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Growing your own organic herbs, vegetables, and fruits is a great way to eat healthier and, at the same time, do something good for the environment. Unfortunately, a lot of people assume they can’t grow a garden because they don’t have enough space, time, or know-how. But that’s not actually the case. Or at least, it’s not any more. Thanks to an amazing high tech gadget called the Click & Grow Smart Gardens, these days anyone can grow their own organic produce with the touch of a button, no matter where they live.

Fully Automated Gardening? Yes Please

What exactly is the Smart Garden? Click & Grow calls it the Keurig of plants. And that’s actually a pretty great description.

The Click & Grow Smart Garden is a fully automated gardening system that lets anybody grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers year round, in any environment, with absolutely no effort or horticultural knowledge. Like a Keurig coffee maker, all you have to do is insert a pod, fill the tank with water, and press the button. Technology takes care of the rest.

Click & Grow has over 50 different pre-seeded 100-percent biodegradable plant pods to choose from, including tomatoes, peppers, arugula, green leaf lettuce, basil, chives, cilantro, petunias, pansies, lavender, and so much more. You can also buy “blank” smart soil pods and use your own seeds to create your own custom plant pods. The possibilities are almost endless.

You don’t have to know anything about gardening to use the Click & Grow Smart Garden. However, if you’d like to learn, the Click & Grow companion app can make you a plant expert. Simply check in with the app daily and it will explain exactly what’s happening during each stage of the growing cycle.

How Does It Work?

The Click & Grow Smart Garden uses advanced horticultural technology specifically designed to speed up growth and maximize yields. This technology includes:

  • Biodome Sprouting: lids cover the seed pods during the initial growing phase, creating a greenhouse effect that induces faster sprouting.
  • Grow Lights: professional grade LED grow lights with enhanced light spectra bring about faster germination. These lights turn on and off automatically to mimic the natural light cycle, making sure plants get the exact amount and type of light they need to thrive.
  • Automatic watering: sensors detect moisture levels and automatically water your plants when needed, with each reservoir tank refill lasting about one month.
  • Smart Soil: instead of regular soil, Smart Garden seed pods use a proprietary nano material created by Click & Grow. This material keeps soil pH balanced, automatically releases nutrients in sync with the plant life cycle, and contains micro oxygen pockets to give plants ample breathing room and nutrients when the smart soil is wet.

All this tech wouldn’t be very appealing if it cost an arm and a leg to run. Luckily, the Click & Grow Smart Garden is incredibly efficient. It uses 95-percent less water than traditional agriculture, while producing faster growing cycles without toxic pesticides or fertilizers. Meanwhile, the Smart Garden’s efficient LED grow lights cost roughly $5 to $15 per year to operate. That’s probably less than you’d spend on gas going back and forth to the nursery to get supplies for a traditional backyard garden.

Of course, not every prospective indoor gardener has the same needs. Some people just want a minimalist countertop unit to grow their favorite herbs. Others want a full-blown indoor farm. That’s why Click & Grow created several different Smart Garden models with variable grow capacities.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3

As the name suggests, the Smart Garden 3 is capable of growing three plants at a time. Measuring just 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep, with a max height of 19 inches, this model fits almost anywhere. That makes it perfect for anyone with extremely limited space, or who isn’t quite ready for a bigger indoor garden.

At just $99.95, the Smart Garden 3 is the most affordable of Click & Grow’s automated gardening systems. It’s available in four different colors and comes with the companion app as well as a complementary set of three basil plant pods.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 27

For those who live by the motto “go big or go home” there’s the Smart Garden 27. Though, in this case, “big” is a relative term. Consisting of three Smart Garden 9 units plus a stylish pine plant stand, the Smart Garden 27 is capable of growing a whopping 27 plants at a time. However, it barely takes up any room. The entire system has a footprint of 26 inches by 10 inches, and it stands just 47 inches tall. So it’s roughly the size of a small bookcase.

The Smart Garden 27 is certainly a more significant investment than the Smart Garden 3. However, if your household consumes a lot of fresh organic product, it won’t take long for the Smart Garden 27 to start paying for itself. It’s available in three different colors and comes with the companion app as well as a complementary set of nine basil plant pods, nine lettuce plant pods, and nine tomato plant pods.

Good For You AND The Planet

Eating local and organic helps you reduce your carbon footprint and cut back on the amount of harmful chemicals that wind up in our watershed. And that used to be pretty expensive. But thanks to the Click & Grow Smart Garden, we can all grow affordable organic produce right in our own homes with just the touch of a button.

If that sounds good to you, click here to learn more about Click & Grow Smart Gardens, today.

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The release of Amitabh Bachchan’s film Jhund  has been stayed by the Kukatpally Court in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana, Amarujala reports state. The film is accused of copyright infringement. The court has said that the film should not be streamed on any OTT platform.

The film is directed by Nagraj Manjule. The suit was filed by Hyderabad-based independent filmmaker Nandi Chinni Kumar in the court of Additional District Judge Ranga Reddy in Miyapur, Telangana. He had accused the film of copyright infringement.

The story is based on the story of Vijay Burse, the founder and coach of the NGO ‘Slum Soccer Foundation’. He was also the coach of Akhilesh Paul, who became slum soccer. According to reports, the story of Vijay is not possible without Akhilesh Paul and its rights are with Nandi Chinni Kumar.

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Emmys 2020 Stage a Mini Friends Reunion




When the rain starts to pour, always count on Friends. As part of Sunday night’s often strange, oddly transfixing virtual Emmy Awards ceremony, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow appeared together for a small Friends reunion—ostensibly at Aniston’s house.

The actor, a nominee this year for The Morning Show, had appeared on the Emmy broadcast earlier in the night as part of an opening comedy bit with host Jimmy Kimmel. At the end of that segment, Kimmel urged Aniston to head home before her category (best actress in a drama series) was announced. Hours later the host checked in on Aniston and found she was spending the night with both Cox and Kudrow, her “roommates” since 1994.

For a brief moment it seemed as though Kimmel might have done what HBO Max could not: bring the entire Friends cast together at the same time, despite the pandemic. But those fans waiting to see David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc were instead thrown a curveball: an appearance by Jason Bateman, a frequent costar of Aniston’s, who had participated in another Emmy sketch earlier in the night.

This was supposed to be a big year for the Friends cast. HBO Max, which has the entire series available on its fledgling platform, had planned a starry reunion with the cast filmed on the show’s original set. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the special has been delayed.

“The cast and producers are all very excited to go into production, as this will be the first time since the show ended that the whole cast will be together, and on the original sets to reminisce,” a representative for HBO Max said in April. “There are loads of great surprises in store and lots of rare behind-the-scenes footage they are eager to share. We will keep you informed as plans solidify and once we have a firm premiere date.” What they mean is that, eventually, Friends will be there for you. Until then, however, the Emmys will have to do.

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Finally, a Trump Statue in Slovenia That Can’t Be Burned




Slovenia is a country with more to it than the statues of the American president and his Slovenian third wife. It has sausage festivals and rolling hills. Here’s a gorgeous picture of a lake that I found on Wikipedia. It’s apparently having a great year sports-wise. There’s a lot going on!

Still, a lot of the news coming out of the country and onto the international wire of late is tales of artists erecting pieces that depict the Trumps. Those are followed by tales of them getting burned down. The big Donald Trump windmill-looking, Statue of Liberty-ish thing was moved and then burned, while the woodcut version of Melania in her inauguration outfit was burned and then moved this past July. If it sounds like a metaphor of our shared life and times, well, of course it is. As is everything else in the simulation. 

Here is a twist to the now rote Slovenian-Trump-statue narrative, though: Brad Downey, the Kentucky-born conceptual artist based in Berlin who originally commissioned the Melania statue made of wood, has replaced the burned husk. The new version, revealed last week, is bronze and resides back on the original pedestal in her hometown of Sevnica.

A few years ago, Downey paid a local pipe layer, Aleš “Maxi” Župevc, who does chain saw sculptures on the side, to create the thing with total creative control. Arsonists reportedly burned it in July; the photos of what’s left are chilling, to use a technical artistic term—all artfully burned head and untouched elsewhere. The remains now live in their own exhibit in a seaside town near Sevnica, according to the New York Times.

Downey made a silicon cast of the wooden statue last year, already planning to cast it in bronze as a little doff of the hat to communist leaders who distributed monuments across Russia. “After Lenin took control of Russia following the October Revolution, he ordered the installation of thousands of wooden Lenins, from Kyrgyzstan to Ukraine,” Downey told The Guardian. “Over time they were slowly turned into more permanent bronzes. The trend later expanded into China.”

The bronze cast of the Melania statue is about “frustrations with the policies of my birth country,” Downey added.

“On the one hand we have people being held in cages on the U.S. border with Mexico, on the other, in what is to me a clear contradiction, we have a first lady who is the first ever for whom English is not her mother tongue, whose U.S. citizenship was fast-tracked on a visa reserved for immigrants with extraordinary ability,” he said. “At the same time her husband is xenophobic, anti-Islamic.”

Bronze! Much harder to burn. Maybe it’ll be good for toppling one day, though. 

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