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When Will ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 3 Come Out on Netflix?




The divas of Selling Sunset are back in action, causing a scene and digging up dirt—and also showing off some luxurious listings. It took way too long for us to get more of the agents at the Oppenheim Group, but Season 2 was well worth the wait.

But if you’ve finished Season 2, you’re no doubt wondering when Season 3 will be available to stream. After all, we know there’s more episodes coming! But when will they arrive? Here’s everything we know about Season 3 of Selling Sunset.

Does Season 2 of Selling Sunset end on a cliffhanger?

The drama is so deep, it comes all the way up to the hem of one of Christine’s skirts. Spoilers ahead!

So on the good news front, Maya’s expecting a second child! And Mary had her fairytale wedding to Romain! And… that’s it? On the less positive front, Davina is having a hard time selling that contentious property for $75 million and also, all the women are angry at each other. Mary’s on Christine’s bad side for talking about her behind her back, as well as not inviting Christine, Heather, Maya, and Davina to an impromptu (ish?) second bachelorette party. Amanza is mad at Christine for constantly coming for her BFF Mary. Heather is mad at Amanza for talking about her personal life in front of a client. And even old feuds, like Chrishell vs. Christine and Romain vs. Davina are still scalding hot. The season ends with newlyweds Romain and Mary driving off from their wedding, but Amanza is positively fuming over Christine’s constant pot-stirring.

Selling Sunset Season 2 Christine
Photo: Netflix

When is Season 3 of Selling Sunset coming to Netflix?

This is the very rare occurrence where we can positively, definitively say yes. Netflix almost never teases future episodes at the end of a season, but that’s not the case for Selling Sunset. The end of the season finale includes a peek at what’s still in store for the Oppenheim Group. Whether it’ll be marketed as Season 3 or just more of Season 2 remains to be seen, but who cares what it’s called? There’s more on the way—and it’s going to get into Chrishell’s divorce from This Is Us star Justin Hartley and include Christine’s definitely over-the-top wedding. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

As for when the new episodes will premiere, we know that too! Selling Sunset Season 3 premieres on August 7:

That’s a million dollar tweet, right there.

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‘Ahimsa’ Gandhi Documentary is Timely Reminder About Non-Violence Movement




Production has been completed on “Ahimsa – Gandhi: The Power of the Powerless” a new feature length documentary about Mahatma Gandhi and the concept of non-violence. It features the song “Ahimsa” performed by U2 and A.R. Rahman, with the written by Bono and Rahman.

The film was produced to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth – on Oct. 2 — of Indian lawyer, civil rights activist and politician Mohandas Gandhi. It also comes at a time when support for George Floyd, a black man who died last month at the hands of police in Minnesota, is morphing into a wider movement.

The film was directed and produced by Ramesh Sharma, who previously earned an Emmy nominee for “The Journalist and the Jihadi: The Murder of Daniel Pearl”.) Production and rights sales are handled by South Africa-based Distant Horizon.

“Ahimsa” counts Anant Singh, Xavier Couture, Jean Luc Berlot, Uma Gajapati Raju, and Sanchaita Gajapati Raju as its producers. It is executive produced by Michela Scolari, Simmran Bedi and David Traub.

The film deals with oppression and the denial of basic freedoms to people by those who are in positions of power and who fiercely protect their positions by inflicting violence on innocent people.

“ ‘Ahimsa’ speaks to the conscience of humanity as people globally grapple with intractable problems surrounding race, and as societies struggle to give the marginalized and underserved human dignity and restore fundamental human rights,” said Distant Horizon. “The film brings to the fore the impact of the Gandhian message of non-violence worldwide: how it inspired Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Barack Obama and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States; the Solidarity Movement in Poland as well as Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa.”

“(The film) reminds us that we need to restore human rights and dignity on a universal level. The aggression of the police against George Floyd was so futile and takes me back to the police brutality we endured during apartheid in South Africa. Ramesh Sharma has captured the essence of Gandhi’s philosophy as he took on the might of the British Empire, and the profound influence his teachings have had on the world and why it remains relevant today, more than ever before,” said Distant Horizon president Anant Singh.

“ ‘Ahimsa” shows how Gandhi’s message went beyond the shores of India where he used non-violence as a powerful tool. Today, it still serves as an inspiration to societies fighting injustice,” said Sharma.

Ahimsa is the principle of non-violence which is shared by the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain creeds.

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The terrible criticism he has received the son of Halle Berry’s for this video where he walks with a heel boots of her mother




If days ago it was a picture of Halle Berry, where the actress posed during the quarantine without all the makeup away so the perfect picture that looks always on the red carpet; it has now been a video of his son who has unleashed all kinds of comments through the social networks.

The actress has had to leave in defense of her son Maceo of six years, the fruit of his marriage with the Spanish model Olivier Martinezafter sharing a video of him where it appears to rise some stairs with some heel boots white of his famous mother.

Day 12 of the quarantine“writes the actress along with the video of your son.

A post that, a few minutes after being posted, the actress started to get terrible comments that questioned and criticized severely the attitude of your child.

Up to this point came the comments of the haters, that the actress did not hesitate to come out in defense of their small asking for a little compassion and respect in these difficult times where the world fights against the COVID-19.

It does not do damage to no one, in these moments we are trying to survive, do you understand? Times are tough for the children, better riámonos and let us all have a little more compassion“asks the actress over a comment next to this post (that you show in the video above) where his son became the victim of comments of what are most unpleasant.

Insurance that interests you…

So is Halle Berry the 53-year-old without any makeup and with natural hair

Originally posted 2020-04-06 08:11:03.

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NFMLA Launches Seed&Spark-Powered Online Film Festival




NewFilmmakers Los Angeles, which champions emerging filmmakers, is holding its monthly film festival online this month in coordination with the highly respected crowdfunding and SVOD platform Seed&Spark.

This marks a triumphant treturn for the NMFLA Festival after COVID-19 shut down its March and April editions, and the NFMLA Monthly Film Festival will be the very first film festival to launch on the new Seed&Spark platform.

The first all-digital NFMLA Monthly Film Fest will begin Friday and run through Sunday, with a focus on Female Cinema and Asian Cinema, two parts of NFMLA’s InFocus Initiative, which aims to correct the lack of diversity in media.

It will include short and feature film programs, filmmakers, Q&As, industry panels and more. Moderators and panelists will include CNN contributor and author Jeff Yang, Viacom CBS vice president of talent acquisition Suzanne Rosenthal, journalist Katherine Tulich, Gossip Girl writer Elaine Loh, the Big Sick writer Emily V. Gordon, among others.

Seed&Spark has previously worked with artists including Mark Duplass, Lena Waithe, Patton Oswalt, Jill Soloway, Franklin Leonard, Jason Reitman and many more.

“Team Seed&Spark is proud to be launching our virtual festival and screening platform with NFMLA. Both organizations are centered on helping independent filmmakers build their careers, so the alignment couldn’t be better,” said Emily Best, Seed&Spark founder and CEO.

A full schedule is here, and a full festival pass is $45, though you can also buy passes for individual films and panels.

Here’s a full list of the films:


● A Sunburnt Summer – Zicheng Li (Writer/Director)

● Beam – Jesse Gi (Writer/Director)

● Boxers of Brule – Jessie Adler (Director)

● Crimson Cuffs – Madeline Vail (Writer/Director)

● Curtains – Kirsten Vangsness (Writer/Director)

● Daytime Moon – Kyung Sok Kim (Director), Kyung Sok Kim and Rex Reyes (Writers)

● Deaf Latinos Y Familias – Kathryn Boyd-Batstone (Director)

● Dream Boy or the Pursuit of Being – Auden Bui (Writer/Director)

● Fleck – Jing Ai Ng (Writer/Director)

● He Wants To Know My Number – Sakinah Iman (Writer/Director)

● Jackets For Butterflies – Hank (Writer/Director)

● Just One Night – Sahar Jahani (Writer/Director)

● Kama’āina (Child of the Land) – Kimi Howl Lee (Director)

● Master of Divinity – Eugene Suen (Writer/Director)

● Pushing Buttons – Summer Rudas (Director), Silvana Gargione (Writer)

● Red Ladies or Help! My Mom is a Republican – Parida Tanti (Writer/Director)

● The Cat in Me – Xuerui Wang (Director), Lingyu Wang (Writer)

● The Jessicas Are Turning 30 – Maya Sugarman and Amy King (Directors)

● Topanga – Aycil Yeltan (Writer/Director)

● What We Talk About When We Talk About Lights, Camera, Action – Jianle Liu

(Director), Ruochong Wang (Writer)


● First Blush – Victor Neumark (Writer/Director)

● Romance Analyst – Rachel Wortell (Writer/Director)

Founded in 2007, NFMLA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves approximately 25,000 patrons annually. It has screened more than 2,500 films from roughly 80 countries.

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