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How One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is different from the book



The One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest film as well a the novel contain a significant number of moments that have aged poorly when it comes to issues like racism, sexism, and homophobia. However, the book repeatedly hones in on the awful prejudices that existed (and still exist) in society while framing them as acceptable. In the film, Mac makes some incredibly offensive Native American calls when he meets Chief, and the racial divide is evident with the roles the Black cast members fill. The novel, meanwhile, contains a number of offensive racial descriptions and slurs.

At one point in the novel, Chief and Mac throw out a ton of slurs while beating the Black orderlies. Under Ratched’s orders, the workers effectively torture George, a patient not seen in the film version, using his obsessive compulsion about cleanliness against him. The scene frames McMurphy and Chief as the heroes for sticking up for George — tacitly accepting the racist treatment the characters dole out.

While the film didn’t arrive until a decade later, society had only made incremental improvements in the time since the book’s publication in terms of racial equality, and these are barely evident when comparing the movie to the book. One aspect of the novel that didn’t get much screen time is Chief’s descriptions of his Native American heritage and home — and how the government essentially stole his land and caused his father to lose himself in alcoholism. Chief’s lost backstory is one area where the film’s altered point of view hurts the story.


40 Things You Totally Forgot Happened on ‘My Super Sweet 16’




How did your parents celebrate your 16th birthday? By giving you a stretch hummer, spending $350,000 on a couture ball gown, and procuring you a tiara? Were you carried into a lavish party by a fleet of male models who then helped you perform a carefully choreographed belly dance with your classmates, during which you had a meltdown and screamed “f*ck you” at your mom? And did several celebrities—including, of course, Rihanna—show up to celebrate with you while a bunch of thirsty freshman party crashers started brawling outside your venue? Yeah, me neither.

While some of us were just happy to get a gift certificate to Hot Topic and a pizza party, the kids of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 were out here living it up on their parents’ dime. And due to the fact that this show aired in the early aughts, the parties were legitimately deranged. Check out the wildest moments you probably forgot about (so sorry for reminding you) and please note that these pics are somewhat ~blurry~ because My Super Sweet 16 is kinda ancient, much like me.

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Alyson Hannigan enters the world of competitive pumpkin-carving on new show




Alyson Hannigan is getting a jump on Halloween.

The former star of “How I Met Your Mother” is hosting “Outrageous Pumpkins,” a new four-part Food Network series in which seven expert pumpkin carvers will show off their skills and compete for a $25,000 grand prize.

Hannigan, 46, answered a few questions about her new show.

Do pumpkins hold a special place in your heart, or was this more about the competitive element?

Halloween holds a special place in my heart! So this was so much for me. The competitive aspect is always fun because it creates such an energy and motivates people, but for me, seeing all the creative ways the pumpkins were carved was the most exciting part.

Can you carve a pumpkin?

My [pumpkin] carving skills aren’t the best part of my Halloween décor because I haven’t focused on it enough, but this show has inspired me to up my game and has taught me so many great new tricks. Who knew you could use crazy glue, or shave the skin of a pumpkin before carving it?! This year I’ll have a lot more time to really focus on my carving skills because I won’t be able to host my annual Halloween party.

Did you do this activity as a kid?

I remember carving pumpkins because I remember loving that feeling when you stick your hands into the gooey brains of the pumpkins. I think, as a kid, pumpkin carving was my main Halloween activity. That’s how you knew people were celebrating Halloween — there was a pumpkin outside!

Did you need to learn about the art of carving, or is your job here being an observer?

I definitely learned about the craft and the skill required, but my main role was to try to keep my mouth from staying open the whole time as I looked on with amazement. I learned and I watched in awe.

When and where did you shoot the series?

In Long Island last November — we had to shoot it in pumpkin season! It was icy cold. I couldn’t even feel my fingers and meanwhile the contestants were doing this incredibly detailed work with their hands. Their dexterity was definitely put to the test having to carve in that cold weather. I don’t know how they did it, yet they still did such an incredible job with so much intricate detail.

It’s been almost six years since “How I Met Your Mother” ended. Would you consider starring in another network sitcom?

I’ve loved television since I was a little kid. Devouring reruns of “I Love Lucy” and “The Brady Bunch” and those kinds of shows are what made me realize I wanted to be an actor, especially sitcoms. “How I Met Your Mother” never filmed in front of a live audience so to be part of a series that did — where you’re getting that energy and instant feedback from the audience — would be so incredible.

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The 9 Best Air-Dry Products For Wavy Hair




Just like the “no-makeup-makeup look,” “effortless waves” is merely a figment of some cosmetics conglomerate marketing team’s imagination. As you know from owning your own head of wavy hair, getting those waves to look good, effortlessly so, requires some well-chosen products — and if you’re not in the mood to wield a blow dryer or other hot tool, reach for any of the best air-dry products for wavy hair featured here. Almost always enriched with hydrating ingredients, they range from creams and sprays to mousses and shampoos, but finding the right one for you will depend on your hair type and texture. To speak more on this, Elite Daily got in touch with celebrity hair stylist Harry Josh, who shares his insights below.

“There are typically three different customers,” Josh says. “One with fine hair, one with thick hair, and the other with frizzy hair.” In general, people with fine hair do well with sprays, those with thick waves can handle a slightly heavier styling cream or mousse, and people with dry, frizzy hair should look for products that contain moisturizing and smoothing ingredients, like argan oil, coconut oil, or vitamin B5. And as previously mentioned, all good air-dry products contain hydrating ingredients to encourage body, movement, and softness.

And for the most body/movement/softness, application is key. “You never want to apply product too heavy on your roots,” Josh says. “I always divide the hair into quadrants for equal distribution, so rather than one huge dollop on one spot of your head, you’re using four, for much better distribution. Concentrate on the midshaft to ends and keep away from the roots, as they tend to be not so frizzy,” he adds.

No matter your hair texture, budget, or intended aesthetic, scroll on to shop nine of the best products for wavy hair. No heat, or even that much effort, required.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. Best For Fine Hair

Fine waves respond well to lightweight, flexible leave-in sprays, like this styling spray from John Frieda that defines curls and waves without weighing them down. In here, magnesium enhances your waves’ bounce and lift, while conditioning ingredients encourage smoothness and softness. Spritz it on your wet or damp hair to create beautifully molded waves when your hair dries; and since it’s so weightless, you can reapply it to your dry hair whenever your waves are looking a little limp or shapeless.

2. Pro Pick: Best For Thick Hair

Josh likes this Goldwell moisturizing cream for thick, heavy waves, which he says can easily get dehydrated. In this styling cream, “the extra moisture will help your hair become silky and smooth, and help you regain those natural curls,” he says. Amazon reviewers love how lush, soft, and bouncy it makes their hair look and feel, and others report that it helps their hair hold a curl much longer than other products. Even though it’s marketed as a curl cream, wavy hair on the thicker side can definitely stand up to it. Just use a smaller amount, and remember to focus the product on the mid-shaft and ends of your hair.

3. Best For Dry, Frizzy Hair

This R+Co styling cream isn’t designed specifically for waves, but my frizz-prone waves and I couldn’t live without it. As the name literally says, this styling cream/treatment provides dry, frizzy hair with the two things it’s (not literally) screaming out for: moisture and shine, thanks to nourishing ingredients like sunflower oil, vitamin E, and provitamin B5. Just a dime-sized amount is enough to achieve a glossy, super soft finish when my hair dries naturally — the stuff of my pinup-hair dreams, minus the heat. My waves stay smooth and defined right up until my next wash a few days later.

4. Best Texturizing Spray

On the opposite end of the texture spectrum, go for this Oribe Apres Beach Wave And Shine Spray if you’re after piece-y, bedhead waves. It performs similarly to a salt spray, but it doesn’t contain actual salt, which can make your hair feel stiff and crunchy. Rather, ingredients like safflower seed oil, calendula extract, edelweiss extract, and panthenol help nourish and strengthen your hair, but you’ll still get the grit and hold of a traditional salt spray. It also boasts Oribe’s signature scent — an exquisite blend of jasmine, tuberose, citrus, vetiver, and sandalwood.

5. Best Mousse

Speaking of exquisite, signature scents: This Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse is an equally viable way to achieve beachy waves, depending on your product/scent preferences (this fragrance is a blend of spicy amber and sweet florals). This cloud-soft mousse works on just about every type of wavy hair, too — you wouldn’t think to reach for a mousse if you have thin-textured hair, but the mousse emulsifies into an ultra fine lather that “works wonders for my fine hair,” according to one Amazon reviewer. The brand recommends running a golf ball-sized amount through your damp hair, but even less will do the trick. Be sure to comb it evenly through your hair to avoid clumping.

6. Best Budget Buy

At just under $4 on Amazon, this Garnier Fructis spray is one of the cheapest things you can buy for your wavy or curly hair, but it is arguably doing the most. There’s basically no wrong way to use it: Spritz it on your damp, just-washed hair for bouncy, shapely waves later on; on next-day hair to refresh and revitalize your waves; or “to maintain moisture and softness between washes,” as one Amazon reviewer does. Dry hair especially will drink up this hydrating cocktail of argan oil, murumuru seed butter, and coconut oil.

7. Pro Pick: Best Shampoo & Conditioner

Josh curates all the products he uses “based on what I want my end results to be.” So if you’re air-drying your wavy hair, that includes choosing a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically to encourage your smoothest, most defined waves, whether you choose to add more product or heat-style it or not. For his own wavy-haired clients, Josh likes this Goldwell Dualsenses Curly Twist Hydrating Conditioner and its accompanying shampoo. “It’s perfect for defining curls while eliminating frizz,” he says. “These products give hair great shine, and also provide moisture and smoothness to improve texture and achieve that perfect bounce.”

8. Best Drugstore Shampoo & Conditioner

For something a little more budget-friendly, try this shampoo and conditioner duo from L’Oreal’s EverCurl line, which is formulated for waves and curls. Both products are free of sulfates, salts, and surfactants that can strip curls of their natural body (or your color, if you dye your hair), while coconut oil makes your hair feel silky-soft and smooth. You’d be hard-pressed to find another shampoo and conditioner this effective/beloved (see: its 1,500+ five-star ratings), for this little money.

9. Best Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

Acure is one of my favorite “clean,” budget-friendly brands, so I was excited to find that they make a shampoo and conditioner for wavy, color-treated hair that contains certified organic ingredients — all the highly specific things I want/need in a shampoo and conditioner. The formula is almost entirely plant-derived, and includes high-performing ingredients like certified-organic argan oil and borage seed oil to encourage fuller, thicker hair; sunflower seed extract to protect color from fading; and blue tansy for its cleansing properties.


Harry Josh, celebrity hair stylist and founder of Harry Josh Pro Tools.

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