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Hocus Pocus: 2? Rumors And Official Announcements



Hocus Pocus is an American comedy film. The first part of this film was coordinated by Kenny Ortega. The first part of the movie was delivered in 1993. The second part of the moie will be coordinated by Adam Shankman.

When Will The Sequel Release

The continuation of this film was reported in 2019, now the productionand shooting of this film were halted because of the Coronavirus pandemic circumstance. Yet, since the sequel is going and handled to delivered on Disney +, Hocus Pocus 2 will arrive soon for the fans. In the event that the film’s productionstarts this season, the fans can anticipate that the film will release in late 2021.

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Who All Will Appear In Hocus Pocus 2

• Bettie Midler as Winifred Sanderson

• Kathy Najimy as Mary Sanderson

• Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah Sanderson

• Omri Katz as Max Dennison

• Vinessa Shaw as Allison

What’s The Storyline Of The Movie

The second part of the 1993 film Hocus Pocus will be driven by Adam Shankman. The first part of the movie came on July 16, 1993, and it was created by Kenny Ortega. To start with, the film was delivered by Walt Disney, and it was certainly not a surprising accomplishment for them. Still, during the entire yearly transmission, the film has gotten praisethrough ongoing years.

The first film spins around three witches that start a Dominion of magic for revenge. The film is a most loved humor and fear drama for its fans. Hocus Pocus part one was a Story of 3 witches who was ablaze in seventeenth-century Salem.

Decagon later, a youngster whose name is Max moves into Salem and halts in a witch home, where he consumes off the Dark Flame light and wildly drives Sanderson into a left state.

Max, his sister Dani and his neighbor Alison collaborate with a cat who can talk. They attempted to stopthe witches until they could deplete the powerof the entirety of the children who lived in the city.

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Sato Takuma’s ‘Crybabies’ is Story of Traditions and Morals




director whose short films have garnered honors in Japan and abroad, Sato Takuma is celebrating a milestone with the selection of his first theatrical feature, “Any Crybabies Around,” by San Sebastian. Sato set the film in his native Akita Prefecture, at the northern tip of Japan’s main island of Honshu. “I wrote a story about my own region, so I’m really nervous about the audience’s reaction,” he tells “Variety.” “I wanted to get it directly, though, not online.”

A main driver of the plot is the custom of “Namahage” as practiced on Akita’s remote Oga Peninsula. Dressed and masked as ogres from local folklore, village men go from house to house on New Year’s Eve scaring young children with the permission and approval of their parents. Designed to instill obedience and good morals in its targets, Namahage has been handed down for hundreds of years, but the film’s hero, who has just become a father, shames the community by appearing before a TV camera drunk and wearing only his mask. His punishment is social expulsion.

“I’m worried about how the foreign audience will see Namahage,” Sato says, recalling a project market he went to in Busan. “There were producers from various countries but when I showed them a video of Namahage they were all shocked – they saw it as bullying,” he adds. “But the local people don’t have that intention. The film had to show Namahage has a different meaning.”

The film’s powerful last scene involves a Namahage visit — and came to Sato first. “I saw the central question of the film as being whether the hero could spiritually become a father,” he says. “That was the starting point for me. In making the film I came to think that, as a father, (the hero) can only leave something one-sidedly behind for the children.” And that ‘something’ is the Namahage visit and the lessons it supposedly imparts.

Similar to his hero, who exiles himself to Tokyo after his disgrace, Sato left Akita for Japan’s capital in his twenties. “Even back then the population (of Akita) was steadily shrinking and, now that I’ve been in Tokyo for ten years, towns in Akita have all become lonely looking,” he says. “When I meet people doing Namahage they told me that they had to do it or it would die out. They have a sense of mission, but can they grow their numbers, even by one person, and keep it going?”

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The Sophomore Season Of Hulu’s ‘PEN15’ Offers Few Laugh Than Season One, But It’s Just As Good




The first season of Hulu’s PEN15 felt like the Cliff Notes version of a TV comedy.

Fans knew what the joke was from the beginning: two thirty-something actresses playing the 13-year-old versions of themselves against other pre-teen actors. That exaggerated surrealism was the set-up and the punchline, the lens through which every interaction could be viewed. It made universal coming-of-age woes like bad haircuts and puberty painfully relatable, even if it allowed audiences to distance themselves from those traumatic memories with visuals of Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle sporting Care Bear hoodies and playing with Sylvanian doll sets.

The show’s humor rested in its understanding of nostalgia, in how well-attuned its leads were to the age of dial-up, chatrooms, gel pens, and the almost otherworldly bliss of being the first in your friend group to blackout from huffing a permanent marker. The gift of hindsight, and the show’s running gimmick, made its first season an addictive, if a bit shallow, binge-watch. But we’ve all grown up since then, and the latest installment of PEN15 reflects that maturity — not just in how comfortable both Erskine and Konkle seem to be in their characters, but in the storylines they’re willing to sacrifice laughs for.

We’re not saying PEN15 isn’t funny anymore. It’s a f*cking riot, one filled with more middle school theatrics, cringe-worthy pool parties, twisted sleepovers, and witchcraft, but we’re not sure it fits the “feel-good” label its first season so clearly boasted. Maybe it’s a product of just living within this world that the women have created, maybe its some actual sorcery they’ve employed, but at some point, you stop paying attention to the gag, and you start becoming genuinely invested in these girls’ lives.

It’s like watching Sandra Bullock try to survive a threatening cloud of space debris in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. There are moments when the silence of the movie theater weighs down rational thought when you forget that Bullock is not actually in space, that she can’t use a fire extinguisher as a makeshift thruster to reach a foreign space station and return safely home. The CGI plays a good enough trick on the mind, the wires disappear, and you’re left leaving the theater with a ringing in your ears and the illusion-shattering realization you’re still on Earth, walking down a busy Upper West Side block, disoriented and sill high on adrenaline.

PEN15 season two is like Gravity, but with more comedy and fewer space-walks. It makes you believe so intently that Maya and Anna are actual preteens, suffering through crushes and debilitating social awkwardness and parental neglect that you forget to laugh when they don mouthguards and best friend necklaces and chunky hairclips. The show’s better for it, exploring some thematically darker issues this time around, like the divorce of Anna’s parents. The tension hinted at in season one becomes a full-on civil war as both adults decide to share the house while they begin the process of separating, putting Anna in the middle and straining her relationship with her mother.

And while Anna reconciles with her changing family dynamic, Maya caves to an unhealthy obsession with a boy at school, joining the wrestling team to impress him, leaving locks of her hair in his locker, and fielding nasty rumors about her promiscuity and sexual desperation. It all builds to an end of the year middle school play that pits the friends against one another, the arrival of a new girl who inserts herself in their relationship, and a sleepover party that turns into a Lord of the Flies moment when a maxi-pad clogs a toilet.

Some of these moments are laugh-out-loud funny, but most are accompanied by a bit of introspection, not just from Konkle and Erskine but from us, the fans, who are watching and are bound to have some long-buried memory dredged up to fixate on all over again. Maybe its chanting spells in the school greenhouse or having your first sip of liquor behind the auditorium or leaving your mom alone at a restaurant because your dad’s having a mid-life crisis in his new convertible. It’s funny to look back on now, but it was painful then, and that’s what the show does even better its second time around: it reminds us that both can be true.

Hulu’s ‘PEN15’ returns for Season 2 on September 18.

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Cette terrasse d’Hochelag offre 2 cocktails pour 12$ ce soir pour terminer sa saison




Les Jardineries qui se situent dans les espaces collectifs du Parc Olympique nous ont fait vivre de beaux moments tout au long de l’été avec leur terrasse champêtre. C’est le moment pour eux de fermer leurs portes pour la saison plus froide qui s’annonce et ils ne désirent certainement pas partir sans nous faire vivre une dernière soirée exceptionnelle!

C’est lors d »une soirée « 5 à tard » que nous pourrons aller avec toute notre gang boire des drinks vraiment pas chers tout en vibrant au son d’un Dj set. Entre 18h et 21h, c’est l’artiste DJ Bles-Sed qui fera spinner ses vinyles pour nous offrir des sons R&B, hip-hop et funk/soul qui nous donneront envie de bouger toute la soirée.


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A huge urban garden, illuminated outdoor patio, greenhouse, circular beach, games, and an open-air café — that’s just part of what you’ll discover at Les Jardineries in Montreal! This garden opens at 9 am daily. Local’s tip: Plan a visit in the evening, from Thursday to Sunday, to hang out at the café-bar and enjoy a delicious pizza. 📷: @parcolympique 📍: @lesjardineries, @montreal #ExploreCanada . Un immense jardin urbain, une terrasse éclairée, une serre, une plage circulaire, des jeux et un café en plein air : voilà quelques-uns des attraits des Jardineries, à Montréal! Ce jardin ouvre tous les jours à 9 h. Un petit conseil : prévoyez une visite en soirée, du jeudi au dimanche, pour vous détendre au café-bar et déguster une délicieuse pizza. 📷 : @parcolympique 📍 : @lesjardineries @montreal #ExploreCanada #MTLmoments #QuebecOriginal

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En plus de pouvoir manger de la pizza et de la crème glacée, le bar offrira en formule « 5 à 7 » des prix vraiment alléchants pour que l’on puisse consommer de l’alcool sans se ruiner. En effet, le coût pour 2 cocktails sera de seulement 12$, 2 Archibald seront offertes pour 14$ et « 2 petites pour 10$ ». On s’entend que des prix aussi bas, c’est difficile à battre!

Vers 18h30, un speech sera présenté pour remercier les bénévoles, les citoyens, les équipes passées et présentes de La Pépinière, les partenaires, ainsi que tous ceux qui ont contribué au succès des Jardineries depuis les cinq dernières années.

On se rend donc là-bas avec notre chien en laisse pour boire de délicieux cocktails, les deux pieds dans le sable ou dans l’herbe pour profiter de la fin de la saison estivale.



Les Jardineries

L’Esplanade du Parc Olympique

4115 avenue Pierre de Coubertin, Montréal, Qc

À la sortie du métro Pie-IX

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