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Fargo Season 4: Release? Cast? And Spoilers Updates



Fargo is an anthology web series curated by FX which means that each new season has a new storyline. We have till now got three seasons of this black dramedy with the last one hitting our screens in 2018.

And it has been two years since then as we awaiting for a brand new season. And that day finally came when we were about to get the fourth installment in April 2020.

Pandemic Extended The Release Date

However, due to the outbreak of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, this could not be possible and hence the release got delayed to a future uncertain time period. We were so eagerly awaiting the release of the new plot and characters but it all went in vain.

Expected Release Date Of Fargo Season 4

We still do not have any clear release date but it is expected to get a fall release. But still, this is not sure because the situation is not stable yet and it is very much possible that it could further be postponed to early 2021.

Source: Den of Geek

The Storyline Of Fargo TV Show

The story is set in 1950 Kansas City wherein two topmost criminal entities eye to take control of the entire state. The upcoming installment is a period drama too and is set way much back like the earlier timeline set in 1990 or early 2000.

The response generated by the earlier seasons was terrific and the same is expected with this one because it is coming after a gap of two years. Also what is even best is that the show would star Chris Rock in the lead role who is just outstanding and is the busiest actor of Hollywood. Seeing this comedy star and fine artist in this black dramedy would be a treat to watch.

Cast In Fargo Season 4

The other cast members include;

  • Francesco Acquaroli,
  • Andrew Bird,
  • Gaetano Bruno,
  • Jessie Buckley,
  • Jack Huston, and others as well.

Let us now wait for the fourth season of the show. Although we do not have any release date, we are very sure that the next season would be worth being-watching. If you have not watched the earlier seasons, you can watch them now.

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Artist Illustrates The Dogs She Encounters In “The Good Boy Report” (125 Pics)



Kasey Williams describes herself as ‘a wannabe punk who can make a mean curry’. But she’s more than that. Kasey is also a comic artist and professional colorist for animation. Right now, she’s working on Animaniacs at Warner Bros, but she also makes her own art and comics on the side. One of which is The Good Boy Report.

The premise is simple: every Friday, Kasey shares illustrations of the dogs she had spotted that week. And one could say that even the pictures are ‘simple’. However, I think that’s the beauty of the series.

The Good Boy Report doesn’t have intricate world-building or a dramatic plot. Heck, it doesn’t even have colors. What it does have is a collection of charismatic dogs that take up the central role in every weekly edition. Combine that with Kasey’s cute and witty captions and you’ve got yourself a wholesome project that’s absolutely pawsome the way it is.

More info: Instagram

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How to stream Vidgo: Channels, plans, cost, and how to sign up



Vidgo began life as a streaming service featuring sports and Spanish-language programming from throughout the Americas and Spain, as well as a skinny English-language package. In December 2019, though, Vidgo entered the streaming competition fully with two beefed-up English language packages to rival FuboTV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV. Here’s everything you need to know about what Vidgo offers and a review of how it compares, including channels, cost, and more.

Latino Mas$25

* promotional pricing, first 90 days



How much is Vidgo? Plans, channels, and pricing

There are four Vidgo plans to choose from: two English-language packages and two smaller Spanish-language packages. The Core National English Streaming Plan brings nearly 70 channels spanning news, entertainment, and sports, which is typically $45 a month, while the Plus Plan brings nearly 20 additional channels to that baseline package for $50. While that’s a price hike from where it’s been previously, it’s still a great deal for the channels you get, when you compare it to other streaming services.

Also: Vidgo’s currently offering a special deal bringing the price down $5 a month to $40 for Core and $45 for Plus for the first 90 days.

If you’re looking for Spanish programming, there’s a Latino package with more than 20 channels, including BeIN Sports’ Spanish-language channel, for $25 a month — but adjusted to $20 a month for the same duration as the English plans. Though the Latino Mas package adds five channels for $10, making it $30 for the same period, two of those are ESPN Deportes and Fox Deportes.

Latino Mas$25

* promotional pricing, first 90 days


Video Core English Streaming Plan

The baseline Vidgo plan for English-language subscribers carries an impressive group of 68 channels, including selections from throughout the Disney and ESPN universe, ABC and Fox, an array of sports programming including BeIN Sports and the NFL Network, and a great number of entertainment choices.

Vidgo Core English Channels



Vidgo Plus English Streaming Plan

For $10 more a month, Plus subscribers get everything that Core subscribers get, with an additional 17 channels in the mix. For MTV fans, that means MTV Classic and MTV2 are added to the package. For sports fans, that means the full group of Pac-12 channels and NFL RedZone.

Vidgo Plus English Channels



Vidgo Latino Streaming Plan

Vidgo’s skinny package for Spanish-speaking subscribers includes BeIN’s Spanish-language channel, Azteca America, and some choices from throughout the Americas.

Vidgo Latino Streaming Channels

BeIN Ñ SportsCanal PlusCanal Sur
Canal 52 MXCentroAmerica TVCine Latino
Discovery en EspañolEstudio 5Familia Discovery
Hola TVNTN 24Pasiones
RCN NuestraRCN NovelasTelefe
Tele InternacionalTeleformulaTelevision Dominica
TyC SportsVideo RolaWapa America



Vidgo Latino Mas Streaming Plan

The additional channels in this plan set Spanish-speaking viewers up for sports, with DAZN, ESPN Deportes, and Fox Deportes included.

Vidgo Latino Mas Streaming Channels

BeIN ñ SportsCanal PlusCanal Sur
Canal 52 MXCentroAmerica TVCine Latino
DAZNDiscovery en EspañolEcuavisa
ESPN DeportesEstudio 5Familia Discovery
Fox DeportesHola TVNTN 24
PasionesRCN NovelasRCN Nuestra
RMSTele InternacionalTelefe
TeleformulaTelevision DominicaTyC Sports
Video RolaWapa America 



Social TV

One feature you might enjoy from the service, that makes its unique among major streaming services, is Social TV: the ability to join an online chat service tied to what’s streaming. Social TV allows viewers to communicate with each other in real time in the same Vidgo ecosystem. So, for example, you can tune into an NFL game on Fox, witness the team you’re rooting for scoring a touchdown, and then express yourself. Whether it’s a trendy gimmick or a game-changer other streaming services will adopt remains to be seen, of course.



Vidgo local channels

Two of the four major networks, ABC and Fox, are part of both English-language packages, while CBS and NBC are not. For streamers, the lack of local channels is one drawback that often weighs into the decision-making process.



Vidgo add-ons

Vidgo is a fairly skinny streaming service compared to Fubo TV and AT&T TV Now, so you won’t get premium channels like HBO.



Vidgo streaming devices

Vidgo is available via the following devices.



Vidgo DVR and multiple screens

Vidgo allows for content to be streamed from up to three devices at the same time. While there’s no DVR service yet, Vidgo indicates that could be coming soon.



Vidgo on-demand and offline options

VOD (video on demand) provides on-demand content for Vidgo channels. While there is no offline content available on this streaming service, there are plenty of on-demand options.



Review: Vidgo vs. The Competition

Vidgo vs. Sling TV

Sling TV offers smaller packages of channels at a discount from normal streaming TV packages, starting at $30 per month and topping out at $45 per month. For just $30 a month, for example, you can get 47 channels with Sling Blue, with the $45 Sling Orange + Blue package including 53 channels and DVR.

Vidgo offers more channels in its Core package and decidedly more channels in its Plus package. If you’re looking to live stream primarily for sports or entertainment, Vidgo provides more choice for a comparable price. Sling has some add-on packages that bring more channels—but also bring more cost. However, if you’re looking for news, Sling wins, carrying both CNN and MSNBC.

Vidgo vs. AT&T TV Now

AT&T TV Now has a comparable channel selection to Vidgo in its base packages, but AT&T TV Now outpaces it when you get into the more robust channel packages. Those packages come with additional costs, though, and even AT&T TV Now’s base Plus and Max packages are pricier than Vidgo’s Plus lineup (though Plus and Max come with HBO). AT&T TV Now does also carry some Spanish-language channels, though they’re not as from as diverse a range of countries.

AT&T TV Now is the streaming service most like cable, while Vidgo offers the cost-savings and device options that streaming fans associate with cord-cutting.

Vidgo vs. FuboTV

FuboTV may be a little costlier than Vidgo, but it offers unlimited DVR (whereas Vidgo has yet to add a DVR option), original programming, and even some crossover with Vidgo in Spanish-language TV. Fubo also edges out Vidgo in major networks, offering CBS, NBC, and Fox compared to Vidgo’s ABC and Fox.

Fubo is particularly strong with sports programming, and now that Fubo has ESPN, it may even be stronger in sports. If you’re looking for a more budget-minded option and you wouldn’t miss center-left news options, Vidgo might be right for you, but Fubo’s superior in a number of other areas and very well could be worth the extra cost.

Vidgo vs. Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV will set you back $54.99 a month and offers fewer channel options than either Core or Plus. It also has a modest Spanish-language package that offers a bit of crossover with Vidgo’s two Spanish-language packages.

But Hulu Live TV comes with Hulu and its massive on-demand library, and it comes with 50 hours of DVR a month. If live sports and entertainment are what you’re looking for, Vidgo’s better equipped and the more cost-conscious option. But if you want more movies and add-on possibilities, it’s worth you while to give Hulu a look.

Vidgo vs. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is now a little pricier than Vidgo, but has a lot going for it. YouTube does offer all four major networks (and attendant local programming in most markets), a full slate of ESPN networks, and a number of other sports options. There is, in fact, quite a bit of overlap in what both streaming services offer, with a slight sports edge to Vidgo for offering BeIN Sports and Pac-12 Networks (though several MLS teams have their channels on YouTube TV, so it’s all in perspective).

YouTube TV, however, delivers with unlimited DVR and a group of add-ons that includes Showtime and AMC Premiere. If you’re comparing English-language packages, YouTube TV arguably brings a little more to the table.



Is Vidgo worth it?

If you’re a Spanish-language viewer and you want sports and programming from throughout the Americas, Vidgo provides a great streaming option. So far, Vidgo’s English-language play is bolstered by its solid selection of channels, though we’d like to see more news options than Fox News Channel made available, and it could certainly use DVR capabilities. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s a promise that Vidgo makes good on in the months to come. But, on the whole, Vidgo is a welcome addition to the streaming landscape and perhaps Social TV’s a thing that will catch on beyond just Vidgo.



How to sign up for Vidgo

Once you get to the website, it’s easy to get rolling.

  1. Visit the Vidgo website and click the “Start Free Trial” button to get a seven-day chance to try Vidgo.
  2. That will take you to the next page, which asks you to choose from either of the two English packages or two Spanish packages. Then, click “Continue Free Trial.”
  3. Enter your information, click the box indicating you agree with the terms, then click the “Complete Free Trial” button.
Latino Mas$25

* promotional pricing, first 90 days

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Streaming Device Guides

Entertainment Channel Guides

Sports Channel Guides

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Tory Lanez’s Rep Refutes Claims That The Rapper Was Deported Following His Shooting Incident



Tory Lanez’s gun charge last month turned out to be the beginning of a larger issue and a drastic turn of events. With Megan Thee Stallion and her friend present for his arrest, it was revealed shortly after — thanks to a post from the Houston rapper — that Megan suffered a gunshot wound sometime before the Tory was apprehended by LAPD police officers, refuting an initial report that her foot injury came as a result of Megan stepping on broken glass. Supported by new reports, fans quickly pieced together that Tory Lanez may have been the one who shot Megan in the foot, a claim that is still unconfirmed. Following a few statements from Megan this past weekend, which focused on the public’s reaction to the matter, rumors began to spur that Tory was deported as a result of the shooting, a claim his representative now denies (via XXL).

In a statement to XXL, a rep for Tory Lanez denied the deportation rumors saying the rapper was actually quarantining with family. “Tory has not been deported and is self-quarantining with his family in Florida,” the statement read. “This is a perfect example of false information being spread regarding this case, his whereabouts and his character.” The statement arrived after a video surfaced to social media that captured the Canadian rapper at what looks like a McDonald’s reportedly speaking to a homeless man.

Scroll up to watch the reported video of Tory Lanez.

Megan Thee Stallion is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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