Google Fit, Google‘ s activity-tracking app for Android, is becoming a little but meaningful upgrade now that adds a couple of new features that’ll probably make its ordinary users very pleased. Some are fairly basic, such as the launching of a Fit widget to your Android house display, but others introduce new attributes such as a breathing exercise (though will only be accessible on Wear OS), an upgraded home display in the app itself and enhanced activity logging.

The app got a significant redesign before this season and in the process, Google introduced Heart Points as a means of monitoring not only the span but also the strenuousness of the actions.

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Those are monitored automatically as you move about your daily life, but because Fit also enables you to log actions manually, you did not actually get an opportunity to log the intensity of these exercises. Now, but you can adjust the intensity in your search for becoming more Heart Points.

Another important new feature is the precise contrary of strenuous exercise: a breathing exercise for all those moments when you would like to relax. For some reason, Google determined this attribute is Wear OS-only at the moment. I am not quite certain why that is the situation, but if you do not possess a Wear OS watch, you will only need to work out another method to stay calm and bugger on.


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