psychological metaphor in Five’s look, as Gallagher revealed in an interview with Collider. “I love the costume. I think it’s really cool. But the way I always imagine it in my mind is that Five hasn’t had the time to visit a tailor. He’s thrust around from event to event, for his entire life, and his only goal is to survive, get back to his family, and save the world,” the actor explained. “He’s never had time to figure out who he is as a person, and the costume is a good metaphor for that. It’s the salt in the wound for Five, being in his younger self now. This is the only thing that fits him, and there’s no time to actually get a proper suit or anything. You’ll probably see the costume change, if Five ever gets the chance to slow down.”

In terms of slowing down, the second season concludes with the Hargreeves returning to 2019, only to find their home occupied by a different group of presumed superheroes: the Sparrow Academy. Time (travel) will tell if Number Five is rocking the same iconic attire when we catch up with him in The Umbrella Academy season 3.

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Tucker Carlson Is Not Happy Ginsburg Didn’t Want Trump To Pick Her Replacement (Video)




As you might expect, Tucker Carlson spent all of his Fox News show on Friday night talking about the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The show began within an hour of the news breaking about Ginsburg’s death, and Tucker had a non-stop sequence of conservative pundits to talk about it.

For the most part, Tucker refrained from saying anything negative about Ginsburg, but he balked at one point when he brought up the NPR report that Ginsburg, days before her death, expressed the desire that her seat on the bench not be filled until after the November election.

NPR reported not long after the death announcement that Ginsburg has said to her granddaughter, Clara Spera, days before her death: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Tucker didn’t like that, and said as much to guest Peter Schweizer.

“I should say, we’re just getting word that NPR is reporting — and so with a grain of salt take this please — that on her deathbed Ruth Bader Ginsburg said to her granddaughter, and I think I’m quoting, ‘My most fervent wish,’ as she died, ‘is that I not be replaced by this president,’ ” Tucker said, getting the quote wrong.

“It’s hard to believe, and I’m gonna choose not to believe that she said that because I don’t think that people in their death beds are thinking about who’s president. You hope not — that’s a pretty limited way to think as you die. But certainly this will be used as a cudgel by the left.”

Schweizer then said that, really, this situation is Ginsburg’s own fault anyway, because she chose not to retire during the Obama years.

“Yeah, I think you’re right, Tucker. And look, I mean, it’s very tragic that she’s passed away she’s been handling this illness for a couple of years but we all have to remember that there were murmurs in the latter parts of the Obama administration where people were asking her to consider stepping aside and she refused to so part of the reason we’re in the situation because of that.”

Tucker just replied that Schweizer made a good point, and then moved on to the next guest. Most of Carlson’s guests on Friday openly encouraged Trump and his Republicans to push ahead to replace Ginsburg with a conservative before the election. Tucker himself did not endorse that idea, however.

You can watch the quoted portion of Friday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in the video embedded below.

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