To mention that Facebook has had a tough few decades could be a stunning understatement. The business has come under fire for its role in assisting disperse fake news throughout the 2016 presidential elections, allowing unwitting users’ information to be chosen by third parties for political purposes, also safety breaches it has been made to own up to. Now, it’s another wreck on its hands up to 6.8 million consumers’ private photographs might have been exposed because of a”bug.”

At a notice posted on its developer blog Friday, Facebook confessed it lately found that the personal photographs of around 6.8 million users might have been subjected to third-party apps which weren’t supposed to watch them, based on TechCrunch report. Specifically, it stated the affected photographs contained those in people’s tales and ones that consumers uploaded but not really posted. In a statement, the business stated it’ll be telling users that were affected with a Facebook awake in the forthcoming days.

Facebook leak private photos

So, uh, how the hell did this occur? According to the announcement, the”bug” was associated with the Facebook login which enables people to sign into other apps user their Facebook account. Basically, it enabled those apps to get user photographs they should not have been able to view. It says it heard of the breach on September 25, which up to 1,500 distinct apps might have been able to get the photographs. It is uncertain why Facebook waited almost 3 weeks to come clean about exactly what happened, however as The Verge supposes, it can be because it is in the thick of handling an even bigger breach that has been also found on September 25.

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If you’re among those unfortunate ones whose photographs might have been influenced, you are going to be given a notification like the one shown previously. Facebook stated it’ll also be rolling out apps to app developers to help ascertain which of the users might have been affected, and work together to delete the photographs which might have been obtained.

And just in case this is the final straw for you, here is some useful info for those willing to pull the plug.

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