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How to Grow a Fitness YouTube Channel



YouTube Fitness channel requires a lot more than recording yourself working out. As a fitness YouTuber, it is a mix of proper light setting, choice of angle for recording, background, and editing that matters. A well-planned workout regime, effective for the mass, along with the recording and editing is equally important. 

Honestly, it is not how expensive the gears are but how well executed the whole fitness program or video is. A successful fitness YouTubers make money through videos mostly through sponsored content. As a YouTuber, the narration and ability to walk through the whole process of workout is important to engage the audience and want them to work out.

Do you plan to start a Fitness Channel on YouTube? Here are some great strategies to use to grow the channel. 

Fat to Fit Transformation Journey 

The transformation journey of how you have changed over time by being consistent with workout and diet is motivating. The use of two pictures adjacent to each other showing before and after shows the transformation. Such videos tend to grab a lot of attention because people do want to know how they can embark on such a journey. 

Maybe you can document your journey over a couple of months or pull out something from the vault to incorporate in the video. Upload the video with a before and after picture thumbnail and a catchy title like – “How I Transformed from Fat to Fit” or “My 3 months of Transformation with Dedicated Exercise and Diet”.

A mix of Workout and Diet Videos

Fitness and transformation are not only about workout and exercise but even a wholesome diet. Create a mix of videos including workout, diet tips, and meal plans. Workout and diet is a part of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Make sure to give tips for weight loss, build strength, and improve metabolism. 

Upload a workout video on a particular day of the week and be consistent with that. Record meal prep or food video on some other day of the week. For example, if you upload a workout video on Tuesday, continue that consistency to upload a new video every Tuesday. You can upload a diet or food video on Saturday, for example, and repeat for consecutive weeks. 

Understanding the Technicality 

A lot of effort goes into creating fitness videos, and having a good understanding of the technical aspect is important. When you are starting, there is a possibility that you might have to do everything on your own. There are certain things to take care of and emphasise.

  • You do not need an expensive studio for recording. Find a corner with natural light, deck up the background with a minimal aesthetic, and check for the angle before recording. 
  • Editing is the key to a perfect Fitness YouTube video. Use a good and reliable YouTube video editor to edit the videos and stitch together so that it looks continuous. 
  • Use a microphone to make sure the narration or voice is audible. Alternatively, you can record later and merge it with the video. 

Never Underestimate the Thumbnail

The thumbnail matters a lot, and it represents what the audience can expect. The use of the right thumbnail gives a visualisation of the content type. Never freeze-frame and use that as a thumbnail because it does not give a good impression. Hence, it is important to optimise the thumbnail so that it helps in grabbing maximum attention. 

Customise the thumbnail using free thumbnail creators. Incorporate a relevant picture performing a pose relevant to the video title and add text to make it more engaging. The thumbnails are important visual aids with a combination of colour blocks, text, and images. This tends to attract more viewers. 

Create a Series of Workout 

This is one of the best ways to increase engagement and grow the YouTube Fitness channel. This means creating a workout plan for a week or month. A very famous and successful example is the “2-week shred program” by Chloe Ting. This is a free workout plan for the audience to follow to lose and tone up in 2 weeks. Another successful example is “30 Days of Yoga for Weight Loss” by Psychetruth Fitness YouTube Channel.

These workout series are great because they help the audience with a guided and proper workout plan for every day. These are preferred by many people who want to dedicatedly engage in a workout to lose weight and tone up. Likewise, “One-week Meal Prep for Weight Loss” or “10 Easy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss” for example even helps in growing the YouTube Channel.

Be Presentable and Confident 

YouTube Fitness channel is not only about creating workouts and healthy food videos. It is important to be presentable on the YouTube Channel. Make sure you wear the right clothing for a workout, use mats when required, and good shoes. The audience looks up to you for their transformation and fitness journey, and you need to be confident enough to motivate them. 

Make sure you prepare for the video and workout beforehand before starting the recording. Choose the clothing carefully; it must be apt for the training session. For example, if your fitness channel is majorly about Yoga, wear proper Yoga attire and use a mat to perform Yoga. The way you present yourself on the channel represents the content. 

Be Consistent and Keep it Raw at Times

Consistency is the key to success. The growth of the YouTube channel depends on building a community and motivating people to work out and follow a healthy lifestyle. No one will take you seriously if you do not follow a schedule to upload the video. Make sure to upload a new video at least once a week but do not compromise on the quality. Once in a while, record a raw full-length video of workout to give an idea of a workout the audience can follow. When you have a fitness channel on YouTube, use an outro maker to add an outro at the end for adding call-to-action. In the end, make sure to ask your audience to like, share, and subscribe to the channel.

Health and Wellness

Daily Disposable Contact Lens: Are They For You?




With the growing use of contact lenses due to their comfort level, various brands are manufacturing several categories of contact lenses based on wearability duration and doctors’ prescription. With the use of contact lenses, you can get the freedom from wearing spectacles all day long. You can comfortably enjoy the freedom of being active, soaking in the sun on a beach with your favorite sunglasses, and play your favorite sport without worrying about dropping off your spectacles.


Based on your lifestyle, use, and prescription, you should choose between using a monthly or daily disposable contact lens. Find below a quick comparison to help you make a better choice.

  1. Scrutinize Your Lifestyle

If you’re more of an outgoing type of person and are more exposed to sweat, dirt, and pollutants, you should choose dailies over monthlies such that you can dispose them off daily and do not let dirt keep depositing on the lenses.

  • How Often Would You Use Them

If your contacts are not used often, and you wear them occasionally, daily use lenses would be a better option. You do not have to worry about cleaning and storing them daily. You can simply pull them off and discard them.

  • Risk of Infection

Whenever somebody lets their tears out while wearing contacts, proteins and lipids get deposited on the lenses, which do not get washed away even after cleaning. So it’s better to use daily disposable contact lenses such that you can simply throw them after wearing them all day long. Whereas, monthly use lenses let the impurities deposit on them and later harm your eyes.

  • Cost Comparison

If you compare monthly use with daily disposable contact lenses, you’ll find that monthly use lenses are more reasonable if you use lenses daily. But if you switch between lenses and spectacles, there’s no better option than daily use lenses.

  • Sensitivity of Eyes

If you have sensitive eyes, a daily disposable contact lens is a better option, and you can even consult your doctor for the same. Monthly use lenses might keep your eyes exposed to infections and cause severe damage to your eyes.

After going through the comparison between monthlies and dailies, let’s quickly walk through a few unbeatable benefits of daily disposable contact lenses.

  1. Level of Comfort

Daily disposable Contact lens prevents the lens from drying up because they provide a high hydration level as they are made of flexible and thinner material. They are easier to handle and deliver next-level comfort to your eyes.

  • Convenience

Convenience is most important while wearing lenses; otherwise, they might cause a hindered vision, thus, harming your eyes. Daily disposable contact lenses are fuss-free because you can simply throw them when you call it a day and not care for their storage or cleaning.

  • Health and Hygiene

To maintain your eye health and keep them away from the proteins being secreted from your eyes and the impurities, you should use a daily disposable contact lens to stay away from the infection.

  • Best for New Users

Daily Disposable Contact lens is the best option for the new users because they tend to tear them up or damage them. Women might tear them up with their long nails initially, whereas they might not be an issue later. Therefore, it’ll cost you less to damage dailies.

After the above comparison and the benefits of daily disposable contact lens, you should make a careful decision. Retailers like Titan Eyeplus provide you with contact lenses from all good brands to give your eyes extra protection and care. Choose the type of lenses that suits your eyes the most.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid While Visiting the Dubai Desert Safari




You will miss out a massive experience if you are missing out the desert safari in Dubai. If you wish to enjoy Dubai desert safari to the utmost, it is important that you miss out the most common mistakes. Be conscious and make sure that you follow the guidelines so that you do not have to face trouble in the activity. 

Here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while visiting the Dubai Desert Safari. 

  1. Get Tickets Ahead:

If you are out there on behalf of a travel agency, you do not have to worry much as they might have arranged for the desert safari dubai tickets too. But somehow if you have not got your tickets confirmed yet, you should make sure to research well and get the tickets beforehand so that you do not have to rush at the last moment. 

  1. Carrying Proper Stuff:

Though there are stores for refreshments and others on your way to the safari, it is still crucial to carry important stuff from your hotel itself. It is a list of items that you should make sure to carry along with you. 

  • Carry jackets and shawls as it is going to be cold in the evening. Also, the light shawls will help in protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. 
  • Carry your shades to protect your eyes.
  • Carry a bottle of sunscreen to keep your skin protected from the Sun. Also, do not forget to apply the sunscreen before leaving your hotel. 
  • Carry a good amount of water as you might get dehydrated due to the Sun. It is also a great idea to keep some refreshments along with you. 
  • Lastly, do not forget to keep your camera and extra cells so that you can photograph your best moments. 
  1. Strictly Follow The Guide:

You may face problems if you are taking the instructions offered by the guide quite lightly. You should make sure that you follow each and every guideline of the guide very carefully and abide by them. Here are some of the guidelines that often are missed that can lead to mishappens. 

  • If you are having a heavy meal just before the desert safari, it can ruin your entire experience. The safari will give you a feel of a roller coaster ride and you may feel extremely nauseatic if you have had a heavy meal. Guides instruct to have light food and that too a few hours before. 
  • If you are not wearing proper clothes, you may get fined as it is an Islamic country. Also, not wearing proper clothing can scorch your skin due to the direct sun rays. Listen to the guide about the clothing selecting that you make. 
  • Follow other instructions of the guide too such as not clicking photos of others and similar other strict rules due to which you may get into trouble. 

You can have a great experience at the Dubai desert safari if you are following the rules properly. Avoid the common mistakes and you can make memories to cherish throughout your life. 

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A Complete Guide to Health Insurance for Senior Citizens




health insurance seniors

Ageing is a fact of life, and as we begin to see the wrinkles and other signs, it makes us wonder how these physiological changes are beyond our control. The risk of illnesses also increases as we grow older. It is, exactly, why those having elderly parents or grandparents at home need to be cautious and take measures to access quality medical care. Medical inflation is yet another reality that one cannot overlook. As medical treatments have become expensive, getting health insurance for senior citizens is a wise move. This customised health cover would give your loved ones the financial assistance to manage the expenses arising when dealing with age-related illnesses.

With so many insurers now offering senior citizen health insurance in India, it is not easy to get the right health cover unless one has done thorough research. Also, if you are opting for a senior citizen health plan for the first time, going through the following guide will help choose the best health policy.

  1. Look for High Sum Insured

Older adults face higher health risks. If one is dealing with an illness, it is essential to be financially ready to deal with hefty medical bills. Medical treatment at private hospitals, including advanced surgeries, can all increase the health care expenses. So, make sure to choose a health cover with a higher sum insured. While you get a high coverage amount, it does not necessarily imply high premium costs. You can get affordable coverage by comparing various senior citizen health insurance plans in India and calculating the premium costs using an online premium calculator.

  • Consider Waiting Period for Pre-existing Diseases

There is a likelihood of your elderly loved ones having a pre-existing disease. Hence, when you are reviewing different policies, make sure to check the waiting period on pre-existing diseases. Usually, it may be two or four years, depending on the insurer. Also, you must read the policy terms and conditions to know if the disease is covered or not. It will help you make a better decision and avoid any hassle when filing a claim.

  • Check the Co-payment Clause

Policy buyers should check the co-payment clause before finalizing a health policy for senior citizens. Co-payment is a feature wherein the policyholder has to bear a part of the claim amount. Most senior citizen plans include a co-payment clause, and the percentage may range between 10 and 30. Often, the premium reduces if one chooses a higher co-payment percentage. So, it is essential to consider these aspects when deciding on a health cover.

  • Find Alternative Treatment Cover

Insurers, nowadays, offer health insurance for senior citizens with alternative treatment cover. The popularity of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) is growing by the day. As compared to allopathic medicine, these treatments are safe and are known to benefit people dealing with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. So, select a plan that includes alternative treatment cover.

  • Know about Pre-policy Medical Check-up

Insurance companies ask senior citizens to undergo medical tests at the time of buying the policy. However, getting health insurance for senior citizens without a pre-policy medical check-up is now possible. Moreover, one can get a health cover online, which is faster and convenient and reduces paperwork.

  • Go for Cashless Hospitalisation

Nowadays, many insurers offer the cashless hospitalisation facility wherein the insurer pays the medical bills directly to the hospital on behalf of the insured. This facility is available only at a network hospital empanelled with the insurer. When picking a health policy for senior citizens, go for an insurer with a wide hospital network. For instance, Care Health Insurance has 11,000+ cashless healthcare providers.


In addition to the points mentioned above, one should also check the policy wordings and understand the sub-limits, exclusions, etc. Overall, the best senior citizen health policy should provide affordable and comprehensive coverage with the following benefits:

  • In-patient Hospitalisation
  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation
  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation
  • Day care Treatment
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Alternative Treatment
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Annual Medical Check-up

Further, senior citizens are eligible for tax deductions on the premium, up to Rs 50,000, according to the Income Tax Act. Considering these benefits, health insurance for senior citizens proves to be crucial financial support during one’s retirement years.

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