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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Are we seeing Kenya Moore clearly yet?




Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has come to an end. After all of her antics this season, are we seeing Kenya Moore clearly?

With season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, coming to a close, we are usually in a place where we have more answers than questions.  However, we seemed to have finished this season out with less closure than usual.  Things won’t get much better if the reports are any indication of what we should expect moving forward. Like many other scheduled events, the RHOA reunion show had to go virtual.

While the virtual nature of the reunion itself was something that the ladies weren’t used to, everything else about the reunion seemed to follow the same pattern as previous versions.  While they were not face to face in reality or across the couch from each other, they did find a way to make things heated. That’s the vibe you get when reading this quote from cast member Kandi Burrus at least, via Bravo.

“Well, for me, it was aggressive. I would say aggressive because I mean the arguments were going so crazy sometimes that Andy is trying to get us to stop and he can’t because we’re not in the room with him.”

In reading that quote, you can be certain that tempers flared at some point during the reunion. While this dust-up seemed to be between Burrus and another member of the staff (NeNe Leakes?) they weren’t the only ones to get into it.  Kandi went on to say that no one can stop them from saying what they needed to say, except for when they got muted!  “It was like a timeout,” she told The Daily Dish.  

According to other reports that seem to be based on having intimate knowledge of the event, a few more of the ladies got in on the action. Our focus here would be Kenya Moore. Here is what Love B. Scott had to say via a piece from Rollingout:

According to blogger Love B. Scott, the reunion show featured multiple shouting matches between the likes of Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes over her alleged extramarital affairs; over Snake-Gate, between Porsha Williams vs. Eva Marcille; and between Tanya Sam vs. Kenya Moore.

Again and while the Porsha Williams verse Eva Marcille spat does peak our interests, our main focus here is the person that has been the common factor in quite a bit of the drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and remains so for the reunion.  Not only did Kenya put on a whole show throughout the season with her many digs and the tons of shade thrown in her friend’s direction, but she struck up drama in all directions.

The testing of Cynthia Bailey’s wine knowledge in Greece, her seeming refusal to try and nix things with NeNe near the end of the season, and the infamous cookie lady scenario with Tanya among many more possible scenarios being a few examples of these instances.

She then topped off the season with a cherry that only she could place. This is in reference to the fiasco with her and Shamea Morton about Shamea supposedly calling Kenya immediately as her water broke. This situation is one in which we now know that Kenya was fabricating the story as she told it on the episode.

Well, it also turns out that she carried that over into the reunion as well. While you hate to proverbially kick someone while they’re down, as we’ve documented similar scenarios with her on previous occasions earlier this season, Kenya has, at times, made it next to impossible to root for her.

We haven’t seen the reunion, no one has, but we do have these reports and all we have seen this season to judge things off of. I can’t wait to get clarity for myself by seeing this virtual production, but as of now, I think we are seeing Kenya pretty clearly for who she really is.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airs May 10 on Bravo!

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Elite Season 4: Every expectations – Release Date, Cast and Plot




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Elite Season 4 Every Expectation: We all secretly miss the teenage drama in our lives, or maybe, we are still entangled with some, but I assure you it comes nowhere near what Netflix’s hit Spanish show Elite has to offer. The show’s viewership has already seen a lot of drugs, scandals, murders in the lives of ultra-rich high school kids for three seasons, and now they’re asking for more.

Will Elite Season 4 take place?

The series has been renewed season after season since the first instalment was released in 2018. The series has been a hit since its inception and enjoyed a reasonably supportive view from its audience and the critics. Though season three landed on 13th March 2020, guess what, the series has been renewed for the 4th season as well! Netflix announced the confirmation on Twitter in May 2020 with a video featuring some of the cast members. Some sources also report that even season 5 has been confirmed as well. But I guess we’ll just have to be a little patient amidst all this excitement until Netflix officially proves that.

Release Date of Elite Season 4

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Sadly, we have no news of a release date for the fourth instalment of the show. The show makers have always been a little ambiguous concerning the releases. The period between the release dates for previous seasons has differed quite a bit to even speculate on an expected date. Moreover, Spain is among one the most severely hit countries by the pandemic, which will delay the onset of production. Hopefully, the earliest we can expect might be no less than February 2021 if everything goes well, and things start to normalize soon.

The plot of Elite Season 4

Elite Season 4 -- Release Date
As of now nothing about the storyline is understood. But alongside all the manufacturers potential to introduce new characters, the scheme may go otherwise. But, surely, it flies where the previous season stopped.
It’s reported that a lot of characters within the last season may end and contribute to some fresh and exciting storyline.

The Cast

It had been supported on 22 May 2020 that, Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau. Arón Piper, Omar Ayuso, Claudia Salas and Georgina Amorós are going to be reprising their roles for its fourth year.Claudia Salas as Rebeca, Georgina Amorós as Cayetana.

The Trailer

Since the production has not begun yet, it will be some time before we get to see a glimpse into the fourth season.

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Shocking Divorce of Fox News Host Sean Hannity with his Wife Jill Rhodes After 20 Years of Marriage




Recently, Page Six has confirmed that Fox News host Sean Hannity and his wife Jill Rhodes have divorced after 20 years of long marriage. Hannity who is 58 and Rhodes who was also a journalist and is 57 were married since 1993. They also have two children Patrick and Merri. However, this news is confirmed now, but according to their close friends they have been divorced since one year.

They have separated their ways ever since but they did not want this to flash into the news. It has been time since Rhodes and Hannity are seen together on Fox News.


When Sean Hannity was questioned about this divorce by Page he broke his silence. The statement says both Sean and Jill are working together for the best interest of their family especially their children. Meanwhile, the documentation for this divorce has been done before four years. More than anything they like to stay close together for their children. They are doing good parenting by not letting their children feel that they are lacking love from one of their parent.

Also, according to one of sources in media informed that they are still in good terms with each other. Sean and Jill still go to watch their children’s tennis match together. In fact, Sean also has good relations from Jill’s family. They are still a part of family dinner from each other’s family.

The source also cleared out that neither Hannity nor Rhodes is involved with anyone else on the Fox channel. They both are in fact workaholics. Hannity also gives the credit for his show to Rohdes. He has also dedicated his first book “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism” to her in 2002.

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good girls season 3; trailer; interesting facts; interesting plot lines; release date




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Interesting facts about good girls season 3; 

Good girls season 3 is one of the upcoming television series.

This is one of the TV series and this series is loved by so many people especially teenagers loved this drama very much. There was a huge production team for this series.

This series is one of the hit and blockbuster series.

Good girls are one of the American comedy-drama and there were huge fan clubs for this series. The series good girls are created by Jenna Bans and this series also won many of the people’s hearts. This series is not only one of the comedy series and it is also one of the crime series. This crime series contains many thrilling episodes.

Plotlines about good girls season 3;

We all know about the storylines of all of the two seasons of good girls and this storyline is really interesting to watch the entire episodes.

In the good girls season 3, there was a serial killer and the story continues.

In the middle of the story, there were so many murders because of the unknown serial killer.

Yet, the good girls season 3 storylines are really interesting and marvellous to watch the series.

Good girls season 3; Trailer

There is an official announcement regarding the trailer and this trailer is loved by so many people. The trailer has been released for this series and this trailer is wonder-full.

In this trailer, there were so many interesting facts and one of the ladies shoots the man in this trailer.

Good girls season 3; Release date

There were already two seasons in good girls and these two seasons are mesmerizing.

Good girls are one of the marvellous crime series and People are eagerly waiting to watch the series.

There is no expected release date for this marvellous series. The expected release date will be in the year 2020.

Due to the pandemic effect of COVID-19 the release date for this series is officially delayed. Yet, we have to wait and watch this interesting series.


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