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How to Make a Paunch Burger from Parks and Rec, VFX Artists React to The World’s End and More – /Film



The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, find out how to make the artery clogging Paunch Burger from the series Parks and Recreation. Plus, see what VFX artists think of the visual effects used in movies like The World’s End, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and more. And finally, watch as Conan O’Brien visits the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a vintage clip from Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

First up, the popular cooking YouTube channel Binging with Babish took a cue from Parks and Recreation for a recent culinary creation. Remember Paunch Burger? They’re the unhealthy fast food chain that helped make Pawnee, Indiana one of the most obese counties in the state, and now you can find out how to recreate one of their massive signature burgers.

Next, Corridor Crew got back together for a new edition of VFX Artists React. This time, the gang is looking at a motorcycle race from Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, the bathroom fight scene from The World’s End, several sequences from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and more. Do all these movies have impressive visual effects, or are there some that fall short?

Finally, in a vintage clip from Late Night with Conan O’Brien, we go all the way back to September of 1997 when Conan paid a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. This is back when the music museum had just opened, which is crazy to think about, especially when you see how young Conan is here.

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Instander v7.1 APK : [Mod + Instagram Mod + Clone] Download




All of us have been waiting for the new update of Instander mod of Instagram original. To all the social media lovers out there read along for the update on the new and enhanced feature list.Hope you like it!

Instander v7.1 APK [Instagram Mod APK] :-

Good news for all the android users. Instander v7.1 mod apk + clone is launched with a new and updated feature list. Instander as we all know is the modified and free version of Instagram.It is a new and advanced version of the original application. You can download videos, photos, and IGTV videos at ease with Instander, upload high quality media, it’s completely ad free and the privacy settings are all the more enhanced.

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What is Instagram Mod apk+clone?

For all those who are not aware mod apk + clone is the modified version of Instagram which means it requires the original application plus some additional features.The clone version of this is altogether an another app with a different logo and application name.The app is basically built on the base version of Instagram.Instagram is a great social media app but it does some drawbacks that are all compensated by these modified apk’s.This is not the first mod apk that has been launched.There was version 2.0 and the last launched was v7.0.

Details of the Instagram mod apk (Instander v7.1)

Version Details:

Base version.     –

Developer         –      TheDise

Size.                     –   40MB

File type.              –  Apk

Last update           – 09/19/2020

Android support    – 4.0 and above 

Detailed list of the updated features of Instagram Mod apk(Instander v7.1) 

Lets’s talk about the updated features that this mod apk v7.1 provides.

1)It can display the Instagram Dp in full size.

Just long the press the DP whether private or public account the picture will display in full size. This is one the annoying features on Instagram. We are so accustomed to the social media apps like WhatsApp,Facebook we always incline towards viewing the DP but all in vain on Instagram as it never used to display the entire picture. Kudos to the developers for this one for providing us Instagram Mod i.e instander

2)Hide view stories:

You can now hide the stories that you’ve seen using Instander the mod apk of instagram. Confused? Well ,you can view the other person stories without their knowledge. This feature is like the privacy setting in WhatsApp. When you hide your ready privacy settings you can view anyone’s WhatsApp stories without them knowing. I don’t really understand the point of adding this but yes this feature has been added in the new apk.

3)Do not read:

Well again I would like to compare this feature with WhatsApp. Remember when the blue ticks went off and the other person was not able to see whether you could read their texts or not. The same thing has now been added to this instagram mod apk. You can hide the sender’s message. The sender will never know whether you saw their messages or not. For all those annoying people whom you don’t want to reply to,this feature is a saviour.

4)Quality Increase.

Now update your stories with high quality photos and videos. We all kind of needed that.

5)Disable those annoying ads.

Aren’t you just annoyed by those apps popping again and again. Now we can disable all these annoying apps. Yay!! No more scams popping up on our social media.

6)Remove the liked posts.

Now you can remove the liked posts from your home feed.I mean anyways we have the archive option on Instagram. Sound’s a bit redundant isn’t it? So that’s okay if it has been removed in the Instander apk.

7)Download any content

You can now download any photo or video or the IGTV videos or even the stores. No need of taking those screenshots. This is quick simple and easy. Download any content you want on Instander.

8) Video auto play enable/disable

This is a generic feature. Now you can shuffle or not shuffle the video, it completely your choice.

How to Download and Install Instander v7.1 apk (Instagram Mod APK) ?

As we have discussed all the features let’s talk about how this apk can be downloaded.

1)First the very important step is to uninstall your original app i.e Instagram . Yes this won’t work without uninstalling Instagram.

2)Go to below download link and download the Instander APK or Instagram Mod APK

3)Once downloaded it might ask to enable “unknown source apps” in your phone settings.

4)Go to your phone settings and complete step 3.

5) Once done it will download the apk and you’re all set.

6) Open the app and modify any above features that you want to.


How to Enable Dark Mode in Instagram Mod APK i.e Instander v7.1?


Download Instagram Mod APK (Instander v7.1)

 Download Instander v7.1 APK (Instagram Mod APK)

Download Clone Instander v7.1 (Instagram Mod APK)

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While this can be a great app for all the android users,still there are concerns for the app being safe or not.Most often users do believe that  the mod versions of the apps can never be trusted as these apks are not approved by the developers of the original application.This can be true in some cases but this app is totally safe reliable and do not hesitate to try out the app.To all the social media lovers out there and annoyed by the drawbacks of Instagram this is definitely the app for you.Download as soon as you can. 

FAQ’s: Instagram Mod APK (Instander v7.1)

1)What is mod apk?

Mod stands for modified.This means that this is a modified version of Instagram.It cannot work along with Instagram.The original version needs to be uninstalled and then the apk needs to be installed 

2) Is it safe to download the apk?

Yes,there are many doubts regarding the download of apk’s but this totally safe and reliable.

3)Is the download free?

Yes, the download is completely free and can be downloaded from google or any other apk website.

4)How many versions of the mod apk has been released?

There were various versions of the mod apk that has been released the first being version 2.0 and the last launch was in august which was version 7.0

5)Can the apk and Instagram work together?

No,the apk can only be installed after the original application has been uninstalled.It is a separate application with a different logo but an enhanced version of Instagram.

6)Is the apk available on both iOS and android?

No,apk can be downloaded only on the android devices.


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Amy Roloff Celebrates Dating Anniversary, Gets All Mushy About Chris Marek




Amy Roloff is here with a message about fiance Chris Marek.

But every reader should be warned:

It may very well make you cry.

The veteran Little People, Big World star took a few moments this week to alert Instagram followers to a couple of milestones:

  1. Her birthday.

  2. The four-year dating anniversary for her and Marek.

In honor of both occasions, Roloff posted the romantic and beautiiful photo above, while also gushing — and gushing and then gushing some more — overr the man of her dreams.

Amy, Chris on Little People, Big World

“Yesterday was my birthday and Chris still surprises me,” wrote Amy.

“Today is our 4th ‘dating’ anniversary and he still amazes me. I love our days and moments together and I love he has his moments and I have mine.

“Nothing is more better, meaningful and loving then when we come back together and share our day and everything else with each other.”

How extraordinarily sweet, right?

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Celebrate

These dates are also noteworthy because Marek took Roloff out for her birthday last year as well… and proposed!

“I’m excited, I’m so surprised, I’m thrilled!” Amy said almost exactly a year ago, after accepting Marek’s proposal. “I never in a million years thought I’d be getting married again, but I also hoped for it!

“Now that it’s happening, I couldn’t be happier or more excited.”

Amy said this to People Magazine, and then also couldn’t hold back her enthusiasm on social media a short time later.

At Home with Chris

“Guess what! I wanted to share with you – I’m engaged!” Amy captioned a photo of the couple.

“I was so surprised when Chris asked me to marry him.

“I said YES… I couldn’t be happier and so looking forward to this new part of our life journey together.

“I’m blessed. Love you Chris. I love us.”

Amy Roloff Loves Chris

It’s very clear, meanwhiile, that Amy still loves Chris very much.

“Chris is still unexpected and I still can’t imagine him not in my life,” she concluded her most recent post about her fiance.

“I’m very glad he is. Love this man. Our journey together continues… Ok I don’t get too mushy on SM.”

Amy and Chris Marek: Yeehaw!

Amy was married to Matt Roloff for over 26 years.

The ex-spouses share four kids together and have continued to run their family farm as business partners, while also teaming up to anchor Little People, Big World on TLC.

However, just last month, Amy sold almost all of her farm property to her ex, perhaps signaling that she truly is done and is ready to move on.

With Marek by her side, of course.

With Her Man

The new season of Little People, Big World premieres on Tuesday, September 29.

It looks like it will feature plenty of tension between Matt and Amy, as you can see for yourself below.

Check out the official trailer now!

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Watch Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Joan Baez, & More Perform “People Have The Power”




Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Joan Baez, and many more have come together to perform Smith’s “People Have The Power” for a new video in support of Pathway To Paris, the climate change organization co-founded by Smith’s daughter. The video doubles as an encouragement to get out and vote.

“This is the simple notion of the video: ‘VOTE.’ A call for Americans to vote in November, and for everyone in the world to vote in their own local elections, whenever they may be,” the organization wrote in an Instagram post. “Vote often and everywhere; in your country, in your state, in your city, in your neighborhood, in your school. Vote to choose something, vote to reject something. The notion to ‘vote’ is the plea to exercise your right to ‘use your voice.’”

In addition to Smith, Stipe, and Baez, the video features contributions from Cyndi Lauper, Angélique Kidjo, Nick Zinner, Nikolai Fraiture, Ben Harper, Tony Hawk, Stella McCartney, Rain Phoenix, and many more. Check it out below.

View this post on Instagram

On their 6 year anniversary, during Climate Week NYC, Pathway to Paris has released a new video featuring individuals from around the world singing the song ‘People Have the Power,’ written by Patti Smith and the late Fred Sonic Smith. Along with Patti Smith and Founders of PTP, Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon, the video includes participants from 24 countries, 38 cities, and 6 continents. Fred Sonic Smith envisioned this song to be an anthem for the world, to serve as a unifying aid and amplifier for protest movements, political campaigns, and more. It has been claimed globally by individuals and groups, sung by choirs, children, chanted during marches and protests, its lyrics adorning handmade signs, sung during political campaigns, gatherings for environmental and humanitarian causes, and often serving as a finale song for fundraisers and concerts, as it has for all PTP events since 2014. This is the simple notion of the video: ‘VOTE.’ A call for Americans to vote in November, and for everyone in the world to vote in their own local elections, whenever they may be. Vote often and everywhere; in your country, in your state, in your city, in your neighborhood, in your school. Vote to choose something, vote to reject something. The notion to ‘vote’ is the plea to exercise your right to ‘use your voice’. Identifying your own platforms, abilities, and resources, and using them to your advantage – in the voting polls, writing letters, signing petitions, calling local government officials, organizing concerts, speaking to your family, friends, and neighbors. Have the difficult discussions, have the hopeful discussions, and ‘vote like your life depends on it, because it does.’ This coming election serves as an enormous opportunity to help move the Paris Agreement into action. Pathway to Paris brings together what seems to be both our finale song for the current era, and an opening song for the next. Let’s not allow 2020 to be the finale for the end of the world, but a transition into something new, as we join together like never before in human history, to start a new chapter of true unity – a new era for each other, for our children, and future generations.

A post shared by Pathway to Paris (@pathway2paris) on

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