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Love Island’s Siannise Fudge claps back at troll after posting intimate photos with boyfriend Luke Trotman



Love Island’s Siannise Fudge has put an Instagram commenter in their place after they criticised a new photo she posted with her boyfriend and co-star Luke Trotman.

Fudge and Trotman both shared images on Instagram from a new photoshoot they did together with Trotman’s father, with both appearing topless in blue jeans.

“Helping my Dad pursue his passion of photography, throwback to our home photoshoot,” Trotman wrote on Instagram.

In the comments, one Instagram user wrote: “Wait so you let your bird be half naked in front of your dad?”

Fudge calmly clapped back, writing: “I’m 26 years old and Luke’s dad is a professional photographer.”

The Bristolian’s comment received thousands of likes and responses from supportive fans.


On her own Instagram page, Fudge shared an outtake from the photoshoot, writing: “This was a photo taken as a test shot from our home photoshoot during lockdown, but this is one of my faves.

“The caught off guard pictures are always the best.”

Fudge and Trotman found love together after coming in second place during Love Island’s winter series in early 2020.

They recently moved into a place together after being locked down in Trotman’s family home in Luton.

Fudge marked the milestone with a photo of the couple on the balcony of their new home together with the caption: “We did it!”

“Finally moved in with my big batty gal,” wrote Trotman on his account.


Death Note Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Latest Updates Are Here



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Death Note Season 2 is a Japanese Manga series which is written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. This series is a mystery, Psychological thriller, supernatural, and thriller series. Shueisha is the publisher of this series and its Magazine is Weekly Shonen Jump.  Madman Entertainment and Viz Media is the English publisher of this series.  These manga series consist of 12 volumes.

Death note novel was written by Nisio Isin and published by Viz Media.  Anime TV series was directed by Tetsuro Araki and produced by Masao Maruyama.  Nippon TV is the original network and ABC3, YTV, Scream, Neon Alley, Adult Swim, and Animax are the English network of this series.  This series is with 37 episodes.

Death Note Season 2 Release Date

Manga series was published from 1st December 2003 to 15th May 2006.  This series is also published in English on 10th October 2005.  The death note anime was airing in Japan on 3rd October 2006 and finished its run on 26th June 2007.  We have already crossed half of the year in 2020 but there are no official updates about this series and the late 2021 release date will be announced.  We will update after the release of the official release date.

The Cast Of Death Note Season 2

The main characters in this series are Light Yagami, L Lawliet, Ryuk, Miss Amane, Near, Mello, Teru Mikami, and Kyosuke Higuchi are the main characters in this series.  Supporting characters are Kira investigation Team member like Soichiro Yagami, Touta Matsuda, Shuichi Aizawa, Kanzo Mogi, Hideki Ide, and Hirokazu Ukita,

Wammy’s House members are Watari, Matt, Roger Rubie, and Beyond Birthday.  Associates of L are Aiber and Wedy. The associates of Kira are Kiyomi Takada and Hitoshi Demegawa.  Many other characters are also included.

Plot Of The Show

This story follows the Light Yagami who is a teen genius.  Light Yagami was stuck across a mysterious notebook.  The name of the note is Death Note, it belongs to Shinigami Ryuk and that notebook grants the user one of the supernatural power to kill anyone whose name is written in that book.  And this story continues with this and with the twisted content.


Fans of this series should stay tuned for further official updates about the series.  I hope fans of this series will be satisfied with this information and stay tuned for more updates.

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What is the difference between L1, L2, and L3 Cache? Read to know everything in detail.



Learn the functions of cache and why there are levels to it

What is cache? It’s a small, but very fast memory that’s located next to the CPU’s logic units. Simply put, it’s a storage system that is able to take care of an infinite number of data transactions at the same time. Caches are used to make sure that logic units are always kept busy and are sending and storing data at a fast rate.

The Three Types

Source: TechSpot

1. L1 Cache: Otherwise known as the primary cache, the L1 is the fastest memory in the computer and is closest to the processor. It’s 32 kB in size and hence cannot hold much information. The reason for the small size as the data and instruction caches need to fit together in a compartment that’s the size of a die. Its maximum speed is 5 clock cycles.

2. L2 Cache: Another memory bank that has been built into the CPU chip, and is located in the same module or built on the motherboard. It’s function is to provide data to the L1 cache, which in turn sends it to the processor. L2 speed is slower than the L1’s. It’s bigger than the L1 cache, and that hinders its speed. It needs twice the time to find and transfer the data, compared to the L1.

3. L3 Cache: The Level 3 cache is also built onto the motherboard or is held within the CPU module. It’s duty is to provide data to the L2, and while it’s memory is usually slower than the L2’s memory, it’s faster than the main memory. It’s average speed is around 30 cycles, and it usually happens when a core requires data that’s in a block of cache located some distance away.

(Cover: TechSpot)

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Castlevania season 3; Introduction; Interesting Facts; Release Date and Latest Updates



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Castlevania season 3; introduction;

This series is one of the Best American series, and it was based on the genre of horror. There were five production companies, namely Frederator studios, powerhouse animation studios, Shankar animation, project 51 productions, and mua film. This series was created and written by the same person, warren Ellis. Every scene reveals a good moral among the people, and one episode runs at a time of about 23 minutes. I hope the third season will saw the biggest twist among the fan clubs.

There were so many executive producers Adi Shankar, Fred Seibert, ted bacilli, Kevin killed, larry Tanz and finally warren Ellis. These producers made all of the three seasons. I can safely say the third season will give more ratings and heavier budgets in the film industry.

Castlevania season 3; interesting facts;

There were so many interesting episodes in this series, and the season 3 events are available on all the networks. Some of the marvellous adventures namely, “bless your dead little hearts,” “the reparation of my heart,” “investigators,” “I have a scheme,” “ a seat of civilization and refinement,” “the good dream,” “worse things than betrayal”, “what the night brings,” “the harvest’, “abandon all hope,” etc.…


The above episodes made the entire series in success full manner. Let us all watch the new episodes.

Castlevania season 3; cast and characters;

There were so many voice characters in this series, and I hope they will come back in the next season.

Richard Armitage will be giving a voice as Trevor Belmont. He is one of the best voice actors, and he fantastically made the entire series.

Castlevania season 3; release date;

The season 3 was released in the month of 5th march in the year of 2020. People are very much satisfied with this release date.


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