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Download GTA 3 : APK + OBB with Mod unlimited for Android



Welcome to Liberty City. Where everything started.

Rockstar Games praises the tenth commemoration of 1 of the powerful top rounds ever. The widely praised blockbuster terrific burglary Auto III includes cell phones, rejuvenating the dim and shabby hidden world of Liberty City. With an immense and different open world, a wild cast of characters of all social statuses and in this way the opportunity to investigate freely, amazing robbery Auto 3 puts the dull, fascinating and heartless universe of wrongdoing readily available.

With heavenly voice acting, a dimly funny storyline, an unimaginable soundtrack and progressive open-world ongoing interaction, amazing robbery Auto III are that the game that characterized the open-world type for an age.

GTA 3 Details:

What we know about GTA 3 game

Grand Theft Auto 3 – the renowned game GTA 3 is currently on android! The hero is the criminal Cloud, who was the casualty of a criminal trick of his companion Catalina, and Miguel, an individual from the Colombian medication cartel. GTA three APK OBB MOD v1.Eight (Limitless Cash) Obtain for Android | Grand theft auto, Grand theft auto 3, Best android games

In the game, there are components of the auto simulator and shooter from the third individual. Grand Theft Auto 3 (MOD Unlimited Money) is the third-individual activity pretending game created by DMA Design and delivered by Rockstar Games. Before the arrival of the Android form, this game sold 17 million duplicates and got extraordinary compared to other selling games around the world. Proceeding with the experience with the most famous hoodlums of Liberty City, you will encounter the life and work of a genuine criminal when playing this game. Become a chief, meet the mafia, partake in murder and medication dealing missions.

The storyline of Grand Theft Auto(GTA) 3

In the wake of playing out a bank burglary, Claude is sold out by his accomplice and his better half Catalina. They shot him and got away with an unknown Colombian mafia. Claude endure however was captured and condemned to 10 years in jail.

While in transit to government jail, the caravan accompanied Claude and different detainees were assaulted. He unintentionally gets liberated and meets different packs, including 8-Ball. Then he acquainted him with Leone’s Mafia family. Later he partook in the mafia war of this family, battling the groups of the Colombian Mafia. Simultaneously, Claude tries to render retribution on the individuals who deceived him, including his ex Catalina.

The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto(GTA) 3

Through the mission, you will be passing a long story between groups of thugs. Liberty City comprises of three Portland provinces, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Beginning in Portland, the staying two regions opened thus when you complete the doled out assignments.Grand Theft Auto III/GTA 3 APK + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money/Lives)

In the open universe of the game, you can go anyplace and do anything you desire. This city is yours. Meander the city, assault people on foot, take expensive supercars you like. Police and FBI will show up when you accomplish something unlawful. Runaway, ensure you are far out by officials until the needed warrant taken out.

The intuitive control system of Grand Theft Auto(GTA) 3

The control arrangement of Grand Theft Auto III is exceptionally intuitive and straightforward to utilize. Game console uphold gamepad has been upgraded for Android gadgets so that you can control effectively and helpfully.
When driving, the game permits you to change the viewpoint of a third view or in the lodge. In this way, you can perform red hot hustling in the city and desert the adversary.


The universe of Grand Theft Auto 3 is immersed in grisly fights between groups, so weapons are critical. Three principle sorts of weapons can utilize, including firearms, scuffle weapons, and explosives. There are numerous kinds of weapons to look over, for example, Micro Uzi, rifles, M16, expert rifleman rifles or even flamethrowers. You can gather weapons through nearby shops, in the city or from dead adversaries.

3D graphics

Grand Theft Auto 3 is a top-notch game with incredibly good 3D graphics. Sharp pictures with HD goal (1080p). With current graphics innovation, the game has enhanced with cell phones. Some vehicle plans and characters altered contrasted with the PC rendition.

When playing this game, you will have the chance to travel and investigate the vast, radiant city of Liberty. By the top of the line graphics, you should utilize a telephone with a sufficiently high setup to encounter the game. As quickly as could be expected under the circumstances.

Download Grand Theft Auto 3 Mod APK

Before putting the connection to download Grand Theft Auto III. We checked the connection. It’s working. In the event that you out of nowhere can’t download. If it’s not too much trouble let us know by means of remarks or through the input structure.

How to install Grand Theft Auto 3 OBB

  1. Install downloaded APK file
  2. Extract and copy folder “com.rockstar.gta3” to “Android/Obb/”
  3. Start the app and enjoy

Download Link of GTA 3 APK and OBB :

Click Here to download GTA 3 Original APK without Mod

Click Here to Download GTA 3 MOD APK

Click Here to download GTA 3 OBB FILE with original and mod apk


In past renditions, Grand Theft Auto III was a magnificent game in the two graphics, interactivity, and storyline. Join the fight among groups and experience the life of a real lawbreaker. The substance of the game contains components of savagery, drugs, and numerous different things. So GTA 3 expects you to be 18 years of age to play.


What Time Will ‘Enola Holmes’ Be on Netflix?




Enola Holmes is coming out on Netflix tomorrow, which means the world is just a few short hours away from Henry Cavill‘s bulging muscles shoved into Victorian clothing. You don’t need to be a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that’s exactly what we need right now.

Starring Stranger Thing‘s Millie Bobby Brown as the 16-year-old sister of the world’s greatest detective, Enola Holmes is an adaptation of the young adult book series by Nancy Springer. Directed by Harry Bradbeer and written by Jack Thorne, this story finds Enola (Brown) searching for her missing mother (Helena Bonham Carter) while trying to avoid being sent away to boarding school by the order of her misogynistic brother, Mycroft (Sam Claflin). Unfortunately, her other brother Sherlock (Cavill), isn’t much help, so Enola takes matters into her own hands. (And yes, this is the same Sherlock Holmes adaptation that was sued for giving the detective feelings.)

If you’re looking to solve the mystery of the Enola Holmes release time, you’ve come to the right place. In the words of OG Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. That, and also Netflix put the Enola Holmes release time on the official Enola Holmes press page.


Enola Holmes will begin streaming on Netflix on Wednesday, September 23. That’s tomorrow!


New titles arrive on Netflix at 12 a.m. PT, or 3 a.m. ET on the morning of the release date. Therefore, Enola Holmes will be on Netflix either very late Tuesday night or very early Wednesday morning, depending on how you want to look at it.

If the clock strikes midnight on the west coast and you don’t yet see Enola Holmes on Netflix, try refreshing the page or logging out and logging back in again. If that works, congratulate yourself on solving the case of the missing Netflix movie.


There sure is, and you can watch it right here. Simply scroll up and hit play on the video at the top of this article. The video player is afoot!

Watch Enola Holmes on Netflix

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Why Joel Kinnaman Couldn’t Recognize Himself While Shooting The Secrets We Keep




You can tell, even just by talking to Joel Kinnaman, that he’s a guy who loves to make friends. During our interview, Kinnaman was all smiles and laughs, wearing a floppy cheetah print hat and discussing how being tied up was quite the mood ruiner for his days on The Secrets We Keep’s set. What’s even more surprising is the fact that while you might think that he’s just doing a good job of acting like he’s tightly bound and gagged to a chair, Joel Kinnaman was actually pretty tightly packaged at all times. This was thanks to Yuval Adler, the co-writer/director of The Secrets We Keep, who made sure he did all he could to keep his actors in the right mindset. Something that, as Kinnaman continued to explain, really put him in a foul mood:

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NEWS WATCH: BOOM! Studios Debuts New SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE Graphic Novel Trailer




BOOM! Studios has revealed a new trailer for SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE, the historic graphic novel adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’ American classic and one of the world’s seminal anti-war novels. Slaughterhouse-Five is faithfully presented in graphic novel form for the first time by Eisner Award-winning writer Ryan North (How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Albert Monteys (Universe!).

Available now everywhere books are sold, SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE has earned acclaim from all corners with starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, along with rave reviews from acclaimed authors such as Kieron Gillen (Once & Future), Evan Narcisse (Rise of The Black Panther), Al Ewing (We Only Find Them When They’re Dead), Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals) and more.

You can watch the new SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE graphic novel trailer right here:

Listen: Billy Pilgrim has…
…read Kilgore Trout
…opened a successful optometry business
…built a loving family
…witnessed the firebombing of Dresden
…traveled to the planet Tralfamadore
…met Kurt Vonnegut
…come unstuck in time.

Billy Pilgrim’s journey is at once a farcical look at the horror and tragedy of war where children are placed on the frontlines and die (so it goes), and a moving examination of what it means to be fallibly human.

Kurt Vonnegut’s black humor, satiric voice, and incomparable imagination first captured America’s attention in The Sirens of Titan in 1959, and established him as “a true artist” (The New York Times) with Cat’s Cradle in 1963. He was, as Graham Greene declared, “one of the best living American writers.” Kurt Vonnegut died in 2007.

SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE is the latest release from BOOM! Studios’ award-winning Archaia imprint, home to inspiring graphic novels such as Big Black: Stand at Attica by Frank “Big Black” Smith, Jared Reinmuth, and Ameziane, Happiness Will Follow by Mike Hawthorne, We Served the People by Emei Burell, The Realist by Asaf Hanuka, Girl on Film by Cecil Castellucci and Vicky Leta, Melissa Duffy, V. Gagnon & Jon Berg, New World by David Jesus Vignolli, About Betty’s Boob by Vero Cazot and Julie Rocheleau, Waves by Ingrid Chabbert and Carole Maurel, The Grand Abyss Hotel by Marcos Prior and David Rubín, and more.

Print copies of SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE are available now at local comic book shops (use to find the one nearest you), at bookstores or at the BOOM! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Madefire.

For continuing news on SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE and more from BOOM! Studios, stay tuned to and follow @boomstudios on Twitter. 

NEWS WATCH: BOOM! Studios Debuts New SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE Graphic Novel Trailer

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