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YayPay raises $8.4 million to expand its financial team



YayPay raises $8.4 million to expand its financial team

YayPay, an NYC based financial tech startup has secured $4.8 Million in the financing round of Series A.

The round that brought up the Entire funds of this startup to $14 Million and has been headed by the Information Venture Partners with involvement from the Present investors Birchmere, Fifth Third Capital, the lead equity investment subsidiary of Fifth Third Bancorp, Gaingels, along with the 500 Fintech Fund along with also the newest investor Runway Venture Partners.

The organization as of today has a strategies to utilize the capital to pursue growth of this item within the area of advanced degree product attributes, data science along with also the growth of the sales staff.

The startup that’s co-founded from the Anthony Venus, Eugene Vyborov. YayPay supplies the SaaS rear office and uses the algorithms of machine learning that assess the behavioral and transactional patterns to assist the accounts receivables operations quicken collections, handle customer risk, forecast cash flow and increase up the fund team growth.

In the previous 13 months, the business has increased its user base by over 500 percent to 480 consumers and has significantly increased total accounts receivable on the stage to over 7 Billion dollars.

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YayPay is an alumnus of this Fintech Innovation Lab, an accelerator for its development stage businesses which have developed cutting-edge technologies to be mentored by the major executives and entrepreneurs in the New York leading financial service businesses.

The business also has offices in Kiev, Ukraine.

“YayPay is turning fund groups to earnings heroes by providing our clients the workflow tools which eventually match the robustness of these used by their own sales and advertising counterparts,” states Anthony Venus, cofounder and CEO of YayPay. “Using modern applications, powered by information machine and science learning, we’re helping fund and accounts receivable teams to reach their yearly credit and sets targets while driving prices lower. We’re developing predictive credit versions and constructing a credit-to-cash workflow specifically made for the contemporary accounts receivable group ”

“We’re excited to be working with Anthony and the staff,” stated Robert Antoniades, Co-Founder and General Partner in Information Venture Partners. “YayPay is right in line with our investment thesis concerning automation as well as the digitization of fund. Employing a FinTech method to fix an analogue yet crucial procedure for example sets is the lifeblood of any business enterprise. We feel the YayPay platform is greatest in marketplace.”

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An Insight to the Revolutionary Change Being Made by Visionary Startup Linen & Leah in The Pack ‘N Play Industry



An Insight to the Revolutionary Change Being Made by Visionary Startup Linen & Leah in The Pack ‘N Play Industry

Linen & Leah is the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Jen O’Malley. It’s also an ingenious
company that has operated with the singular aim of providing babies with the maximum
comfort and safety requirements they need while they sleep.

Safe sleep is posing a cause for growing concern amongst new parents and Linen & Leah has set
out on a mission to eliminate these concerns by creating a unique line of sheets that fit perfectly
into an infant’s Pack ‘N Play while they sleep.

In this piece, the importance of safe sleep will be examined and insight will also be given on how
Linen & Leah has changed the game and altered the course of the safe sleep industry by
depleting the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome more popularly known as “Crib

Safe sleep, What is it?

Safe sleep is an all-encompassing concept that involves putting an infant to sleep in ways that
will help provide protection against sleep environment dangers and risks like choking and
As years have gone by, Linen & Leah’s mission has been to enlighten parents on the importance
of safe sleep and also admonish them not to get caught up in all the razzmatazz associated with
all the extra trendy accessories for infants. Accessories like matching bumpers for the crib or
sleep positioners. These accessories pose safety risks.

Most of them are not safe and can cause discomfort. Weighing the options, it is clearly not
worth the risk.

Changing The Game!

With the purchase of a new Pack ‘N Play, parents are given detailed and strict guidelines to go
by to ensure the maximum safety of their kids. One of those guidelines is to never make use of
an additional mattress, padding, or sheet as this may lead to suffocation.
Unlike other Pack ‘N Play sheets, the sheets produced by Linen & Leah give allowance for this. It
is the only 28W x 40L sheet that fits securely to a baby’s Pack ‘N Play.

Linen & Leah sheets are manufactured from a hundred percent pure organic cotton and are
made with fruit and plant-based coloring. Why is this important? This is vital because fruit and
plant-based coloring are exempt from chemicals used in pesticide, herbicide, genetic, and
irradiation engineering.

Here’s a little known fact;

A whopping 25% of the world’s insecticides use come from traditional farming and on the
average, “100% cotton products” are really just 73% cotton and the other 27% comprises a
blend of chemicals, resins, and binders used in the farming of this cotton and manufacturing.

This chemical content can have grave effects on humans, especially little ones. Babies and
children are the most susceptible to health risks stemming from the use of pesticides. The
reduced exposure of children to toxic and persistent pesticides through the use of organic
cotton remains a very wise decision.

Apart from the advantages listed above, Linen & Leah sheets also have two key safety features
that other sheets in their class do not possess. The first distinct feature is a Velcro strap attached
to each side of the sheet. This strap provides a secure fit on the mattress.
The second distinguishable feature is the universal buttonholes located at the end of the sheet.
This innovation is important because as the mattress is laid into the base of the Pack ‘N Play,
there is free access to the Velcro on the mattress and this helps with the attachment of the
mattress to the base.

With the sheets from other companies, the Velcro pieces on the mattress are covered up and
for this reason, parents do not attach the sheet to the base of the Pack ‘N Play leaving chances
for it to loosen.

A Worthy Cause.

We all have that one thing that drives us to do remarkable things, you know! That thing that
gives us the required motivation or push we need to set out on daring adventures​.
Well, Jen’s inspiration to create Linen & Leah comes from her​ background as a childcare
provider. Back when she was a childcare provider, Jen went through a couple of training
classes that were focused on safety education. Of all classes, Jen reckoned that just one
class stood out amongst the rest and that was the Sudden Unexplained Infant Death
Syndrome (SUIDS/SIDS)

She discovered that babies could cease breathing at any point during their sleep as a result
of an unfavorable or adequately conducive sleep environment and that in fact, half of SIDS
issues result from sheet entanglement. This left her devastated and also served as fuel for
her safe sleep passion.

In her time as a childcare provider, Jen leveraged on Pack ‘N Plays as a napping place for kids
under her care. Whenever she placed a baby in the Pack ‘N Play, she noticed the looseness
of the sheets and this was quite frustrating for her.
Babies within the 4-5 month age range would easily pull out these loose sheets from the cornersand entangle themselves with the loose extra fabric by rolling over (All of this usually took only a couple of minutes)

Incorporating the knowledge gained from her SIDS training, Jen deemed the sheets a safety
hazard and no longer used them. With the help of a local sewing shop, she then created a
perfectly fitted line of sheets that fit securely to the unique design of any Pack ‘N Play with 28W× 40L dimensions.

Planning Ahead

At much later periods, Linen & Leah plan to partner with a larger number of organizations that
promote safe sleep, have more obtainable products, and also disseminate the value of safe
sleep to parents, caregivers, and baby product manufacturers.

Shopping for Perfect Fit Pack ‘N Play Sheets?

Perfect Fit Pack ‘N Play sheets can be gotten from Linen & Leah from their website or on

Contact can be made via any of the channels itemized below.
Jen O’Malley

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Uber gets approval to resume autonomous vehicle testing months after fatal accident



Uber gets approval to resume autonomous vehicle testing months after fatal accident

Uber was granted consent from the state of Pennsylvania to reinstate evaluations of its autonomous vehicles, as initially reported by Reuters.

A spokesperson for Uber affirmed to TechCrunch the ride-hailing giant obtained a letter of consent from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and explained that the firm hasn’t yet resumed self-driving surgeries.

Uber stopped the testing of its self-driving automobiles after a fatal mishap at Tempe, Arizona that March that left a pedestrian dead. An autonomous Uber SUV accompanied by a security driver was driving northbound as it struck a girl, who had been carried to the hospital where she later died because of her injuries.

Investigators later decided the motorist, Rafaela Vasquez, had appeared in a telephone 204 times throughout a 43-minute test drive, as shown by a 318-page police record published by the Tempe Police Department.

In the aftermath of this Crash, Uber stopped All its own AV testing operations in Pittsburgh, Toronto, San Francisco, and Phoenix.

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Moving ahead, Uber will examine its self-driving automobiles more carefully, per a newly published Uber security report. The corporation will need that two workers are at the front seat of its automobiles constantly, an automatic braking system is permitted and its security employees are more rigorously monitored.

Uber, which began developing its autonomous car fleet in 2015 and initiated evaluations the subsequent year, confidentially registered to an initial public that two weeks ago. The organization, currently valued at $72 billion, is expected to launch at a rate as large as $120 billion early next year.


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Lightspeed is raising its largest China fund than ever before



Lightspeed is raising its largest China fund than ever before

Lightspeed China Partners, the China-focused affiliate of Silicon Valley-based Lightspeed Venture Partners, has Established a $360 million Goal Because of its Fourth Largest flagship venture fund, according to a Record Registered Together with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Now.

If the goal is attained, the finance will likely be Lightspeed China’s biggest nonetheless, per PitchBook. Lightspeed China’s past two capital each closed on $260 million. The VC increased $168 million for its introduction fund in 2013.

Lightspeed China is directed by David Mi (envisioned ). Mi, an investor in several billion-dollar Chinese firms, was formerly the manager of corporate development in Google, where he helped direct the search giant’s investment in Baidu. He combined Lightspeed in 2008 and recognized the company’s China existence in 2011. Yan Han, a long-time Lightspeed investor and also a founding partner of this firm’s Chinese division, is also recorded on the submitting.

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Lightspeed China has supported e-commerce stage Pingduoduo and loan supplier Rong360, a set of Chinese”unicorns” that completed U.S. initial public offerings because of 2017. Usually, the company makes early-stage investments from the world wide web, mobile and business spaces.

Before this season, Lightspeed Venture Partners registered to increase a listing $1.8 billion in fresh funding commitments. This month, it tacked five new partners on its own consumer and enterprise investment groups, such as Slack’s former leader of expansion and Twitter’s former vice president of international business growth.

Lightspeed did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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