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Entertainment4 mins ago

In Mel Gibson’s Hurricane Maria Movie, Root For The Bad Guys

Let’s check on how the Mel Gibson Hollywood rehabilitation tour is going, shall we? For the past few years, the...

Entertainment5 mins ago

Marc Maron mourns late girlfriend Lynn Shelton: ‘I miss her’

Marc Maron is remembering his late partner, director Lynn Shelton. The podcast host and Glow actor shared his first Instagram...

Entertainment6 mins ago

‘The High Note’ Review: A Tepid Drama That’s Frequently Off Key

Nisha Ganatra‘s new movie The High Note starts off fairly promising. It’s about an assistant who wants to be a...

Entertainment7 mins ago

How To Combat The Very Real Anxiety Of Returning To Life After Iso

If you are in crisis or need immediate assistance, please contact 000. If you need to speak to someone urgently,...

Entertainment8 mins ago

Ruby Rose Quits Batwoman; Role to be Recast

  Holy shocker, Batman! The CW just lost its female caped crusader. In surprising news, actress Ruby Rose has quit...

Entertainment12 mins ago

Jerk Repeatedly Damages Pecan Groves With His Trailer Truck, So The Landowner Teaches Him An Expensive Lesson

Recently, Reddit user TboneXXIV shared a story of persistence. One dude persistently parked his trailer truck on his parents’ pecan...

Entertainment13 mins ago

Are The Lovebirds and Capone worth a watch this Memorial Day weekend?

Photo: Skip Bolen (Netflix) We’re rolling into a long weekend, and with multiplexes around the country still closed, movie lovers...

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