Among the critical characteristics of Chrome OS is its own built-in search capacities (Google is an internet search engine company, after all), that may show you internet leads to an addition to fitting apps. Currently, this Chrome OS search box is now getting two enhancements to earn Android apps more lively thanks to Firebase App Indexing and also make locating your installed Linux apps simpler.

As of now, the Chrome OS search box is very competent, revealing a nutritious combination of internet outcome, local files, apps, and a few other amazing tricks that search may perform just like unit conversion. Together with handy Assistant assistance, rolling out shortly to “all of the Chromebooks, ” Chrome OS attempts to get everything you may ever want right at your fingertips, however, there’ll always be room for advancement.

Two these developments are coming to Chrome OS shortly. The very first, seen by Chrome Story, is a new attribute, concealed behind a flag for the time being, which empowers Chrome OS to look for content within of Android apps. This capacity, powered by Firebase App Indexing, enables certain apps such as Google Play Books, Etsy, and The Guardian to yield results from their app to the Chrome OS lookup box.

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Firebase App Indexing up to this stage has just supported iOS and Android. So gaining Chrome OS capacity is likely to produce the library nearly indispensable for app developers who would like to have Google Search to market their app. This Android app searching support is live today in certain pre-release variations of Chrome OS, upon allowing the”#enable-app-data-search” flag.

Another improvement into the search box can be coming, promising to enhance the capacity to look for set up Linux apps. Spotted from the Chromium Gerrit source code management, a brand new code alter opens the”keywords” property, included in the”.desktop” record of many Linux apps, to hunting by Chrome OS. For the unknown, the”.desktop” document is how Linux decides how to display application icons onto your desktop and during the working system.

By way of instance, a photo editor such as GIMP might want to add”photo editor” in its keywords, to be indexed. These keywords are, sadly, less commonly used as you would expect. Digging into the”.desktop” documents on my computer I was not able to find one with the keywords land, such as Google’s own Chrome and Android Studio software.

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Maybe with a mainstream OS such as Chrome OS utilize the house for search will encourage more programmers to utilize it within their Linux software.

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