Years past, Google’s Street View app expanded from roads to nearly everywhere, as a result of Google’s Trekker app that places 360-degree Street View cameras into one backpack. Now, Google declared its updated Trekker backpack, which can be significantly lighter and smaller than previously. The older you weighed in at roughly 44 lbs.

It isn’t only a new layout, however — Google additionally notes the newest Trekker features enhanced hardware which will enable it to capture the better and sharper vision, as a result of higher-resolution detectors and also an increased aperture.

“Like preceding Trekker generations, the newest version could be placed on automobiles, boats as well as zip lines,” the company explains. “This assists when shooting hard-to-access areas, or when constructing maps for developing cities and countries with complicated structures.”

As you probably can not simply receive a Trekker to map out of your backyard, Google notes that it has been conduct its own Trekker loan app. This app is available to associations such as tourism boards, nonprofits, government agencies, universities and study teams.

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Odds are, you are going to see some enhanced Street View vision from difficult to reach areas on Google Maps soon. Until then you can go right ahead and take a virtual walk through Petra or round the shores of Christmas Island.

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