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Parents Say They’ve Raised Seven-Year-Old Daughter to Believe She’s a ‘Witch’ in a Wizarding Family



A set of parents have divided opinions online after they revealed the rather unconventional approach they’ve taken to raising their daughter.

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‘My Nightmare Landlord’: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about Lifetime’s upcoming thriller film



Finding the right place to live is a challenge in itself. But it becomes more difficult when you have the wrong people around to deal with. What happens when the very person you rely on for a healthy living environment starts to get too involved in your life? ‘My Nightmare Landlord’, as the title suggests, is the story of one such landlord who is obsessed with his tenant and makes her life difficult.

Release date

‘My Nightmare Landlord’ is all set to release on March 7 at 8 pm ET, only on Lifetime.


When Lydia moves into a new apartment after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, she finds herself lonely and isolated. Her charming landlord seems like a breath of fresh air until he develops an unhealthy obsession toward Lydia and starts to get too involved in her life. The attempt to reduce her loneliness turns into striving for her peace of mind. What will it take Lydia to live peacefully and safely in her new home?


The drama thriller movie stars Caroline Harris, Ignacyo Matynia, Spencer Belko Star and Sinéad D’arcy in the lead roles.

Caroline Harris as Lydia (IMDb)

Caroline Harris is an American actress, who plays the lead character of Lydia, the tenant. She is known for her work in ‘Bruh’ (2019), ‘Westworld’ (2016) and ‘Happiest Season’ (2020).

Ignacyo Matynia (IMDb)

Ignacyo Matynia is a Polish actor working in Hollywood since 2014. He is known for starring in various TV shows such as ‘Scorned: Love Kills’ (2012), ‘Dietland’ (2015) and Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ (2016). He has also appeared in the indie movie ‘Life Coach’ (2019).

Sinéad D’arcy (IMDb)

Sinéad D’arcy is an Irish-American actor, model, director and producer who has appeared in many commercials, infomercials, along with theater productions. She also runs a podcast called ‘Girls Lets Talk’ on iHeartRadio.


‘My Nightmare Landlord’ is directed by Dylan Vox and written for the screen by Naomi L Selfman.


The network has not updated any information about the movie preview yet. Watch this space for updates and more information.

Where to watch

You can watch ‘My Nightmare Landlord’ when it airs on Lifetime movies on March 7.

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Naya Rivera’s body could be entangled underwater and may never be found, say cops after she’s presumed dead



The body of Naya Rivera, who is missing and feared dead, may never be recovered, said police officials involved in the search operation. The 33-year-old actress went missing in the afternoon on Wednesday, July 8, after going for boating and swimming with her four-year-old Josey at Lake Piru in South California. Rivera had rented a pontoon boat on the lake before sailing out. She was reported missing after another boater found her son sleeping alone in the boat. Officers who responded to the scene found an adult life-vest life jacket in the boat, suggesting Rivera was not wearing one. They also found the actress’s wallet and identification on the boat which helped them to confirm the identity of the missing person. While Josey told officers “he had been swimming with his mother and that he got back in the boat and her mum didn’t”.

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department helicopter flies over Lake Piru where actress Naya Rivera was reported missing (Getty Images)

However, now 24 hours have passed since the search operation was launched, the Ventura County Sheriff’s office said on Thursday, July 9, that they were presuming Rivera have drowned and the effort to find her has been classified as a “search and recovery operation” in which around 100 personnel are involved. Providing an update on the case, Ventura Country Sheriff Sergeant Kevin Donoghue on Thursday released a CCTV footage showing the actress and her son arriving at the lake, parking the car and then boarding a boat. Donoghue also said that it may be weeks before the body is found, The Mirror reported. “If the body is entangled on something beneath the water, it may never come back up. There’s no way to really say. We’re putting our best foot forward to try and locate her, we’re using all the assets that are available to us, we’re using technology like sonar,” the sergeant added. He also shared that the experts involved in the search know the lake “inside and out” and the police are “relying on their expertise to help us in that endeavor. We’re going to do everything that we can to find her.”

Sergeant Kevin Donoghue of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department speaks during a press conference at Lake Piru where actress Naya Rivera was reported missing
(Getty Images)

According to reports, risky conditions have made the search effort more difficult for rescuers. Officer Chris Dyer said the depth of the lake is not the same everywhere, as it goes from between 50-60ft to 4ft over a short distance. Also, there is reportedly a visibility issue as, during the daytime, it is possible for rescuers to see only about eight to 10 inches in the water, while sizeable debris, including trees, flow beneath the surface. Earlier, officer Dyer said they were “hopeful” but were “realistic” too about Rivera. “I think a tragic accident happened here and it breaks my heart. Not only am I helping search for Ms Rivera but I’m also a father, it really pains me that something that was meant to be so good and so fun, to come out here on the lake, went so bad,” he said, adding: “We’re presuming that an accident happened, we’re presuming that she drowned in the lake. There are no signs of foul play, no signs that anything went wrong besides a tragic accident. The goal is still to bring Ms Rivera home to her family so they can have some closure.”

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Debby Ryan delights fans with Fashion Week TikTok



Debby Ryan has thrilled fans by recreating the looks of some of her best-loved characters on TikTok.

The clip shows the actor, 27, revealing what she’d wear to Fashion Week, using the opportunity to dress up as some of her previous roles.

Ryan then kitted herself out in the attire of Jessie‘s Jessie Prescott, The Suite Life on Deck‘s Bailey Pickett, Insatiable‘s Patty Bladell, and finally Radio Rebel‘s Tara Adams.

She captioned the fun clip: “The president said to make a TikTok,” and set the video to Curtis Waters’ track Stunnin’.

Debby Ryan recreated some of her best-loved looks (TikTok: debbyryan)

Ryan’s video soon took on a life of its own, quickly garnering 17 million views on the social media platform in just over six hours.

Tara Adams is Debby’s most memed role (TikTok: debbyryan)

The TikTok clip also sees the actress make a tongue-in-cheek reference to a viral meme, based on her famous “blink” scene from the 2012 Disney film Radio Rebel, in which the star plays secret radio DJ, Tara Adams.

Many fans have recreated the scene over the years, flicking back their hair, biting their finger and looking shyly at the camera – but they are even more delighted by Ryan’s nod to the hugely popular meme.

“This is iconic!” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another said: “Not Debby Ryan doing the Debby Ryan!”

A third added: “Debby Ryan won Tik Tok, you can delete it now.”

Ryan isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, and previously referred to the memes on her own Twitter account.

“I was serious about my craft from a young age and studied technique alongside Roxanne from A Goofy Movie,” she said.

You can follow Debby Ryan on TikTok here.

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