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Cybersecurity Challenges for Business Continuity after Coronavirus Pandemic and How to Deal with Them



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COVID-19 outbreak has taken the whole world by storm, with businesses being one of the biggest victims of the crisis. From retail to healthcare to hospitality to IT and education, no industry is safe. Work from Home (WFH) has become a new norm globally due to this virus outbreak. But is it providing a secure environment for companies? Is following cybersecurity procedures and ensuring that systems that were put in place are working perfectly still as easy as it was until a few months back? Well, it doesn’t seem so.

In fact, this new normal has created many new cybersecurity challenges for businesses. For instance, the swift transformation in this new working environment, such as augmentation of e-commerce footprints and teleworking, made numerous organizations use ad hoc IT solutions. And many of these challenges can cost your business dearly if not fixed in time. The wake-up call has already come in the form of security and privacy flaws that were discovered in the Zoom app. Let’s dig deep into the potential hurdles, and preventive drills enterprises need to make for secure continuity of their business during and after COVID-19.

 Challenges Companies Can Face Due to COVID-19

There is no doubt in the fact that this pandemic has put almost all organizations in surprise. It has also put many of their assets on the mercy of cybercriminals because compliance with cybersecurity procedures is a little difficult to ensure when everyone is working from home. Hackers are fully aware of this fact. As a result, they are applying more and more effort to find out Covid-induced vulnerabilities in organizations. IBM X-Force recently revealed that it had witnessed an increase of 4,300% in COVID-themed spam since February this year, including malicious discount offers or phishing. Similar reports have come from many other significant organizations too. That’s why we say that there is an assortment of new risks lurking over your business. The companies are facing various new challenges

  • Perimeter security of companies is at a breaching risk.
  • Devices used in the retail sector are more exposed to attacks as they depend on vulnerable hardware and software systems that are difficult to fix.
  • Significant increase in the risk of ransomware attack during a remote working environment with the possibility of employees clicking on COVID-19-themed ransomware emails.
  • Companies need to approach their technology and cybersecurity protocols, new economic realities, and remodeled business processes in the wake of the pandemic.
  • Also, enterprises need to work on implementing preventive and detective controls for more flexible working systems.

The Need of the Hour to Mitigate Challenges For Business Continuity

Post-COVID-19, re-establishing strategies according to new working models for organizations is necessary. It includes executing administrative controls more carefully when working from home. Cybersecurity experts need to play a more strategic and substantial leadership role in the business continuation plan. They must advance beyond being compliant advisers and enforcers to deal with information risks more strategically. The aim should be to create a work culture of shared cyber-risk ownership throughout the enterprise. 

The strict measures required for a post-Covid-19 business continuation plan are:

  • Managing backlog of security patches
  • Leveraging two-factor authentication for a remote working model
  • Re-planning mail and web security
  • Monitoring cloud security configurations
  • Evaluation and upgrade of fraud control algorithms

Let’s see how you can implement each of these measures to continue your business post-Covid-19.

#1. Create/Review Your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

WFH strategy across the world uncovered different vectors for cyberattacks. Several companies permitted the workforce to use their personal devices (i.e. laptops, tablets and smartphones) for working. If your organization also did the same, your need to review or even reshape your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies to document all measures that employees need to apply while working on their devices. Suppose no such procedures existed in your business before the outbreak. In that case, you need to create them now so your employees can follow the necessary security measures in future when they need to work from home again.

#2. Implement Much-Needed SSL Security

One of the best action plans to secure sensitive data from theft is not disclosing it on the unknown public networks. Stop considering that during WFH your personnel will be using business assets like VPN to connect to your server over a secure network. If they don’t do it out of laziness or any other reason, your confidential data will be at stake and hackers can steal it easily if your employees use a public network. If you want to avoid such a scenario, you should utilize SSL connections everywhere on your server to ensure that all your data is passing through encrypted connections. Buy cheap SSL certificates from ClickSSL for the purpose. It will help to protect their sign-in credentials and other confidential data of your enterprise on insecure public networks.

#3. Ensure Robust Financial Coverage

Cyber risk is not only about technology or operations risk. It’s also essential to maintain robust financial resources and cyber infrastructure to facilitate operations of your enterprise without interruption in case something goes wrong. Since this pandemic has already increased the cybersecurity risk to your business, you should consider cyber insurance to shield yourself against damages that can be brought by any attack. Businesses need to examine existing insurance coverage and recognize potential gaps. Also, stay updated on possible changes in coverage regulations at renewal because insurers are also reviewing claim patterns to recoup their losses from new customers.

#4. Reset Your Security Systems

Covid-19 has forced organizations to reconsider their business standards and working models. To check for any digital holes, businesses must make sure that they reset their digital and physical systems alike. You should audit the system and data access rights provided during lockdown to facilitate remote working conditions during this pandemic. It helps to ascertain if they need to be upgraded or revoked. Also, set current audit obligations for all third parties with authorized access to enterprise data, systems, or networks.

In addition to that, you or the auditors of your cybersecurity should also conduct a risk assessment test to identify enforcement mechanisms for facilitating the security of your enterprise data. Those mechanisms may include single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, automatic logout from abandoned devices and other steps. Cybercriminals might have found ways to gain unauthorized access into otherwise consolidated facilities, so anticipating foul paths, cracks, or fraudulent identities in IT systems is vital.

#5. Update Business Continuity Plan

The next critical step that security leaders need to take is revising their BCP as per the evolving situation. By incorporating an outbreak-like situation and conducting periodic drills, you can get a clearer view of what is significant for your businesses. A playbook must also be a part of BCP to respond to cybersecurity incidents that surfaced amidst the pandemic. Evaluate every incident-specific playbook and quip whether lockdown restrictions may affect your incident response plan and if there is a backlog of security patches because of the lockdown. If yes, install the necessary patches as soon as possible.

#6. Prepare Through Hard-Learned Lessons

Last, but certainly not least, cybersecurity experts in your enterprise must analyze current security solutions for remote management ability. They should also share the lessons they learned during the outbreak to establish robust security measures for future pandemics or similar situations that don’t involve a pandemic. Proactive participation of security experts with trusted partners to plan comprehensively and creatively for scalability and provision of required solutions is also crucial.

Your employees should also be educated about typical attack patterns of suspicious website links and email attachments because as we explained above, Covid-19 related spam has increased substantially in recent days. So educate your employees about ransomware and privacy obligations while working remotely. Also, train them about actions they need to take if their devices are compromised.

Final Thoughts

This out of the blue situation of Covid-19 forced enterprises to quickly change their working models, often at the expense of privacy rights. And as it happened, cybercriminals started venturing to exploit digital vulnerabilities and corporate fears. Therefore, new approaches for Business Continuity Plan post-pandemic are critical to keeping your enterprise protected. We hope the information provided by us related to Covid-19 Cybersecurity Scams and Challenges for Business with their solutions will help you to prepare your BCP for a better post-pandemic future. If you’ve any other tips that can be helpful in the same regard, share them as well in the comments section.


Top 10 Best Lawn Tractor Leaf Bags in 2020




Have you ever been used a lawn tractor leaf bag? Battling finding the best lawn tractor leaf bag?

What is Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag?

Lawn tractor bags are usually made up of untainted fabric types and some bags are made of netting. It may be easily repaired with cohesive and tape and, these fabrics can also be utilized for outdoor such as tents and mosquito netting. Homeowner must buy the leaves collector bag for his yard cleaning and some people don’t think about that but, these are crucial home accessories If you’re damn worried about picking the leaves in your large yard afterwards you want to burn leaves but this is the worst action because this is illegal course of action and burning leaves produce air polluting smoke and irritating gases which makes the environment contaminant that’s why I want to suggest you a lawnmower leaf bag for picking leaves from yard.

 There are a several models and spec are available that may puzzled you while buying. In this buying guide, I would like to discuss the top-rated models of 10 best lawn tractor leaf bags for lawn and gardens in 2020 regarding article.

10. Fern and Foliage 111 Lawn and Leaf

Fern and Foliage 111 Lawn and Leaf is an unusually simple foldable bag for collecting trash and leaves in it from lawn and garden. This can easily be hold by the reinforced handle and keep this bag from one hand easily. This is an excellent bag that is made up of poly- propylene woven fabric also, it is water- resistant multifunctional quality bag that you can buy easily without any hesitation.


  • Foldable water resistant bag
  • Shape: like dustbin
  • Reliable multifunctional bag

9. Fiskars Kangaroo Collapsible Container

Fikars Kangaroo Collapsible Container is an exceptional unit which is collapsible, foldable and easy to transport occupies less surface. Strapping handles have been attached to the bag you can effortlessly carry it and, this may be used for collecting garbage and leaves from the yard. This is also tear-resistant household accessory for your convenience.


  • Collapsible and foldable accessory
  • Best for collecting garbage and yard leaves
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to lift
  • Compact handles
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean

8. TerraKing 54 cu. Ft. Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag

TerraKing 54 cu. Ft. Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag is made up of USA. This is durable bag with 120 inches opening circumference of 2 bags collection. This is very comfortably and take a second to install also an abrasion resistant bag. This model do work simply, you can easily collect dust and leaves in it and this can be folded then store it easily. This is one of the easier accessory for customers.


  • Made in USA
  • Affordable price tag
  • Foldable and occupies less space
  • 120 inches front circumference
  • Durable, easier to install and abrasion resistant
  • Easy to remove
  • Perfect time-saver accessory
  • Durable polyester fabric

7.  A+ Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag, Fits all Lawn Tractor

A+ Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag is an ultimate time-saver bag for collecting of leaves, dust and trash. The one essential spec is that it fit all types of awn tractors comfortably. Easy to use, install and store and this is established of durable polyester fabric. You can easily clean your lawn with the help of this, when bag will full with trash you can simply disconnect the bag with the mower.


  • Ultimate time-saver
  • Sturdy, durable polyester fabric
  • Easy to use, install
  • 40 bushels (54 cubic feet)
  • Dual drawstring clips

6. Mython Lawn Tractor Grass Catcher Bag Leaf Bag Capacity 54 cubic feet Black

Mython Lawn Tractor Grass Catcher Bag Leaf is the best unique black color lawnmower leaf bag. High quality of lawn tractor bag are available at an affordable prices and provides you a 2 bags collection system of 40 bushels 54 cubic feet of leaves. The material is 300D polyester fabric with dual drawstring clips, you can simply fix the cords lock of the bag with the mower.


  • 300D polyester fabric material
  • Black bag capacity 54 cubic feet
  • Brand name: Mython
  • Easy to install and remove

5. Todale Lawn Mower Leaf Bag Fits Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Big Capacity 54 cubic feet Durable Double-Sided Nylon Material

Do you want to get a durable nylon material bag?

Well, Todale Lawn Mower Leaf Bag is double-sided nylon material bag with opening circumference 120 inches and assure that bag would not contact with hot air exhausted. This is unique, durable, long-lasting utilizing bag for lawn and gardens. This 420D double sided nylon material has 2 bags collection system with foldable spec.


  • 420D double sided nylon material bag
  • Compatibility: 54 cubic feet capacity and 120 inches opening circumference
  • Brand: Todale
  • Easy to install, use and empty out
  • Waterproof wear resistant fabric

4. FiskarsStaySharp Grass catcher for Reel Mower

Are you finding the collaborated grass catcher for reel mower?

FiskarsStaySharp is an excellent grass catcher which is 1900G in weight, black/ orange, 1000592 in colour. The best thing is, this is automatic mowing for grass collections and durable sturdy steel structure.


  • Weight: 1900G
  • Brand: Fiskars
  • Convenient to use and empty out

3. Xinni Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Grass Catcher Leaf Bag Capacity 54 cubic feet Black

Xinni Lawn Tractor is one the best leaf bag which capacity 54 cubic feet in black and assure that it would not make contact with hot exhaust. 1.80 pounds in weight and can easily disconnect when bag will full. Four different colors are provided to you grey, black, brown and beige.


  • 210D polyester fabric material
  • Durable, sturdy and 1.80 pounds in weight
  • Gray, black, brown and beige colors

2. Husqvarna H34648 SL 3-Bin Bagger Lawn Mower Leaf Bag

Husqvarna H34648 SL 3-Bin Bagger is an excellent dustbin shaped leaf bag 3-bin 9 bushel soft sided bagger. This is very easier to use and clean and, that is well fortified to improved airflow.


  • Brand: Hasqvarna
  • Model: H34648 SL
  • 27.22 pounds weight
  • Easy to use and install
  • MTD Genuine – 42 inch. And 46 inch Double Bagger for Riding Lawn Mower (2010 and after)

MTD Genuine is top-hinged hood, and it can easily be clean or not flipping the seat. Flexible tube that are attached with it and simply fit on all tractors.


  • Capacity 6.5 bushel
  • Weight 22.00 pounds
  • Brand MTD Genuine parts
  • Don’t need to flip when empty out
  • Good for riding mowers
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Web App vs. Download app: What to choose when playing online casino?




Just grab your mobile phone while you’re on the move and spin the reels for a few rounds on the slot machines or play blackjack? Ten years earlier, this was impossible. Online casinos like Bcasino now use mobile applications as well as mobile versions of their websites . Have you ever wondered why many providers do not develop their own app for installation via the Play Store or AppStore?

The reason: As part of the terms and conditions, the operators of the app stores prohibit developers from publishing applications that allow real money gambling. Poker or live blackjack with play money – the operators usually have no problem here. As soon as money is wagered, you can usually only find the apps via the casino.

In order to download and install third-party applications, you must then grant the permission via the settings. A cumbersome procedure. There is still a challenge for mobile online casinos. Native mobile applications have to be “maintained”. The web app has more advantages in comparison. There is no hassle when changing devices. And updates to the mobile operating systems also cause significantly fewer problems.

On the other hand, some casino fans feel more comfortable with the native app. And online casinos can customize the design and usability of the app – completely independent of the desktop application.

Free casino apps: Social casinos are on the rise

Many casino fans know the casino app. What has become a trend in recent years are apps for playing classic casino games – but without having to wager mobile casinos for real money. These social casinos do not primarily rely on real money wagers and winnings. The focus here is that you can compete with acquaintances and friends.

Who has the luckier hand in blackjack ? Who will make the first royal flush? This form of online gambling offers many opportunities to pass the time. And you can practice with these apps so that you might pay a visit to one or the other mobile online casino later.

But: Playing with virtual currency leads to a very aggressive style of play. In a real money casino, a conservative style of play is advisable.

If the apps don’t generate revenue from table stakes, how do the social casino apps make money? A legal approach – in the sense of the terms and conditions for the app stores – are microtransactions for cosmetic items with which you can “spruce up” your avatar.

Or you can buy boosters for the game and a drink or two. In addition, a certain amount of the in-game currency can often be bought with real money. With this, you pay for special social features and functions.

Top or flop: the 7 criteria for the crushing factor

The number of real money online casinos has increased massively in recent years. It is more important to keep an overview. Which internet casinos land very far ahead in the test and have the crushing factor depends on their performance in various test categories.

1. Games & software

The selection of games and software providers determines how much variety a mobile online casino can offer. It is crucial that all important categories – i.e. mobile casino slots / slot mobile or card games such as real money blackjack and table games – are covered.

2. Bonus offer

Every casino fan likes to see high bonus advantages in the welcome packages . But don’t forget that the bonuses have to be unlocked as well. Here the chaff and wheat separate relatively quickly. A feasible wagering requirement is just as important as a reasonable period of time to clear the bonuses.

3. Live casino

In the meantime, live tables are actually part of the friendly tone in every mobile online casino, which hopes for a chance of an excellent result in the casino test. Always make sure that well-known game providers take over the technical implementation – in order to always get the best live dealer experience.

4. Mobile casino

Mobile applications are now a must have. An online casino can no longer hold its own against the competition without a web app or native applications. A good porting of the games and a correspondingly good usability of the casino apps are essential for maximum gaming fun.

5. Limits & payout percentages

Regarding the limits and the RTP (Return to Player), general evaluations of mobile online casinos are difficult. The differences between the tables are just too big here. But: If you want to play a few rounds of mobile roulette as a high roller, you often have the best chances at the live tables. Table and card games also often do better than many slot machines when it comes to the payout ratio.

6. Payment methods

In banking, it’s not just the available payment methods that make up the crushing factor. Credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets should now be standard. Acceptable payment guidelines are important. Allowing less than 10,000 euros a month as a payout is simply not enough.

7. Customer service

The support always threatens to receive insufficient attention. This shows how well an online casino reacts to user inquiries. Being reachable by email has become standard. Live chat or a hotline ensures the possibility of communicating with the online casino in real time.

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Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. The fourth game in the Counter-Strike series was released for Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012, while the Linux version was released in 2014. The game pits two teams against each other: The Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists.

Both sides are tasked with eliminating the other while also completing different objectives. There are nine game modes, all of which have distinct characteristics specific to that model. The game also has matchmaking support that allows players to play on dedicated Valve servers and allows members of the community to host their servers with custom maps and game modes.


CSGO Prime Account is an upgrade available to all CS: GO players. When you have Prime Status, you are matched with other players who also have Prime Status, and Prime users are eligible for Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases. There are two ways to upgrade your account to Prime Status; reach Rank 21 by earning XP and add an eligible phone number to your Steam account or purchase the CS: GO Prime Status Upgrade in-game or through the Steam Store.


CSGO Smurf Account is the matchmaking concept in which a higher ranked player uses the lower rank account to play against low ranked players. In multiplayer games played online, an experienced player creates a second account to take advantage of the other players. That second account is called the Smurf account. The individual will have two accounts, of which the second will portray themselves as an amateur. These accounts can help them gain wins over the other low experienced players very easily. So, a smurf in CS: GO is an individual who intentionally reduces their rank from a high skill level like LE or global elite to a low skill level. This is done to compete against the actual low-level players like silver or gold nova. A smurf can do this by getting CSGO Smurf Accounts with money.


A CSGO Prime Account or a Smurf Account is beneficial in many ways-

  • The Prime Account will enable loads of benefits and improve matchmaking, whereas creating a Smurf Account helps improve the skill set of the player.
  • This brings in more players into the game. The inexperienced players will be aware of more skills and tactics that will help in bettering their gameplay.
  • The Prime Account and Smurf Account help every player and maximize the thrill of the game for both experienced and inexperienced players.

So, having a CSGO Prime Account or CSGO Smurf Account or both are beneficial and helpful in enhancing the player’s gaming experience.


Overall, Counter-Strike has been delivering the best games for 20 years, and this latest version is indeed worthwhile considering its advanced features, tasks, and graphics. Counter-Strike- Global Offensive is undoubtedly unique and comes with loads of excitement, which is not worth missing.

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