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Chris Messina has a lot of anarchy left in him



Welcome to Random Roles, wherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. The catch: They don’t know beforehand what roles we’ll ask them to talk about.

The actor: Former Mindy Project paramour-turned-Birds Of Prey baddie Chris Messina has seen his fair share of “affable boyfriend” roles. And while he has undoubtedly managed to claim more than a few hearts with his performances in Julie & Julia, Away We Go, and Celeste & Jesse Forever, the New York actor does not mind the occasional dark turn, à la Damages, The Sinner, or Live By Night. In fact, his background in stage work, where he got to play an array of figuresfami ranging from cool to unhinged, sparked a deep interest in characters that harbor a penchant for causing some trouble. The A.V. Club chatted with the co-star of the post-World War II thriller The Secrets We Keep over the phone about crafting Victor Zsasz, eating hot dogs on Law & Order, and the joys of creating new families with stellar co-stars.

The Secrets We Keep (2020)—“Lewis”

The A.V. Club: There is a singular through line with all of your projects, where you always happen to land in the middle of these stellar ensembles. With Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, and Amy Seimetz, The Secrets We Keep is no exception. What was it like getting to be part of such a stacked cast?

Chris Messina: That’s the reason I took the job. [With Rapace,] I knew that I would get to spar with a real master actress. When you get those opportunities, they always make you better. She’s incredible. Her work ethic is just fierce. She has a lot to tackle and in the movie, the stakes keep rising and it was quite intense for her, yet she did it with such focus and grace. When you’re playing tennis with somebody on that level, they just make your game better.

AVC: There’s a scene that occurs within the first 15 minutes of The Secrets We Keep where your character, Lewis, and Rapace’s Maja are flirting and laughing in bed. There’s this really easy back and forth between you both. In a lot of your work, you’re able to find this very intimate line of communication with your scene partners. What gets you to that point?  

CM: I just think I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some really incredible people. One of the great things about acting is you kind of become family with this group of strangers. It’s great to learn about them and reveal yourself to them, and that’s certainly something Noomi and I did. Before we met, she would send me these playlists from the time period and we’d go back and forth. So when we jumped into rehearsals, we were already kind of grooving. I think with a lot of the people I’ve worked with, I’ve had that experience where you’re in battle together and you both take an oath to give it your all, to go as deep as you can, and with the most joy that you can. It’s always a joy to get to know them and sad to say goodbye.

Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey (2020)— “Victor Zsasz”

AVC: That was such a strong departure from from the rest of your portfolio. What was it like wading into the comic book side of storytelling?

CM: That was really fun. When you do something halfway decent in Hollywood, it’s hard to find people that can expand their imagination of what you can be. So for a while, I was a nice guy because that’s how some people got to know me. Because I come from New York theater where I played a plethora of different characters and delinquents in all these new plays, I was really drawn to these characters at an early age—loners, anarchists, antiheroes, whatever you would call them. I was thrilled that someone gave me a shot at doing something else because as an actor, it’s fun to disappear into other people and try on other people’s shoes. I did so badly in school, so it’s my way of learning about the world, people, and history.

There was a world of comic books to dive into and I enjoy the different incarnations that the artists took with that character along the way, and then finding our version of him with the director, Cathy Yan. It was really a lot of fun playing off Ewan McGregor, who was just the kindest man and so smart and playful. He helped my character become a bigger part of the movie. Rather just being a henchman sidekick, we developed this strange, master-servant relationship with my character adoring him, wanting to be him, and maybe taking over one day. It was almost like a Talented Mr. Ripley Zsasz or something. I still have more anarchic in me that I’d like to present.

Live By Night (2016)—“Dion Bartolo”

CM: Ben Affleck gave me the opportunity in Live By Night to be a darker version of anything I’ve played. Unfortunately, nobody saw that film, but it was a really nice departure into a darker world. My wife [Jennifer Todd] produced that film. So we worked together on that movie, which we had only done one time before we were even together on Ira & Abby. It was a beautiful family experience and I love that time period and that genre. Most casting directors, producers, or directors would never seen me or maybe wanted me to audition for that role, so the movie is very special to me and again, I surrounded by a group of extraordinary actors—Chris Cooper, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana, Elle Fanning, the list goes on.

The Mindy Project (2012-2017)—“Danny Castellano”

AVC: When it comes to Danny Castellano, there are classic scenes that are still heavily discussed, whether he’s dancing for Mindy or running toward her in a grand gesture.

CM: A lot of running. [Laughs.]

AVC: Is there a particular scene that you wish you had gotten to talk about more?

CM: I always loved when they would write Mindy and Danny one scene that would have some jokes, but was really heartfelt. I always loved doing those with [Mindy Kaling]. I think about that show a lot, about how much I took for granted. I would wake up, drive to work, and laugh the hardest I’ve ever laughed. It was just part of my day, and I took for granted what a gift that was, especially in the times we’re living in now. I always define that as a masterclass in comedy. I was very intimidated at first, but with writing and direction like that, they made a really memorable character in Danny Castellano.

All the scenes were fun. You’d go into the writers room and tell them, “This is the kind of person I am,” or “I sometimes like to juggle.” My mom was a dance teacher and I grew up wanting to be Baryshnikov. I danced and I was really into it. And then I’d open up the script a few weeks later and I’d be like, “ Oh shit. Why did I tell them that?” But in truth, it was nice because nobody’s asked about a love of mine as a kid. There I was with a choreographer on my day off or after work, working on a number and it was nerve wracking, but at the same time, I got to go back to my roots, which was my love of dance.

Sam Smith, “I Know I’m Not The Only One” (2014)—“Husband”

CM: That was so strange. I had never heard of Sam Smith at the time when they made that video. I was probably behind, as I often am. I could be misquoting this, but I think maybe Sam saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona and liked it, so they contacted me. They sent me the song and I played it for my wife, who really liked it and was like, “You gotta do this.” Sam was there for a couple of days and was lovely. When we were filming, they were starting to blow up, and then afterwards they became gigantic. But Sam was lovely and it was beautiful song.

AVC: And you got to depart from the affable boyfriend again by playing a cheating jerk.

CM: Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I did it. Not only was the song beautiful, but it was a chance to explore more darkness.

CM: Director Matt Ross is one of my dearest friends. We developed the movie together. I was just texting with him and [co-star] Marin Ireland, “Had I known how rare these experiences are, I would have savored every moment. And then Matt joked, “Well, maybe we should do 29 Hotel Rooms.” It was a lovely experience with a skeleton crew. I mean really, really independent. It was very much a family affair, just an incredible vibe all around.

When you do plays, you paint the sets, maybe you do sound or handle your own props. Everyone’s making it together. That’s the real fun of independent film and 28 Hotel Rooms was the epitome of that. It was a labor of love. Nobody would become rich off of it. It was just a way to express ourselves.

AVC: 28 Hotel Rooms is such a potent example of intimate storytelling. These characters, who don’t even have names, are really the only ones you see and there’s not a ton of background music. There’s really nothing to distract you from this central story of two romantically tortured people. 

CM: We were in love with Scenes From A Marriage and we were trying to get as raw as possible, to the guts of what a relationship is. Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams does this really well. Harold Pinter’s Betrayal deals with that long-standing affair and timing, meeting somebody at the right time, the one that got away, all those kinds of things. This was also very important to us.

I think at the end of the day, you’re looking for your people. And when you find them, you feel seen and heard. In a more commercial film, when you’re not a big star, you only have so much say, or there’s money and time to consider. That’s totally understandable, because this is the way it is. But to have a piece of clay, which was the movie that Matt had no ego about, and say, “We have the time and space, let’s try something entirely different today,” it was kind of orgasmic, to be honest. It’s hard to find your people.

AVC: Do you feel like Man and Woman left their partners for each other in the end?

CM: I think at the time I thought that they didn’t, probably because I thought that was sadder. They should have been together, but they never will be because they didn’t have the bravery to face that they’re in the wrong relationships, you know? I dunno, what did you think?

AVC: I oscillate, but I think what I recently landed on was that if they really felt empowered enough to leave their partners, they probably would have done it 26 hotel rooms ago.

CM: [Laughs.] Exactly, we’re very similar there. And I felt like even if they did get together, they were in such turmoil and the relationship was so damaged that they wouldn’t make it.

Humboldt County (2008)— “Max”
Ira & Abby (2006)— “Ira Black”
Six Feet Under (2005)— “Ted Fairwell”

AVC: There was a stretch of time where you were working with Frances Conroy a lot. Did you have a favorite instance of your time together?

CM: She’s unbelievable. I haven’t seen her in person in quite some time, but she had an elegance, simplicity, and joy in the way that she worked. She was always very inviting. When I was in Six Feet Under, I was coming on at the end of the sixth season. These people—not just Frances, but Lauren Ambrose, Michael C. Hall, Peter Krause, Richard Jenkins, all of them—were all so welcoming. I haven’t thought about this, but to have her in Ira & Abby, which was right after Six Feet Under, and then Humboldt, it’s pretty extraordinary to get that kind of a flow with somebody. You start to feel just more comfortable around them. I also think that dynamic is nice as a troupe. They’re a family at that point. They probably get on each other’s nerves and love each other, like a family. They know, “Oh, Chris is doing bullshit again. I love him, but I gotta tell Chris to stop doing is bullshit.” I read something by Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg where they would just say, “I think of you this way, you’re acting this way,” and they would go back and forth at each other to get to the truth, and only family can do that. I felt that way with Francis. I felt comfortable around her, like I stopped pretending.

AVC: Were you ever on the receiving end of one of those truth-telling moments in your career?

CM: When someone said “Stop doing your bullshit?” Every day somebody is telling me to stop doing my bullshit. Most of the time it’s me looking in the mirror saying, “Stop your bullshit, man.”

Law & Order (1995-2003)—“Don Cushman / Kevin Turner / Tommy Bell”

AVC: You’re part of this cool fraternity of people who have stopped by Law & Order multiple times.

CM: I think the first time I did Law & Order, I died. “Help” was my line, but I didn’t get it out. I died before I even said it. I did another episode where I was eating a hot dog at a hot dog stand. I remember telling my girlfriend at the time, “Yeah, it was a great day. I got the hot dog, cameras were rolling and nobody told me to eat the hot dog, but I ate a bunch of hot dogs!” I was very proud of myself. Law & Order is like a rite of passage for New York actors.

Rounders (1998)— “Higgins”

AVC: How did you land your first credited gig?

CM: That was just a random audition. It was really fun because I was enamored by Edward Norton and Matt Damon, who had just won the Oscar for Good Will Hunting. Edward Norton had just done Primal Fear, so they were young actors that you wanted to be. I remember having a couple more lines and the director giving me my lines away—either because I was fucking it up or because of the camera angle—and wondering what did I’d done wrong. Now, seeing how this business works, it’s very easy to see why he would have done that.

Before And After with Meryl Streep and Liam Neeson was really my first movie. I had a scene with Meryl Streep and she was lovely. It was one of the greatest days of my young career. And then I went to the movie with my girlfriend at the time, we watched it, and I never showed up. So you learn that that happens all the time and it’s nothing personal. When you’re a young actor, you take all that shit to heart. I carried that around for months. But when you work consistently, you start to learn that everybody’s been cut.


The Punisher Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Main Cast and Every Other Detail




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The Punisher Season 3 Updates: This is one of the many ventures on the Marvel Cinematic Universe television series produced by Netflix. This series revolves around the protagonist ‘Frank Castle’ determined to battle out crime as the vigilante ‘the Punisher’ even if it proved to be a  fatal one.

This ABC studio sponsored show was 2 seasons long with 26 episodes in total and has been put on hold since then.

Here’s What We Know So Far

Francis Frank, the Marvel Comic character brought to life by writers Gerry Conway and musicians  John Romita Sr. and Ross Andru was later adapted for screenplay by its showrunner Lightfoot.

The series opens with Frank’s avenging his loved one’s homicide by taking it out on those responsible. Throughout New York City, he makes long strides in learning the huge conspiracy plotted against him and his family which went as planned took away the lives of his wife and kids even he could dodge it himself.

The story then follows him turning his pain into Power against all injustices as he transcends all boundaries in the act of vengeance. Hence is the name ‘The Punisher’

Main Cast Of The Punisher Season 3

The star cast includes Jon Bernthal as the lead ‘The Punisher’; Amber Rose Revah as ‘Dinah Madani’; Ben Barnes as ‘Jigsaw’, Georgia Whigham as ‘Amy Bendix’, Jason R Moore as ‘Curtis Hoyle’ and few others portraying the characters in these seasons as ascribed to the original comic fiction.

Release Date Of The Show

For what it seems like it is not approved for the 3rd season yet. It is indeed very much of a challenge to reset the storyboard based on its actual version.

Since the last season took off on Jan 18, 2019, reports have unleashed the cancellation rumors, however, the showrunners are trying to get it back to the flow.

Though any such possibility has not been entertained yet, given the present disruption in normalcy in this worldwide pandemic.

This is an irrefutable decision, considering the well-being of the people on the team. Still, this is on the discourse and can be certainly committed to an alignment of a schedule for this replenishment of the series, once the situation is reclaimed.

Keep up with us as we bring to you the latest updates regarding your favorite dramas across the globe.

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Money Heist Season 5: Check out every latest update on the show including release date, cast, and more.




The Professor will be reuniting with his band for one last heist

Netflix’s hit Money Heist is currently shooting for its fifth and final season. We got to know that the production is back in business after Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo) confirmed that she is joining the sets, and now Álvaro Morte, who plays The Professor shared an image from the location. Pedro Alonso (Berlin) and Darko Peric (Helsinki) and new cast member Patrick Criado also shared a selfie.

One of the sets is going to be Vancouver, as we can see from Morte’s selfie.

Casting and speculations

Patrick Criado was speculated earlier to be the new villain for the season. But these new images left fans wondering if he was a villain or one of the gang members. Another new cast member who joined is Miguel Ángel Silvester, and his role is speculated to be of Tokyo’s ex-boyfriend who is believed to be killed in the robbery that happens at the start of the show.

The other shooting locations for Money Heist season 5 will be Spain, Denmark and Portugal.

The creator of the show, Álex Pina had confirmed to Entertainment Weekly about Miguel Ángel Silvestre being a new cast member. In season four we got to see the gang members taking over Gandía. But his death is still unknown as we never got to see it. So there are chances that he can be the new villain.

Of course, we are a long way away from the release date as production just started and the crew will be taking things more carefully due to the ongoing pandemic. The last season will be having ten episodes, and will pick up from where season 4’s cliffhanger ending left off.


(Cover: Netflix)

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FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v1.6.9 | Godmode, One Shot Kill, Unlimited Diamonds/Coins/Ammo




FRAG Pro Shooter is indeed one of the most loved and played shooting games by Oh BiBi. The fantastic game is known for its various shooting options along with a wide range of characters available which is played by more than 20 million people all around the world. The game got created in such a way that users can now play comfortably. This game can be played virtually by setting up your unique controls which fits you, and this option is available for every player out there. 

FRAG Pro Shooter is finally available in APK version 2.4.1 which will not only provide you with Unlimited Ammo but also Unlimited Coins will be provided now. The only thing you have to make a note of and do is to enable your unlimited coins before starting the game from the menu then you will be all set to go. The game is a perfect combination of card and shooting strategical games and thus will give you a complete experience of both. Each card would be specifying a character where each character will have its unique strength and weakness. Among n number of choices offered, it depends on the user to choose a symbol of their type.

The fantastic version will give you more updated experiences of gaming techniques, forming your incredible team, making more friends and rivals, upgraded battlefields and much more. You will get to choose five characters while entering a battle for your unit where each struggle will go on for 3 to 4 minutes. The main goal and vision of this version are to provide more high-tech weapons to help you destroy your opponent and earn points more effectively. Besides getting a strong team and upgraded weapon, one more critical issue is to update your character, and this version will assure to increase the strength of your character drastically every time it gets upgraded.

Features: FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v2.4.1


More than 70 characters with different abilities having their own pro’s and cons will be available for the signed-up users among which players can summon as much as they wish by using their gaming techniques effectively. The more you win points more, you will be able to upgrade your character, which will boost the strength and gaming techniques too.

Fan base:

 By winning each match and killing the opponent’s character user will earn more points and coins, and the more you win, the more your fan base will increase. Players will have the option to record their game and matches which can be viewed by other players. Again, this will not only increase your fan base but also by considering the opponent’s skills, and you can work on your shooting techniques more.

3D Graphics:

One of the well-developed battlefields and characters are available in this apk version where not only more improvised guns will be available but also the beautiful surrounding and battleground are just perfect.

Relive and Replay instantly:

If your opponent kills your character then no worries, you can start playing at that very moment by your other summoned characters. Thus you don’t have to wait to anymore to regain your life and start playing.


The game allows you to make your incredible team as mentioned before but with that if you want to join someone’s team than there are various clubs available and you can choose to create a team or join a renowned club.

Special Features of Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK :-

  • God Mode
  • One Shot Kill
  • Wall Hack
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Freeze Bots
  • Speed Hack
  • Unlimited Diamonds (Enable Diamond before loading, fixed at 4500)
  • Unlimited Coins (Enable before loading,  fixed at 10,000)

How to get Unlimited Diamonds / Coins in Frag Pro Mod APk Account ?

Here is the below methods to enjoy unlimited diamonds or coins in frag pro mod apk account :-

  • Firstly start the game
  • Now enable unlimited diamond/ coins
  • then buy something with coins or diamonds
  • Now you will have 4500 diamond and 10000 coins in your account.
  • Done, repeat this step in order to get unlimited money / coins

How to Download and Install FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK? [Root and Non-Root]

Root Users :-

  • First of download and install root version mod APK of FRAG Pro Shooter
  • Now Install FRAG Pro Mod APK root version in your device
  • Root Version support both G+ and facebook login without any problem.
  • You will be able to play like original version without any problem.

Non-Root Users :-

  • First of download and install non-root version mod apk of FRAG pro Shooter
  • Now install Frag Pro Shooter Mod non-root version in your device
  • Non-root version do not support G+ login and to login with facebook in non-root device you need to remove facebook app from device then only you will be able to login using facebook in non-root device

Download FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK

Download FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK non Root Version

Download FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK Root Version


FRAG Pro Shooter mod apk has been ruling every player’s heart from all over the world ever since it has got launched and this apk version will add more spice to it. More upgraded characters, updated battlefields, unlimited coins, unlimited ammo, updated weapons and the 3 Dimensional formats indeed will go perfectly together. Develop your plotted strategy, join amazing clubs, form your trustworthy teams, summon characters with tremendous capabilities and much more facilities will be provided. In this version, all these upgrades indeed have been attracting many users from all around the world. Players have been joining and playing this mind-blowing game for so long with this version too. So get ready to compete with millions of talented users out there.

FAQ regarding FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v2.4.1

1. Is there a possibility to see ads in Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK?

Answer: No, you will not see ads in Frag Pro Mod APK, if you see the ads then your account is banned.

2. Are Gun battles indispensable?

Answer: Yes, gun battles are indispensable on the battlefield.

3. What types of characters are available in Frag Pro Mod APK?

Answer: Characters having abilities for defending, attacking along with camp, center, wild and much more

4. What types of shooting options are available in Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK?

Answer: You will get auto shoot mode along with FPS (First Person Shooter) and TPS (Third Person Shooter) Options in FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK.

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