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Salman Khan unveils poster of Mithun Chakraborty’s son Namashi from debut film ‘Bad Boy’





Salman Khan unveils poster of Mithun Chakraborty’s son Namashi from debut film ‘Bad Boy’

Superstar Salman Khan has unveiled the poster of Rajkumar Santoshi’s “Bad Boy”, the debut film of Mithun Chakraborty’s son Namashi Chakraborty. “All d vry best Namashi for #BadBoy. Poster lajawaab!” Salman captioned the colourful poster featuring Namashi with the film’s debutant heroine, Amrin Qureshi. Amrin is the daughter of the film’s producer Sajid Qureshi.

For Namashi, “Bad Boy” is a dream come true. “To be launched in an out-and-out commercial film, with the guidance of Sajid bhai and Raj ji, was an honour. I enjoyed every second of filming this lovely film,” he said.

“Just like the poster, the story of ‘Bad Boy’ is engaging and appealing. Drama, music, action, romance — these elements are the core of the film. Commercial cinema is one of the genres that the audience enjoys and loves the most. We present to you our first poster featuring the lead star cast of the film Namashi Chakraborty and Amrin Qureshi,” said veteran filmmaker Santoshi.

“It will be one of the most massy entertainers of 2020 with the right amount of romance, comedy, action, music and drama. After all it’s a Rajkumar Santoshi film, I am confident about his work, it’s top notch,” said Sajid Qureshi.

Amrin said “Bad Boy” is everything that she could have asked for. It’s a “dream movie filled with entertainment and everything nice. Each and every moment was magic on set and I cannot wait for everyone to see it”.

The film is produced by Sajid Qureshi, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada, and Aksshay Jayantilal Gada. It’s co-produced by Wacky Khan.

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Salman Khan’s charity, Sunny Leone’s prank, Aamir Khan clarifies




With another day ending, it’s time to look back at the biggest newsmakers who’ve made it to the trending entertainment news today. From Salman Khan providing food for the needy amidst lockdown and Sunny Leone playing a dangerous prank on husband Daniel Weber to Director Santosh Sivan confirming Thupakki 2 with Thalapathy Vijay, Aamir Khan denying distributing money in wheat bags and Suriya’s next heroine having a Madras Café connect – the big names from Bollywood and Kollywood grabbed headlines to make it to the trending entertainment news today. Also Read – Salman Khan provides food for the needy amid lockdown — watch video

So, without further ado, here are the entertainment newsmakers of 4th May 2020:

Salman Khan provides food for the needy amidst lockdown — watch video

As you might be aware, Salman Khan is currently stuck in his Panvel farmhouse. Jacqueline Fernandez, Iulia Vantur, sister Arpita Khan Sharma, Aayush Sharma, Waluscha De Sousa are at the farmhouse. The actor recently posted a video from his farmhouse in which he along with many others are seen arranging food for the needy. Also Read – Salman Khan to play a special role in Chiranjeevi starrer Acharya?

Read the full story here:Salman Khan provides food for the needy amid lockdown — watch video Also Read – Jacqueline Fernandez is all praise for Salman Khan’s ripped physique and we totally agree — view pic

Sunny Leone plays a dangerous prank on husband Daniel Weber — watch video

Sunny Leone pulled a prank on her husband Daniel Weber by making him believe that she had accidentally chopped off her finger. Sunny took to Instagram to share the video of the same. In the video, she cries out for help, shouting out to her husband that she has chopped off her finger. Daniel comes in running and panics, and runs around as he tries to figure out how he can help.

Read the full story here:Sunny Leone plays a prank on hubby Daniel Weber, makes him believe that she has accidentally chopped off her finger — watch video

Director Santosh Sivan confirms Thupakki sequel with Thalapathy Vijay

A few days ago, we saw #Thupakki2 trending on social media and it turned out to be a treat for megastar Thalapathy Vijay. Now ace cinematographer and filmmaker Santosh Sivan shared pictures of Thupakki on Instagram and now the fans are taking this as a confirmation of the sequel. The reports suggest that Kajal Aggarwal will reprise her role in Thupakki 2, which will be bankrolled by Sun Pictures. We are expecting the official announcement of this project on June 22, which happens to be Vijay’s birthday.

Read the full story here:Thupakki 2: Santosh Sivan confirms the sequel to Thalapathy Vijay starrer

Aamir Khan denies distributing money in wheat bags

It was reported that Aamir Khan had distributed the money in wheat flour bags to help the needy. However, the Dhoom 3 actor has denied these reports altogether, claiming them to be spurious.

Read the full story here:‘A fake story completely,’ Aamir Khan DENIES distributing money in wheat bags — view tweet

This Madras Cafe actress to romance Suriya in Hari’s next?

Actress Raashi Khanna has bagged a big Kollywood project, which will be directed by Hari and feature Suriya in the lead role. Well, this movie is crucial and exciting as Hari and Suriya’s last outing Singam was a money-spinner at the box office.

Read the full story here:THIS Madras Cafe actress to romance Suriya in Hari’s next?

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NIRNAYA – a one shot on psychological thriller






Svabhavo dhuradhikrama ||

One’s nature can’t be changed.

Welcome home dear!” I invited you with a big smile.

“Will you not hug me?” You asked.

I hugged you tightly and smiled. We  went inside the house.

You moved near the wall of pictures and stared at our family photograph for a while.

“It’s getting dark, we will depart by morning.” I said and called off my phone, looking at you who seemed to be lost in thought.

“Hey ?” I called you and you turned towards me.

“You aren’t changed much yaar. Brown hair, big eyes and still thin. Do you even eat something there?” I asked.

“Yeah they feed me with something, I don’t know the name!” You said.

“And you still look like my cute little sibling.” I said holding your pale face.

You hugged me and whispered, ” I am your favourite right?”

I kissed your forehead and nodded. I felt so good in a way.

“Will you do something for me?” You  asked me quietly.

I said yes. “Will you spend sometime with me? As my friend? ” You have asked.

I realised how lonely you could have felt in hospital all these years. But I couldn’t able do anything for you other than conveying my sorry.

“Ofcourse dear, come let’s sit down in open air for sometime.” I said and we went to the garden space.

“The moon is half” you said staring at it.

Your deep voice and still eyes looked so cute to be dangerous.

“Yes it is and it will be for other 5 days.” I said.

You looked at me as if I was the reason for the other half to be missing. I felt so wierd.

“Do you remember your last day with us ?” You asked.

Ofcourse I do. After which I went abroad for studies and you, you were sent to hospital for treatment.

“Dad played a game with us. Actually it was for you but I joined it. Remember?” You asked.

Yes we did. Dad told, ” listen I will ask you three questions, if you answer it correctly then you can lead your life in your way and I will be relieved of your fear.” I nodded and then you came there all way running and screaming that you will also play. We enjoyed your cuteness then and allowed you to answer afterall you are a child 8 years younger to me.

“So you can win either happiness or sleep, which one will you fight for?” He asked.

You screamed happiness. He smiled and looked at me, I told “sleep”. Oh that innocent look you gave me that day! Who could forget? “Because dear, sleep is necessity. Even if you are happy all the time and couldn’t sleep means how will your body function?” I asked you. You didn’t understand anything but still smiled at me and yelled, “correct”. Me and da both accepted it and laughed.

“Is it necessary for me to be in hospital?” You asked me.

” I don’t know, infact we shouldn’t talk about it right now. Now that you are back we should only focus on how we gonna enjoy from now!” I said to you.

“Are we going to nanital to ma and papa?” You asked disinterested.

“Yes tomorrow.” I said.

You stood up and went inside the house like a robot. I followed you.

Our helper Tyagi kaka called us for dinner. We sat in dining table.

“I don’t want to go to nanital, I hate them !” You said strictly.

I can understand how you feel. Anyone who is thrown to an asylum and spent years there away from parents would talk like you but still as your elder one this is my duty to pacify you.

“Listen love, they love you so much and you have no idea how much they miss you. They wanted to treat you and cute you that’s it! Please don’t think about it and eat. Tomorrow you will find by yourself how much ma and papa loves you!” I said holding your hands.

You held my hands more even tightly and asked me, “what about the second question?”

Second question our dad asked us was the important one I thought till now.

“Your own person is a threat and that is been told by your enemy but it’s true now what will you do? Leave them or ignore the enemy?”

You asked suddenly who is enemy? And I remember papa telling you that imagine me as enemy and your elder one as your own person who is a threat.

And you told, ” no I won’t leave you even if papa ask me to! Don’t worry.” you said holding my hands.

I felt so proud and happy. Even dad did. But my answer was different because I know the world. I told ,” if my own person is threat then I will leave them.”

You asked me cutely,” why would you leave me?” I replied smartly,” I was talking about me dear. Papa told that person is me right?” . You accepted it and still asked me, ” are you a threat?” I said no and before I could explain papa congratulated me for my answer for which you were more happy than I was.

I looked at you the same way I did then.

Your eyes bloomed.

“I’m  of dual personality they say. Which one you think is threat? ” You’ve asked.

“You are not a threat! You can never be one for me. You don’t know how much I feel when I think that I couldn’t stop ma and papa from sending you to hospital. If we’re there…” Before I could finish, you stopped me and told,” it’s okay! ” And went away to your room.

“Do we need to call the doctor? Doctor told me that she could be here when we call her” said kaka.

“No kaka, I don’t want to call now, let me handle this and please bring two glass of buttermilk to our rooms.” I said and came to you.

I saw you resting in your bed and kept my hand in your forehead, caressing your hair, I asked, “dear, tell me what’s troubling you?”

“You tell me what is troubling you?” You asked me.

I replied, “the guilt that I couldn’t be there with you that time hurts me still.”

“Really?it’s okay ! Will you support me now?” You asked.

“Ofcourse it’s my pleasure” I told.

“Let’s kill mom and dad” you told.

I saw your face, it was really brightened and bloomed.

“Stop your nonsense. You don’t know how much they love you.” I told.

Remember the third question? We both asked at the same time.

This is the most tough one. If your goal is been restricted by your wellwisher then what will you do? Sacrifice your goal or sacrifice them?” Dad asked.

“Sacrifice them!” You told. That wasn’t innocent. “Why ?” Dad asked and I remember you told, “because Mary told so !”

“Who is Mary?” Dad asked.

“No one dad, it’s imaginary friend!” I replied looking at you. You smiled and asked “you?”

“I would sacrifice my dream!” I told.

You got so angry and told me “you always choose the opposite of what I choose I’m going !” And ran away grabbing imaginary Mary.

“I know you would oppose me but listen I will kill them, don’t even try to stop me with your nobility. You don’t know what I went through!” You said in a deep strict voice.

I went out of your home in anger. How can I listen to you saying about murder of our own parents? I went to my room and kaka came to me.

“Listen shall I call the doctor? You don’t seem to be good?” He asked.

“No kaka. I don’t want that idiot to go far away from me again. It’s just the vulnerability nothing else. I will treat this. My love is actually enough for  medication. I don’t want to get seperated once again.” I told.

You went to the kitchen and mixed those pills in a glass of buttermilk. And kaka came there by then and you told, “this is for me right I’ll take this to my room!” And went taking the other glass.

“Here is your buttermilk!” Kaka gave me.

I held the glass and thought about that day where I told dad, “if my well wisher restrain me from my goal then I’m sure my goal is either wrong or harmful so I will sacrifice my goal”.

“I’m proud and feeling relieved!” He said patting my shoulder. I smiled at my dad.

“I know you would stand for your nobility but I too stand with Mary and my words. I will get rid of all my threats and will attain my goal for sure. Mom and dad here I come!” You said with a bitter smile.

We both proved that most of our decisions are driven by our intentions and not the discipline.

You saw the half moon the same way I did with my glass in my hand.

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Bigg Boss 11’s Vikas Guppta believes Yuvika Chaudhary is one of the underrated actresses, says, ‘Yuvika hasn’t gotten the due that she deserves’




Bigg Boss 11 finalist Vikas Guppta was one of the most talked about contestants. He was known as the mastermind of season 11 and is still the favourite of many. Vikas Guppta, recently in an interview with Tellychakkar spoke about his friend Yuvika Chaudhary. Yuvika Chaudhary also had been a part of season 9 of Bigg Boss and her relationship with Prince Narula was loved in the show. The two also got married post the show and are one of the most adorable couples. Yuvika Chaudhary has done many television shows and was also seen in many Bollywood movies like Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s Om Shanti Om. Vikas Guppta believes that his friend, Yuvika is one of the underrated actresses in the industry. He said that he feels she did not get the due that she deserves and he would love to work with her in future. Also Read – Vikas Guppta deletes a fanmade wedding video of Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill after receiving backlash

Bigg Boss 11’s mastermind, Vikas Guppta said, “There are many but if I’m asked to name one, it will be Yuvika Chaudhary. She is one of the extremely beautiful actresses. She started off with Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj and then she took up several Bollywood projects which didn’t do pretty well, I believe she didn’t choose the projects wisely. All her counterparts like Ankita Lokhande and Divyanka Tripathi received their due and Yuvika hasn’t gotten the due that she deserves and if given a chance I would love to work with her. She didn’t get a lot of chances to display her charm, but when she got an opportunity in Nach Baliye, she grabbed it and how. She was phenomenal in the show. The other day, I called her and appreciated her for the same.” Also Read – Rejoice #MaNan fans as Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is all set to rerun on television

  Also Read – Vikas Guppta deletes all his Instagram posts just a day after his birthday, and we wonder why

Well, we surely would love to see Vikas Guppta working with Yuvika Chaudhary soon.

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