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How Taylor Swift Directed a Music Video During the Coronavirus Pandemic



When cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto talked to Taylor Swift on the set of the music video for “cardigan,” he wore not just a mask, but a face shield as well. So did the project’s assistant director, the production designer, and anyone else in the select group of collaborators who worked closely with Swift on the video, which dropped last week in conjunction with her surprise new album, folklore.

“It was one of the first jobs that we started shooting during the COVID times,” Prieto, who was nominated for an Oscar this year for Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, told Vanity Fair this week. “So a lot of preparation in the very beginning was figuring out how to actually be able to film this, with all the requirements of how to take care of all of us and, of course, take care of her and be safe and all that.”

He added, “Being one of the first shoots to happen, if, God forbid, someone got sick, that would be bad for the whole industry. Let alone, of course, getting sick. But suddenly it’s like, ‘Okay, now we have to shut down filming.’ So that was another thing we all talked about. We’ve got to make sure that we all adhere to all these policies.”

Conceptualized and shot in a few days, the video for “cardigan” takes place across three locations: a secluded cabin that looks ripped out of Greta Gerwig’s Little Women adaptation, an enchanted forest, and a roiling stormy sea, where Swift is shown adrift and clinging to a piano for dear life. But all three locales were created in a soundstage in Los Angeles, Prieto said, to account not just for the visual effects needed to produce such imagery, but to avoid the possibility of a leak. “We realized we had to do it indoors because otherwise, someone would take a photo,” Prieto said.

The secrecy around the video extended to the shoot as well. While under normal circumstances, an artist would play their song during production to provide context for the visuals, Swift had mapped everything out to the second beforehand, Prieto said. As a result, the shoot was free of music. “I had heard it myself, but it was a very, very private, a very secure little thing,” Prieto said of the song. “So that’s why I knew where the scenes were happening, but the crane operator and everybody else wasn’t really privy to it.”


Letterkenny season 9; introduction; interesting facts; cast and characters; release date;



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Letterkenny season 9; introduction

The series letterkenny is one of the Canadian series and was created by jared keeso. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch this series and there were so many executive producers for this series namely mark montefiore, Patrick o’ Sullivan, jarad keeso, Jacob Tierney. The first season was released in the year of 2015. “Who needs a girl like you” is the opening theme of the series and it was really pleasant to hear. There was already eight seasons in this series and it consist of approximately 54 episodes. each episode run at a time about 19 to 30 minutes. I am sure the next season will hit on netlfix.

Letterkenny season 9; Release date;

The season 9 was already set in to release in the month of july. But due to the lockdown the release date was delayed and I am sure the date will be announced soon as possible in future days.

Letterkenny season 9; interesting facts;

There was so many episodes which is really fantastic to watch the entire series. some of the episodes namely , “ain’t no reason to get excited”, “super soft birthday”, “fartbook”, “wingman wayne”, “rave”, “a fuss in the back bush”, “the election”, relationships”, “uncle eddie’s trust”, “finding stormy a stud”, “puck bunny”, “miss fire”, “the rippers”, “holy sheet”, “day beers bay”, national senior hockey championship”, etc..

The above episodes are in the previous season. yet, we have to wait for some other new episodes for this series.

Letterkenny season 9; starring cast and characters;

There were so many starring characters in this series namely jared keeso as wayne, Nathan dales as daryl, michelle mylett as katy, Dylan playfairas reily, Andrew herr as jonesy, Jacob trierney as geln, mark forward as coach, kamilla kowal as bonnie McMurray, etc..

The above characters will be back in the season 9. There may be some side characters in this series. stay calm, wait for new characters for this series. I hope the above information will satisfy the fan clubs. stay tuned to discover more future updates.


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Hocus Pocus 2: Sequel Plans! Release Date, Cast, Plot, Updates, And Everything For You!!!



Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica, and Kathy Najimy starer, American comedy film, Hocus Pocus, is directed by Kenny Ortega and inscribed by Neil Cuthbert.

The film offers with the comedian activities of three felon witches, who by chance get resuscitate by a younger boy in Salem, Massachusetts, on Halloween party.

Nicely, with a profitable enterprise of this film, as soon as once more, Hocus Pocus director, is again with the choice of constructing the sequel of film Hocus Pocus, i.e to released the 2nd a part of Hocus Pocus.

Hocus Pocus 2: Cast Updates

Hocus Pocus director, Kenny Ortega wouldn’t be obtainable for the film’s sequel manufacturing this time, the explanations might be figured later, however for whereas, the film’s fan can get blissful as all of the three principal lead characters of the film have efficiently nodded for his or her return for the 2nd a part of Hocus Pocus.

Throughout an interview, Sarah stated that ” Bette, Kathy, and I really feel so relieved for the brand new comeback. I’d acknowledge the true happiness of working along with Bette and Kathy.” There might be different characters like, Thora Birch, Omri Katz, and Vinessa Shaw, who can even grow to be a part of the film.

Release Date Of Hocus Pocus 2

The Hocus Pocus 2, Sequel will get release on Disney+. Nonetheless, because of the pandemic COVID 19, we can’t count on the release date of the film in 2020, however its manufacturing might be anticipated to get release on the end of 2020.

Thus, we will count on the Hocus Pocus 2 Sequel release in early 2021. For extra updates, keep your eyes perplexed to us!

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The Last Dance: David Beckham Inspired By Docu-Drama Of Micheal Jordan



Netflix is also known for its feature films and documentaries, the latest entry of Micheal’s Jordan The Last Dance created a wave on the platform. However, none other than David Beckham got inspired by it and decided to give it a go and feature himself for the screen space.

Beckham’s Story

David Beckham is one of the football stars who definitely needs its screen space, and he has to feature himself in douc-dramas. The documentary will feature the early life of Beckham and his journey throughout rising from the ranks of Manchester United to his retirement at Paris Saint Germain.

Beckham is known for its free kicks and his abilities of a long ball forward, and he clinched several assists to his name.


As we already mentioned that Beckham got inspired by the latest drama The Last Dance, which features the legendary Michael Jordan’s career. If Beckham succeeds in his antics, then he will be the first footballer to have his long time feature docudrama based on himself. Likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have their respective documentaries and feature films, but they didn’t exceed such runtime in recent times. So what Beckham is going to do will be new for a footballer, and he well deserved all the screen space he intended to implement.

Source: Cinema Express

Contacting Streaming Giants

It is reported that Beckham is already contacting some streaming giants. Likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix already approached by British footballers. Now we just need the confirmation of the platform who will have the broadcasting rights to feature Beckham on their platform. Bringing Beckham on the platform will be a challenge for both of them, and it will be no less than a tug of war between the streaming giants.

What Could We Expect?

We could witness the same format as The Last Dance featuring Michael Jordan, followed through 10 episodes that exhibit his journey. In the case of Beckham, there could be more than one season as his journey is pretty long enough that Michaela, and thus he requires more concentration than him.

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