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All the Verzuz Instagram Live Battles, Ranked



Let’s declare some winners.
Photo-Illustration: Vulture and YouTube

Throughout quarantine, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Verzuz beat battle series has grown from a novel event bridging hip-hop’s past and present into uplifting excitement in our indoor spring, joining DJ sessions by D-Nice, Questlove, and others as well as Ontario artist Tory Lanez’s unpredictable Quarantine Radio series as the must-see remote-but-live viewing for rap and R&B fans while live shows and festivals are sidelined by COVID-19. Verzuz reimagines the DJ battles of hip-hop’s early days for the “one gotta go” set. The premise is simple: Two prominent producers (or singers or songwriters) pair up live on Instagram and compete to decide who has the better catalog. The rules came together on the fly through trial and error. As it stands, each battle goes 20 rounds, with each contestant playing a hit and hearing a rebuttal.

Verzuz is fun, simple, and wide open — maybe a little too wide open. The audience is mostly in charge of the scoring, and there’s rarely a consensus on points. Regional bias and generational schisms creep up. Playing a deep cut almost categorically loses you the point, even if it’s one of the greatest songs of all time. There’s nothing wrong with a slugfest, but it’s draining hearing people trash timeless classics. You can be a legend with decades of hits and lose the crowd trailing too far away from radio. You can be a veteran who changed the game forever and get smoked in the court of public opinion because someone else’s music is fresher in everyone’s shared memory. You can score points with records mostly made by someone else. If you’ve cultivated a relationship with an A-list artist, you’re almost guaranteed the win.

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Dennis Quaid adopts a cat named Dennis Quaid: ‘I just couldn’t resist’



Dennis Quaid has a new furry friend!

The actor, 66, couldn’t resist adopting a black rescue cat at the Lynchburg Humane Society in Virginia, whose name is also Dennis Quaid.

The Parent Trap star found out about the feline thanks to a TV news segment featuring the pet as part of a ‘clear the shelters’ campaign.

“It was really off the wall, but I just couldn’t resist. I had to,” the actor told WSLS. “I’m out to save all the Dennis Quaids of the world.”

Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid has adopted a cat named Dennis Quaid. (WSLS)

Dennis Quaid, the cat, is six years old and had been up for adoption for more than a year. Lynchburg Humane Society state that he has a “big heart” and “likes to curl up on the couch.”

“I was like there is no way this is real, like, someone is pranking us,” Danielle Ulmer — Lynchburg Humane Society’s Adoption Centre Manager — said when she received the call from the actor and his team.

Jimmy Jellinek, who co-hosts The Pet Show podcast alongside Quaid, is set to travel to Lynchburg to pick up the cat and bring him back to his new home in Los Angeles.

The black rescue cat, Dennis Quaid. (Instagram)

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”He’s going to be the office cat. He’s going to be right here with us. We can’t wait,” Quaid told the news outlet.

The actor went on to suggest “Maybe they should start naming animals in shelters after different celebrities and see who bites.”

Lindsay Lohan, The Parent Trap, then and now, gallery

The Parent Trap cast: Then and now

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Miley Cyrus Spilled The Tea On Breakups, Sex & How She Feels About Dicks On ‘Call Her Daddy’



If you’re looking for your daily dose of female empowerment, you’re in luck because Miley Cyrus is on the latest episode of the infamous Call Her Daddy podcast and oooft, tea is being SPILLED.

Just hours after we first heard rumours of her split from boyfriend Cody Simpson, the juicy-yet-empowering episode dropped online.

Sitting down with host Alexandra Cooper, Miley spilled the tea on everything from her fears of being alone and her poor track record in relationships to the story of her first sexual experiences.

Despite being one of the most successful child stars and female musicians, Cyrus opened up about pretty much everything you’d ever want to ask her. Throughout the hour-long episode, she discussed how it felt to go through her early adult years in the spotlight, when most other people would’ve experienced that in high school and college.

Notably, she spilled the tea on her breakup with Liam Hemsworth and how traumatising her first real breakup was for her.

“At first when I got out of my long time relationship and it didn’t work…that was really like traumatising,” she told Cooper. “Now I’m in a place where I look at it and love it and respect it.”

But even after she got over the initial shock of her breakup, she still struggled with the public’s reception to her moving on.

“I feel like as a woman, I felt like I was villainised for moving on. I really think that’s not acceptable,” she said.

“I would’ve much rather the public, like I guess, villainise me because of for my sexuality,” Miley said in the interview. “But they tried to make me seem disloyal which is so against my f–king character…my character is my everything, that is my foundation, what I thrive on.”

But if you’re just here for the tea-spilling, she also dropped some truth-bombs including her virginity story, and no, it’s not Nick Jonas.

The whole interview is just a super insightful, personal look at Miley’s life and her views on relationships, sexuality and just… life. If you’ve got nothing else planned for your iso weekend, I strongly recommend giving it a listen.

Instagram / Alexandra Cooper

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Chrissy Teigen Debuts Baby Bump in New Music Video




Who needs a traditional pregnancy press release when you’ve got music videos? Like Katy Perry before her, Chrissy Teigen just announced she’s expanding her family by debuting her baby bump in a video.


The announcement came in the form of husband John Legend’s new music video for “Wild,” which shows the couple enjoying a romantic beach getaway. The video ends with a shot of the couple joined by daughter Luna, 4, and son Miles, 2, while Teigen cups her growing belly.

After the video debuted, Teigen played coy on social media, tweeting a happy face with hearts. Hours later, she confirmed the news by posting a video showing off her bump and saying “Look at this third baby shit.”

In a YouTube Live before of the video premiered, the couple said the “Wild” video was shot in Punta Mita, Mexico, where they were vacationing during the pandemic. The crew wore masks and socially distanced.

Teigen has been candid in the past about her struggles to get pregnant and the challenges of conceiving using IVF.

Legend and Teigen have been married for nearly seven years. They wed in a lavish ceremony in Italy in 2013.

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