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1BR Review







Nicole Brydon Bloom as Sarah

Naomi Grossman as Janice

Giles Matthey as Brian

Alan Blumenfeld as Gus

Taylor Nichols as Jerry

Andrea Gabriel as Christina

Celeste Sully as Lisa

Curtis Webster as Charles D. Ellerby

Clayton Hoff as Lester

Written and directed by David Marmor

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1BR Review:

Hollywood is one of the most inviting places for dreamers from across the country to move to in order to pursue their dreams, but is also one that can deliver hardships and heartbreaks, some whimsical as in Damien Chazelle’s Oscar-winning musical La La Land and some horrific as in Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer’s terrifying psychological horror Starry Eyes. It’s a tale as old as time and though 1BR initially starts off feeling like a mixture of the latter and Roman Polanski’s classic Rosemary’s Baby, it offers a few nice twists along the way to set itself apart.

After leaving behind a painful past to follow her dreams, Sarah scores the perfect Hollywood apartment. But something is not right. Unable to sleep, tormented by strange noises and threatening notes, her new life quickly starts to unravel. By the time she learns the horrifying truth, it’s too late. Caught in a waking nightmare, Sarah must find the strength to hold onto her crumbling sanity…or be trapped forever in an existential hell.

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In his feature debut, writer and director David Marmor seeks to put as much distance between his film and a glut of similarly-set films, having the heroine be an aspiring artist and designer versus the typical Hollywood starlet and featuring a group of neighbors almost entirely trustworthy rather than suspicious and off-putting, and for the most part it works. It’s easy to connect to many of the lovable residents of Sarah’s new apartment complex, as many of us know an elderly person who cares more about others than taking care of herself and the handsome neighbor who you’d love to get to know if it wasn’t for the cat you’re not supposed to have in your apartment.

As the film progresses, it slowly turns into a typical-yet-fun psychological thriller in which Sarah’s apartment doesn’t appear to be as idyllic as it first seemed, with pipes becoming increasingly loud and disruptive for her sleep and threatening messages regarding someone knowing of the existence of her cat in the apartment until she wakes up one night to the most horrifying discovery of all. Everything leading up to this point, which is still in the first act, is both a traditional and fun exercise and as things change and revelations are brought to life, it continues to become an intriguing mystery of just who she can trust and why she’s experiencing the nightmares she’s going through.

However, this is also where the film suddenly becomes a bit of an overlong slog, despite only running 90 minutes. The primary reveal itself is a solid one for the genre and creates many questions that could have carried the film across its runtime, but the problem is that they are instead answered before we even really get to the halfway point, which then creates the question of why the audience should continue watching. The story feels like two films that are compressed into one, with everything past the halfway point feeling like a story that would be reserved for a sequel but is instead attached while the first half of the story is compressed to fit the shortened run time.

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I can very much appreciate the attempt Marmor is going for here, as it is a strong attempt at subverting general horror movie and thriller tropes and craft a more thought-provoking story and character development, but due to the rushed nature of the plot, it really takes away the potential of the latter. The narrative choices made could’ve been some of the most intriguing for any character, heroine or otherwise, as she’s put up against nightmare-worthy forces, but instead this potential falls mostly flat and doesn’t reach the heights it set itself up for.

Though the film somewhat suffers narrative-wise, Marmor knows how to keep audiences quaking in their seats, delivering some truly tense and creepy moments as well as some that are sure to send chills down the backs of even the biggest genre enthusiasts. These chills are supported by strong performances from its cast, namely lead Brydon Bloom, who thoroughly shines and compels as Sarah and is someone I would love to see lead more efforts in the horror and thriller genres, proving to be a quietly powerful and nuanced performer.

Overall, 1BR is a film full of potential and plenty of horror and thriller fun, even if it drops the ball on some of its more interesting narrative elements.

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Stephen Colbert breaks down Trump vs. the CDC




Stephen Colbert examined how the Centers for Disease Control’s guidelines have been revised through pressure from the White House.

Disconnect among government agencies at the very start of the pandemic may be forgiven by some. But months into the crisis, it is hard to believe that tension still exists between the White House and the Centers for Disease Control. That’s how Stephen Colbert feels as he explained during Wednesday night’s Late Show monologue.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been chronicling President Donald Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the late night show has focused on the president’s response to medical experts. Colbert and company’s conclusion? It’s not good.

Whether it is contradicting Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, refusing to wear a mask, or admitting to taking experimental drugs, President Trump has demonstrated he is unwilling to follow advice from medical and public health officials.

The latest example came from a report on how CDC guidelines on reopening states have been altered by the White House. Colbert weighed in on the situation during his monologue on Wednesday night:

The last thing a public health institute should be during a pandemic is “muzzled.” But apparently that’s how some are describing the way President Trump’s administration is treating the CDC. It has been clear for some time that the president wants the economy to bounce back as quickly as possible, especially as the Nov. election approaches. Colbert sees through this as well as anyone and calls it out.

As if that wasn’t enough, Colbert then moves on to another unnerving story. The White House is reportedly recruiting “pro-Trump” doctors to appear on television and support efforts to reopen the country. The idea of politicizing doctors is ridiculous and Colbert treats it as such. His imagined roster of pro-Trump doctors includes Dr. Doom, Dr. Frankenstein, and Dr. Pepper.

For fans who have been watching The Late Show consistently during the pandemic, they know Colbert’s wish is for consistent, reliable messaging from the government. The host held out hope that the circumstances would compel the Trump White House to prioritize public health. But Colbert didn’t hold his breath and every new show reveals what Colbert considers failures.

What did you think of this monologue from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert? Let us know in the comment section below. Keep checking Last Night On for more on the world of late night television.


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‘Sesame Street’ Shares Moving Message After George Floyd’s Death: “Racism Has No Place on Our Street”




Beloved children’s program Sesame Street is speaking up against racism. This week, the Sesame Street Instagram account shared a profound message urging viewers to practice “diversity, inclusion, and, especially, kindness” during these trying times. In addition to its moving message, CNN will be airing a special Sesame Street racism episode, Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism. The CNN and Sesame Street town hall will give children a space to discuss racism, the Black Lives Matter movement, and empathy in a forum guided by experts and parents.

On Monday, Sesame Street issued a poignant message in support of Americans protesting George Floyd’s death. “Racism has no place on our Street — or on any street,” the Sesame Street racism message read. “Today and every day we stand together with our Black colleagues, partners, collaborators, and the entire Black community. We stand with friends around the globe to speak out against racism, to promote understanding, and to create a world that is smarter, stronger, and kinder.”

But the famed children’s show isn’t stopping there. On Saturday, CNN and Sesame Street will be airing a town hall event to “talk to kids about racism, the recent nationwide protests, embracing diversity and being more empathetic and understanding,” according to CNN. The 60-minute CNN/Sesame Street town hall will be hosted by Big Bird, anchor Van Jones, and correspondent Erica Hill and will feature a variety of different characters as they answer questions submitted by families across the country.

Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism is CNN’s second Sesame Street town hall this spring. The first, held in April, addressed the novel coronavirus pandemic and provided resources for parents attempting to explain the COVID-19 outbreak to their children.

The Sesame Street town hall airs this Saturday, June 6, at 10 a.m. ET. The special Sesame Street event will air on CNN, CNN International, and CNN en Español; it will also stream live on’s homepage and through CNN’s apps for free, no cable log-in required.

Where to stream Sesame Street

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Kany Garcia announces daily schedule for your social networks




In these days, in which the emergence of the coronavirus COVID-19 has a large part of the world’s population locked in their homes, Kany García has announced an initiative to liven up the quarantine, and offer the public an alternative to be entertained, have fun and stay informed from your accounts in social networks.

“Friends! At such times one seeks for how to have fun at home! So here I am wanting to share with you all week! We are starting on Monday every day at 7pm on my Instagram, YouTube and Facebook Live #QuedateEnCasa (emoji of the house)”.

It is “All the days with Kany García”, a kind of program that will be presented Monday to Friday at 7:00 p. m., starting next Monday, April 6th. Each day will address a particular theme and will feature special guests such as singers, journalists and doctors, as reported.


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