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Fight to Fame Enters Mexican Market




Fight to Fame has been touring all over the world and planting roots wherever they can.

Ever since this show was launched, all you’ve probably ever heard about are the deals they’ve closed with big personalities in different continents and legends they’ve secured as ambassadors.

Entering different markets is definitely a tough process because producers need to understand how the market works and what appeals best to their customers. But the team behind Fight to Fame doesn’t seem to be fazed, in fact, they’re planning to enter one of the toughest markets in the world—Mexico.

Boxing Popularity in Mexico

Other than their great culture and beautiful destinations, Mexico is also known as the fighting country. People even say that boxing is surely a topic that will lead to meaningful friendships in Mexico. But why is boxing the most popular sport in the country? Let’s start off with the legendary figures that hailed from this country.

This country has produced boxers such as Ricardo Lopez, Juan Manual Marquez, Julio Cesar Chavez, and Marco Antonio Barrera—all successful and legendary during their boxing time. These boxers serve as inspirations for a lot of Mexicans. Another is the kind of work ethic that ensues with boxing.

Boxing is a sport that allowed these boxers to pour their mind, heart, and soul into training which eventually led them to success. This is a trait that’s innate in Mexicans which solidifies the sport’s popularity in the country.

Lastly, this is a very patriotic country. Whenever there’s a huge boxing fight, everybody will find a way to watch it. It’s basically a sport that can clear the streets and make everybody sit tight on their seats while the boxing match is ongoing.

Everybody loves and supports their national bet on any sport and boxing just happens to be on a global platform. With all these reasons, it’s no wonder that boxing is indeed a popular sport in Mexico.

Will Fight to Fame’s Sports Model succeed in Mexico?

Without a doubt, Fight to Fame banks on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It’s not just simply boxing but it’s a mixture of all other fighting sports which is not common in the country.

One of the reasons for MMA’s unpopularity in Mexico is that there aren’t that many schools or places where one can learn other martial arts. Since the country is quite focused on boxing, arts like wrestling or Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu might not ring any bells for most citizens.

Reality TV shows are one thing but Mexicans on reality TV shows are another.

As mentioned in the previous section, as much as Mexican boxers pour their heart and soul into training, Mexicans also go out of their way to support their national contenders. If there’s a Mexican on any show, you’d be sure that Mexicans will support that person.

Not to mention, the show will grant the winner a role in a huge action movie in Hollywood. That’s a ticket to fame that a lot of people, not just Mexicans, want to get their hands on.

This is one of the things that will make Fight to Fame succeed in Mexico. This could also be an avenue to introduce the entire population to MMA easily. Who knows, Fight to Fame might just start a whole new generation of MMA fighters in the country.

Succeeding in Mexico

If Fight to Fame plays their card well in Mexico, they could just be the next big hit in the country. Mexicans will be on the edge of their seats waiting for the next episode to support their contender.

And we all know that Mexicans will try their best to win everything they take part in, who knows, Fight to Fame Mexico might just be the next big thing.

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Celebrity Family Feud Returns With a ‘Long [Bleep]’ and a Flirty Kathie Lee — Watch Three Saucy Sneak Peeks




Things look to be a bit rrrribald when ABC‘s Celebrity Family Feud returns with new episodes, starting this Sunday aka Emmy Night.

Airing at 7 pm ET, 9pm MT and after the Emmys for the West Coast, Sunday’s Feud pit Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Brad Garrett against his onetime TV brother Ray Romano, after which rock bands Fall Out Boy and Weezer will go head-to-head.

In the sneak peek above, Garrett — whose team of comedians is playing on behalf of the Maximum Hope Foundation — is asked to complete the sentence, “I need a long ____.” Will the sitcom giant go there? Press play to find out.

In the clip below, meanwhile, Team Garrett member Deb Gutierrez serves up her own saucy answer to a question:

Following the Emmy Night special, Celebrity Family Feud settles into its new time slot, Thursdays at 8/7c, starting Sept. 24 — where Kathie Lee Gifford battles fellow daytime-TV vet Ricki Lake, and 2 Chainz goes up against Big Boi. Press play below to watch Gifford fawn over host Steve Harvey’s… well, you’ll see. (And yes, this was taped pre-pandemic!)

Leading out of Celeb Family Feud on Thursdays will be new episodes of Press Your Luck and Match Game, starting Sept. 24.

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The reason Altered Carbon fans think season 2 was so weak




The vocal fan community of Altered Carbon has its theories, with one major complaint popping up over and over — namely, that every aspect of the show seemed to have been dialed back.

From a narrative perspective, fans were underwhelmed with the second season of Altered Carbon, especially when it came to the characters’ actions and motivations. One Reddit user, posting under the screen name Cerrax3, pointed out a lack of “grey areas,” stating that Tak’s actions were never uniformly “good” or “bad” in the first season — they were complicated. They cite the main character’s willingness to murder an abusive father, the use of shady law enforcement techniques, and the way that a character who misses his daughter keeps her perpetually alive and in a state of “torment” so that he can be near her. The second season, though, doesn’t explore these ethical complexities, instead choosing to present characters who have motivations that are cleanly good or evil. 

The quality of the show’s writing, in general, is something fans have criticized quite a few times. As another Redditor, Gilthu, put it, the grand intrigue of the first season was stripped away: “There are no mysteries. You basically get spoon fed things.” 

Combine these problems with what appears to have been a much lower production budget, as demonstrated by the lackluster — sometimes even laughable — special effects, and fans weren’t on board. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look a third season will come around to fix things, because in August of 2020, Netflix canceled Altered Carbon after just two seasons. For now, fans remain hopeful that it may one day be “resleeved” once more.

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‘The Daily Show’ Holds the ‘Pandemmy’ Awards (Because COVID) (Video)




It might seem like a decade since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but it’s actually only been 7 months. You can be forgiven for thinking otherwise however, considering just how much has happened since the month Trump both publicly insisted COVID isn’t a real problem but privately admitted he knew good and well how dangerous the disease is.

So it’s pretty helpful that “The Daily Show” on Thursday reminded everyone of just how much of a fiasco America’s response has been with a gag parodying this week’s 2020 Emmy Awards: The Pandemmys. And though it is a big joke, it’s also something “The Daily Show Fans” can actually vote on.

And in a fun clip on Thursday’s episode promoting the awards, Trevor Noah broke down a few of the categories. Read on for a small sample.

Most Optimistic Performance.


Larry Kudlow, for falsely claiming “we have contained this” back in February.
Elon Musk, for claiming in March, without any evidence, that the U.S. would have the virus under control by “April”
Mike Pence, for asserting in April “by Memorial Day Weekend we will largely have this coronavirus epidemic behind us.”
Jared Kushner, for saying in April that the federal government has handled things excellently and that the U.S. economy would be “really rocking again” by July.
Donald Trump, for his infamous assertion — made in March at the same time he was telling Bob Woodward that COVID-19 was probably going to kill a lot of people — that the disease would disappear “like a miracle.”

Best Karen (honoring ‘Karens’ losing their minds when asked to wear masks).


The Karen recorded during a performative freakout over masks at a Trader Joe’s” who called the other shoppersDemocratic Pigs, All of You.“
The Karen recorded during a performative freakout over masks at a pizza shop who insisted “I have a right to my pizza.“
The Karen recorded during a performative freakout over masks at a grocery store who threw items to the ground while screaming “I don’t give a f—.“
The Karen recorded during a performative freakout over masks at a bank who started banging her head against the door and licking the window while someone could be heard in the background comparing it to the Will Smith zombie-vampire movie “I am legend.“

Also shown, the bipartisan nominees for “Outstanding Stunt Coordination.”

“I’m telling you, the 2020 Pandemmys are gonna be sick. I mean like fever, dry cough, loss of smell sick,” Noah joked after running the clips.

If you want to take part in voting, you can head over right now to the Pandemmy Awards’ official site. Meanwhile, watch “The Daily Show” clip above, or check out the other categories in the videos below. They’re all really funny — and let’s be honest, scary/sad/angering/depressing too.

Best Bulls—.

Best Costume Design

Best Kevin (the male version of a Karen)

Outstanding Achievement in Wishful Thinking

Best Supporting Supporter

Best Foreign Film

Best Picture

Best Supporting Disaster in a Pandemic

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